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Part 134: Law Ending.

Update 134

Very well let's just finish this goddamn thing. Let's go and face Shinado in the Law path now.

Yeah yeah, whatever. We've already done most things. We've seen the Chaos path. Now let's see if there is anything slightly different this time around.

There it is. Shinado in its Raidou-like shape.

Goddamn Shinado. Also, ending.

Yeah, Shinado is the Choaniki ball thing. Yeah.

Yeah, whatever.

Shiva and Metatron shall make short work of him. Less time wasted this time.

Yeah, taking advantage of elemental weaknessess is the way to go. Lower level than the Chaos path, but this time taking full advantage of everything at one's disposal. Except rampant megidolaoning. That is for the next segment.

Once again, jumping towards the pillars.

And honestly, just cheesing the fuck out of it and killing all at the same time with 3 Megidolaons.

That transforms Shinado from the Choaniki ball to the Eye ball from Kirby. Eh. Certainly not as interesting as the first Raidou game's last encounter.

Yeah, shut up. No one cares.

This time, I do get hit by eye of judgement. A couple of times. It lowers Raidou (or a demon's) HP to one point. Then to 27 since the current blade has HP regeneration. Or was that a passive skill in Metatron? One of those things.

Wraaooaagh indeed. Good onomatopoeia.

I still like this effect. When I was little I was freaked out by a VHS cover in a local videoclub that was a cracked/stitched eye. I have no idea what movie it was, but I do remember that that cover was pretty creepy.

Gouto still doing his best happycat impression.

This is one of the feew differences. Blah.


BLAHBLAHJBLAHJ more shinado shit.

Ending time!

Difference! There is no Dahn.

Yup, just like in the previous one except with Akane instead of Dahn.

"Our Raidou here isn't your garden-variety Devil Summoner. Good job, Raidou. It's all over."

"Just a moment ago... Um, er... What was it? That black thing..."
"Tae, are you referring to Abaddon, the Infinite Abyss? "
"Bingo! Nice conjecture, Nagi! Abaddon started shining... And then the villagers... They all took off their Shinado masks. And before we knew it... Abaddon, the Infinite Abyss... disappeared. "

"All of the villagers have come to themselves. Akane was saved as well. Everything worked out in the end."

Yeah, Dahn didn't make it. He was after all turned into a giant and then beaten by Raidou.


"My brother wagered his own future on Raidou... That Raidou would defeat Shinado and come back to us alive. "

"It's a process we've all had quite enough of. "

"I'd like it to be a tribute to the fallen who sacrificed themselves... "

"I'm sure Akijiro is pleased as punch up in heaven."

"Alright, alright. If we start talking now, we'll never stop, so... Let's head back to the Capital. Tae, Raidou... "

"Goodbye Akane, and you too, Nagi. I won't forget to write... So you two don't forget about me, okay?"

"I couldn't forget you that easily."

"I'm sure the process of that happening is well underway. "

Well, no Dahn, but Akane survived, and all that.

And now CREDITS.

Akane and Nagi visiting Geirin's tomb.

Nagi revived the goddamn fairy.

Rebuilding and whatnot.

Wasn't the golden bug ninja dead?

Opening the village to tourism?

And just like with Dahn leading the freaks, in Akane's ending he is watching over her. And whatnot.

Now let's not give a damn about what the high pixie wants to show to Raidou. Maybe that will prevent fire spells to be flung against Raidou and Gouto.

Yeah, screw you. I don't care. I already know you can cast Agidyne.



No matter if Raidou is lawful or chaotic, he still gets roasted.

But but the choice was "no, I don't care"

And Narumi is destined to never, ever have toast.