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Part 131: Epilogue

Update 131

Ending and credits

Yeah, first the credits. Snipping that from here (still fully in the video).

I am assuming that in this image Akane is a ghost. Or something. Does not matter much, but it shows that Dahn is leading the freaks somewhere. Underground fomr the looks of it. Whatever.

Epilogue time!

""Tsukigata Village's Shadowy Men"-- that was ak iller discovery, and a great headline to boot! You were straining at the leash to get that article published! They'd have to rewrite the history books! "

Oh. Oh well. No disrupting the status quo then? Bah. All that for nothing, all those photograph case files for NOTHING!

"But on the other hand... I still have hopes of making my name as a journalist in the future, right? Well, don't the Mushibito and the folks in Tsukigata Village deserve their own futures? I felt like I was selling out their futures to seal the deal on mine... that's all."

"Kichou Asakura."

"But speaking of work... I'd better get back to the office. I've got a future to carve out, you know! See you, fellows. Thanks foer the coffee!"

"Now that all's said and done... What WAS Shinado? A savior? Was he struck with grief over the world's helplessness, come to lend a helping hand? Or... was he a god of destruction? "

Considering his option of stagnation and falling to the abyss, I would say that one would be an adequate interpretation. Or something.

"Depending on how you look at them, they could seem either grief-stricken or enraged. Everything in life... it can be taken different ways depending on our feelings... That much I know already. But, I don't know if we're strong enough to see things the right way... We might even forget the importance of the future we worked so hard to hold onto... "

Suddenly, a convenient stomach rumble happens. Yeah, this is getting a bit tiresome, enough of that! It is lunch time!

"I think the first step I'm going to take towards a bright future is chowing down on a good meal. But everything'll work out in the end. As long as he's fighting for us... "

And then he will be remembered in movies in Persona 3. Dunno in 4. Bah.

Enough of this, damnit!

Heeeey, wasn't this pixie a corpse?
I clearly remember Nagi being very, very sad about it.

Yes, Gouto does remember it.

Then Nagi must've kept her corpse somewhere, how fast do supernatural beings decompose?
That is rather gross, actually.

High Pixie: "So she made a point not to bring me back until she had more confidence in herself. "

High Pixie: "Anyway, so all the people at Tsukigata Village are hard at work. Especially Dahn! Sometimes, when he thinks no one's looking, I can see him relax and look gentle. He's a strong man, but he's kind too... He'll make a great husband for someone someday! Oh, yeah... I have a message from Nagi for you, Raidou."

High Pixie: "She's doing her best to catch up to you, Raidou. And I'm helping!
Hey... Raidou..."

Well, Nagi was chosen as the one Raidou likes, so yeah, why not?

Oh. Well, a teleport spell? Or they could just go out and summon Raidou's dragon transport or, well, something.

Indeed! Even if they both are now considered important summoners and have assumed names of previous ones. Etc.


So, teleporting?

... Agida?

Oh. Shit.
Well, at least it is not Megidolaon.

Toast! Glorious toast!

And again, Narumi loses his buttered toast before he bites it.

Gouto has turned into a Scottish Fold.

Raidou is not particularly happy.

And then it dawns on him.
He was not meant to have toast.

But he won't despair on it.