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Part 14: Luckless.

Update 14
This entire update is also found in video.

Well that wasn't so bad. Boss beaten, back to reality and all.

"This is where those masked men cast the spell on us... Looks like we're back to square one.
They sure gave us the run-around...
C'mon, Brian... Let's pick up the search for Tatsumi from here."

"This presence!
Watch it, Brian... Something's coming!
Something big!"

Oh boy.

Well, this is new.

Unlucky? But Raidou's luck was not particularly low...

I don't like the sound of that.


BUt but but WHAT.

And so this hopeless battle begins.




And that is exactly what happens.

Except not.

Wait what.

Raidou then suddenly finds himself somewhere else.

Different lightning alternates with darkness, and the floor changes. Dramatically.

The strobe effect eventually becomes so fast that it looks like it is static lightning.

Well that definitely is NOT Mannen-Cho.

What the hell.

Raidou is not alone.

That's... Another Raidou?

Ah, but who COULD sneak up on our intrepid hero? No one. That's who.

... What.

Raidou does the strangest thing, he actually EMOTED.
(A little bit)

"Worry not. I am here to become your salvation...
The day of misfortune that is close at hand...
If you have sen this spectacle, then woe betide you. However...
You, like so many others, must become living witnesses... There will come a day when this world is overcome by misfortune. You will bear witness to this.
But this world's future beyond that day of misfortune... Please... I wish for you to refrain from despairing.
THink of this mask's "sorrowful" face as the combined wishes of the people. Your determination to be 'Raidou' is already a beacon of hope.
Your actions are hope... Brian Blessed."

And then it all fades. Again.