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Part 15: Investigative prowess.

Update 15

Video contains all the update materials.
(veoh seems to be down for me so no link)

Well. That was strange.

"Oh? 'Morning.
You had me going there, Raidou. Even Gouto was worried."
"You suddenly disappeared just before Binbou-Gami's attack hit you. As for Binbou-gami, he went off somewhere... A lone stroke of luck in a whole heap of misfortune.
"I found the kitty all by himself at Mannen-Cho. So I took him home, and there you were... Just lying in front of the Detective Agency. Narumi carried you here."

Holy cats?
Now I can't help but imagine Gouto with a halo. Not on bondage gear since the angels do not have that design in this subseries (at least in the translated ones)

"I think everything's dandy now, Tae. You can go now, right? Weren't you in the middle of something?"

"Whilee I'm on the beat, it's Kichou, got it?
Kichou Asakura, the Capital Daily's best woman.
But you're right, I got work to do. I need to figure out where I'm going with this article by tonight.
See you around, Raidou, you too, Gouto. And... Narumi too."

"You're lucke Tae happened to be in Mannen-Cho. And while I'm on the subjec... What happened out there, Raidou?
You're the last person I expect to find passed out in front of the office.
Things aren't looking good here... Makes me wonder how the case is going."

NEW GAMEPLAY ELEMENT (actually, glorified event recapitulation, in case you forgot)

"You can debrief me on how the case is going so far...
And I'll jump in now and then if I have any questions.
Right time for the Narumi Detective Agency's first investigational meeting! Ready, Raidou?"

Actual choice: "Right now?"

"Tell me when you're feeling better and we can do this another time."

"There's no need to go into too much detail. Just lay out the basics for me, okay?"

"What was the guy's name that the Kantou Haguro-gumi wanted? Tatsumi, was it?
So it's this Tatsumi and the masked men who are our main stumbling blocks now... Hold on.
Based on what you've told me about Dahn's connections..."

"So out best bets for the straight dope on Dahn will no doubt come from Tatsumi and those masked men.
Let me make sure I have my facts straight here. "

"Right, Mannen-Cho. Let me write that down..."

"Hey Raidou, I've been thinking. We ought to narrow our search down to one target, right?
Don't want to thin out our efforts too much, right?
Got to wrap this up quick, for Akane's sake."

"I agree...
Tatsumi split the instant you showed him Dahn's photo, right?
In my book, that's as good as a signed confession.
Alright! It's decided then."

"We'll wring some clues about Dahn out of him.
Sound good? Alright then, meeting adjourned."

My oh my.

Well that is interesting. Why would she claim to be the daughter of that guy? Hm.