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Part 132: Fast track through Law Path, part 1.

Update 132

This time we're going for the Law Path. Let's see what is asked of Raidou this time.

The first one is shared, fuse him at the first opportunity or not. Bah, not, this time to the right!

A variation on the emperor's new clothes, who cares?

Voice from the heavens: "But your teacher has noticeably more hair than in your last meeting, and it's also visibly askew. If you leave him this way, he'll almost certainly make a fool of himself in public. However, pointing it out might damage your friendship. "

Pretending not to have noticed that the toupee is not correctly aligned is lawful? What?

Voice from the heavens: "If you refuse, or tell anyone, he says you'll no longer be friends... You will be ostracized and ignored for a long time. On the other hand, if you join him, your friendship will remain intact."

Wait what?

Voice from the heavens: "You will return to the Gate of the Abyss and gain access to the path beyond the gate. There, you will learn the truth of your way of life."


Oh boy who could it be!?

Of course, it is Lucifer. Just like last time. Kind of boring. I mean, we've already seen this before haven't we? Let's go to where it is SLIGHTLY different.

Blahblahblah sparks, actions sparking sparky actions sparkling and twinkling in the ether and pumping iron.
Wait, no, that is Choaniki.

This time, the choice is that Raidou is Raidou, his personal identity being less important than his assumed role, he did his actions not as himself, but as the role he was expected to be. Or something, I really don't care that much at this point.

"You act in accordance with the principles of a Devil Summoner. Very well. Until this moment, you have been reacting to the sparks that determined your way of life... You have responded, each to each, by your actions. I have borne witness to these actions... I feel I have a sound understanding of the manner of person you are, Brian Blessed."

"You are affable, capable of getting along with anyone, but it's hard for you to establish a firm trust. But that is the way you live."

Oh my, now Raidou gets better identified with Akane than with Dahn.

"You have already shown the Gate your way of life. The spark required to progress is prepared. Shinado is beyond here. You must put into practice your chosen way of life to overcome Shinado... That, above all else, will be your action that provides hope for the people."

Oh, good. Now Raidou comes from the right here. Instead of the left. DIFFERENCE!

Astaroth: "I, Astaroth, have come to meet you. I won't take much of your time, but please hear my words. His Excellency leaves man to live the way they chose. But I believe that what his Excellency's truest wish... Is to see man treading the path set by his own desire. You, however... You have turned your back on your desires and submitted to order, valuing harmony with the world. "

Astaroth: "I am disappointed in you. I am sure His Excellency feels the same. An empty shell of a man like you has nothing worth living for... You shall die here."

So yeah, time to beat Astaroth and recruit Camael.

But but what can Astaroth alone do against both Metatron AND Lilith?

Nothing at all.

Astaroth: "I see you are determined to do without my help for the rest of eternity..."

Good riddance. He was not even that good a minion anyways.

Voice: "Now... come here."

To the right, not to the left this time.


Camael: "By command of our heavenly Lord, I keep watch over the world's order. You were exemplary, son of man. Merely defeating Astaroth is worth a thousand hosannas... In addition, you keep your desires in check and live in harmony with the world... This is the Way that keeps the world in order. My Lord surely grants you His blessing. I would very much like to be of assistance to your way of life. Please, take this."

I believe that is used for acase file. Which is not going to be finished in this playthrough. Nope.

Camael: "It will make the duty assigned to me by my Lord easier to execute. Allow me to reintroduce myself: I am Camael. It is a pleasure to meer you, who lives in harmony with the world."

Next: Skipping over the next area and just showing the last section. Maybe.