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Part 127: Last Sphere REACHED.

Update 127

Let's finish up the Ukemochi stuff.

There it is. This is a rather easy thing to complete.

Ishigami Inari:"You've come, as per my request. I shall bestow this Uka Talisman upon you. "

Ishigami Inari: "This talisman is given to those worthy of receiving food directly from the gods... That is the significance of the Uka Talisman. With it, you can receive the food we create in exchange for an offering. If you would like to sample my cooking, please talk to me anytime."

And with that, the case file is completed, and another one is opened. There was one about Ukemochi liver. That is possible to complete now.
Except not.

Not for free? Goddamnit!

And then you get to know what you get.

But that's not what we're looking for. Let's try again.

Oh, that sucks.

There is a slight difficulty to this one.
The Ukemochi Liver has one chance in 256 to appear.
Fuck that, for now.

Instead, let's advance.

Colors: Washed out, but it does not sear my retinas that much anymore. Success and readability have been achieved.

That's the last Sphere.

So, the presence of the X-Men?

Well since the whole point of advancing was to get here, I would assume that is the action that must be taken.

More than "entering" it it is more like "getting to its surface". Bah!

I don't know, but it sure is creepy.

Maybe? Kind of hard to tell from this angle.

Dude certainly gets around. His sudden "plot relevant teleportation" skill sure seems useful.

"But unlike you, Brian Blessed... Not everyone is strong enough to take action in order to shape their own future... The giant Shinado mask before you... It represents the people who sense their own powerlessness and have abandoned shaping their future... That is the people's despair... You see, Brian... Your way of life... True to yourself, no matter what enemies you make as a consequence... That is your way."

"There is an unwavering strength in your actions that served as the spark for your way of life. However... If you want others to take hold of their own future... your strength alone will not suffice. At this rate... You will find yourself unable to meet Shinado, who lies beyond here. "

"Shinado is just past here, huh? We have no way to press on... The Pojitrawn Crystal's all used up. Is there no more hope?"

Of course, it was not going to end there. That would have been rather anticlimactic.

Oh, it is Akane.
I guess Dahn must not be far behind.

There he goes!

So Lord Shinado is the mask itself then? The thing represented is also the thing being represented is also the representation itself?

"I'm sorry, Dahn. And thank you. You've saved me so many times now... But I have a favor to ask. I'll bet on you, Raidou. I'm willing to stake my future... "

"I'm so glad... I managed to screw up my courage and go to the Narumi Detective Agency that day. I already gave up my life once when I decided to be a sacrifice... If I'm lucky enough to live through this, please come and visit me."

"I believed in what I was doing, but it ended up hurting others... Though, you know... We may see the world differently, but meeting you... I realized that you can shape your own future if you act on behalf of what you believe in... Even a stubborn girl like me could change... I'm sure that those who see you in action will, too."

"Goodbye, brother. Try not to act so recklessly..."

"Then it can have a taste of my hope. With my wager on Raidou... With all of my hope... I can accept even despair as immense as this!"

Well. That was effective. A sacrifice was needed, it seems.

Welp, now all Dahn's done has been made pretty much useless. Both his dad and his sister are gone now.

Goddamn creepy teleports!

"But your actions sparked Akane's and thus the path to Shinado opens...."

"According to the scriptures containing God's word to man on how he should live... A "savior" will descend upon this world someday... You, Brian Blessed... And Shinado, who waits beyond... Your methods may differ, but both of you are taking action to bring salvation to the people. "

Shinado wants to erase the future while Raidou is trying to prevent Shinado from doing that. Hm. Shinado kind of reminds me of what Hikawa wanted to do in SMT: Nocturne. A world of stillness, no action to be taken. Eeeh.

Noo, he could not have provided any significant support, couldn't he?

"Don't feel sad for Akane. What you oughtta be doing is praising her. It's a Devil Summoner's duty to strike down threats to the people's future... Meaning SHinado. That's the kind of action that Akane is betting on... That's how you can fulfill her hopes. Are you prepared? If you're all set, then we should go."

"It ain't like her to be so reckless... Akane!"

Let's not make her sacrifice be useless, then. Let's finally get inside that damn Sphere.

Well that is convenient, Shinado is there.

Shinado: "The "Bottomless darkness" was here for your sake. You must have noticed that the people you have tried to protect... They are covetous... Arrogant, yet dependent... Weakness incarnate, clinging to life by a thread. To force these creatures to live in the world is to sentence them to lifelong suffering... "

Shinado:"Brian Blessed... If you do not abandon the mantle of "Raidou", your actions will become a spark... It will start a bonfire of needless hope. That evil chain must be broken. See, Brian Blessed..."

Wait WHAT?

No, seriously, WHAT?