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Part 129: Manly Shinado

Update 129

There is something beyond this.
What could it be?

Hell yes, there is nothing more to do than to FINISH THIS.

Shinado: "Thinking back... this was where we first met... I showed you my sorrowful side. The sorrow-filled aspect of Shinado... I believed that you, who had assumed the mantle of "Raidou," could become mankind's hope. Its savior."

Shinado: "Such weakness... They trust their own futures to the fickle caprice of luck... Eventually, such people will lack the strength to live in this world. There is no longer any means of salvation, save destruction. Hence, I have begun to display my angered side to the people... To destroy man's hope and choke this attachment to the future in its crib. That is the salvation which I, Shinado present to man!"

Shinado: "Brian Blessed... Your actions ensure man's future end here."

Well, Shinado's got a surprise for use.

Wait when did this become a Choaniki title?

Shinado: "You can see them, yes? You see the people who entrust themselves to me, Shinado... The embodiment of the Abyss. Those who cling to my bottomless darkness gain absolute peace, without fear, without sadness. To deny this spectacle is to rob man of his absolute peace... You would dare show these peopl who know the bliss of the eternal abyss your "hope" for the world? "

Well, and this is what Dahn wanted to be? Certainly not what he was originally expecting, I guess.

Well, a Choaniki enemy, or Castlevania's Legion/Granfalloon.

Yes, beholding. It is strange and rather unique.

Shinado: "They are innumerable! So long as these lost ones rely on me, I can gain as much power as I want... It will be all too simple to crush your hopes!"

King Abaddon Shinado. Long fight. Watch the video!

Yeah, that does not really look like the Shinado masks at all.

One of the most annoying attacks this enemy has. Almighty since it cannot be blocked, but it is dodgeable.

The damage is not that bad.

These two are just annoying.

But of course, we can just pay it back with this.

Eventually, with enough damage, a bunch of the people surrounding Shinado will fall.

And then the other part.

And more Corona Pillars, bah!


And in the end he just has those.

Gouto: "Finish it off at once!"

A jump towards the three Pillar things.

And then a fight against THOSE pillars. It is kind of annoying.

First, they summon Apollyons. Not a biggy.

But then this as well.

It could be worse, but that is not the most annoying part of the fight.

This is.
If you don't kill them all fast enough, they all get revived.

So, let's be horribly cheap and just megidolaon the fuck out of them.

Yes, that works.

Next: Yet more things happening.