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Part 133: Giant Dahn

Update 133

Update slightly even LATER than planned since there was a ery very unexpected sale on direct2drive putting Fallout New Vegas at a 10 bucks pricepoint. Could not say no to such a thing.


"Blahblahblah sparks blahblahblah saviors shit etc."

"Affable, able to get alongwith anyone, but difficult to establish firm trust... That is your way."

Insert more blahblah sparks after that.

Of course, they are stuck there until...

Dahn and Akane teleport themselves.

The roles are pretty much reversed now.

"Don't tell me you're callin' it quits, huh? Mr. Devil Summoner..."
"That's not it, Dahn. You didn't come all the way to say that, did you? We came to help... You said so yourself."
"I-I know that! I ain't your Narumi or nothin', but... Hell, I'm in."

"I'll lend you a hand.So, uh... Don't give up or nothin', okay?"

"With this Death Ward of mine, I doubt I got much longer... But if I'm lucky enough to live through this... I hope I can see you again. "

"I lost my stomach for the place 'round the time everything I tried to do turned to crap... But y'know... Meeting you, well... We don't quite see eye to eye, but... "

"Even a stubborn jackass like me was able tochange. I'm sure the ones who see you in action will... "

"See you, Sis. You be a good girl, you hear?"

Yeah. If Raidou is Lawful, Dahn decides to sacrifice himself.

"With all my hope... I'm gonna keep on resisting!"

Yup, Dahn blew himself up along with the shinado mask. Hooray.


Then, Lucifer!

Shut up.
Shinado appears and says boring shit, blah blah blah go back etc. Then:


Well there's a significant difference right here. Instead of a giant Akane, it is a giant Dahn. both are whiny.

"Thinkin' only about myself... Havin' everyone shun me, callin' me a nuisance... But taht's what I get for bettin' on Raidou... That's what the future has in store for me..."

"I can't ever let up resistin'... It's hard... So hard... Ah, I know... Haha... I got just the ticket... I made that promise... with you... So if you disappear..."

So many colons.

Dahn is a different fight.

He pushes, he punches, and he gets into the fight, unlike Akane, who summons a bunch of goddamn Mots.

Yeah, punchy.


Poisoned Raidou, which is fixed with an anti-poison bought for that exact reason.

"I still believe... what I did... was right... But... I... i... Hey... Raidou...! Havin' to go on resistin'... Th-That means this pain... It's never gonna stop? "

How the hell is it Raidou's fault?

Welp, he went suicidal.

"I know. That was my brother...He resisted for the sake of his future, but... He must be so tired of acting that way... Because we refused to accept what he was doing. "

God damn it when is this thing going to end.

Boo hoo, and that caused hiim to unleash goddamn curses and luck-eating beasts in the city and possibly causing some sort of apocalypse and whatnot. This just doesn't end.

Oh goody, a gooddamn Shinado appearance. Everyone knows what he goes on about, right?


ext: Ending, maybe.