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Part 17: Akane is not cooperating

Update 17

Jerk Raidou won.

"All very brash and heroic, to be sure. But you have a lot to learn about the world...
Now then... Playing a detective is a cute hobby for the young. But allow me to warn you, Raidou, it is important to know where to quit."

Well, he is gone now. And the Butler has something in his mind. Hm.

Let's see what Akane has to say.

"Tatsumi? No... The name doesn't ring a bell. But the 'outsider' you said he's associating with... I wonder...
Did I hear you right to say he got lucky after meeting this 'outsider'? It can't be!
O-oh... Sorry, it's nothing. I didn't mean to alarm you."

"Um... Anything I tell you about the 'masked men'... I'd like you to keep it a secret from Father..."

"She's definitely hiding something from us... I wonder what this dame is really up to."

"Gouto added an entry about Akane's Mystery PT2."

"I wish I could tell you more, but I just can't yet. I'm sorry.
Really, I am! But I..."

"I have nowhere else to turn but you."

Let's read the butler's mind.

Butler's Inner Voice"Master Tasuke is a touch sensitive regarding those who approach Mistress Akane. But he's asked me to understand the feelings of a father with a daughter of age, so I try to do so..."
Well, at least that pretty much confirms that Akane is indeed, a she.
Narita's Butler"I apologize for the trouble Master Tasuke has caused you. Chalk it up to simple bad luck, if you would... Guests asking after Mistress Akane are... *AHEM* I really shouldn't say anything more on that subject."

Akane doesn't say anything new, though.


"When we asked Akane about the Masked Men that attacked us, all she said was for us not to tell Narita. It's plain as the nose on my face that Akane's connected to the masked men somehow, but she's not talking. You'd think she'd gladly offer us any information that could help us find Dahn... Just what is Akane up to?"

Well, lt's go back, regroup and try to get more leads.

Who is it?

Oooh, it is Osamu's son.
Kenta :"See, thing is... My dad. He disappeared from Mannen-Cho."
Kenta: "You're a detective, right mister?
You gotta find my dad! Please!"

Kenta: "Bye, mister. Bye, kitty.

"Kenta's dad... The man's name was Osamu, wasn't it?
There was that caper wher you disappeared from Mannen-Cho, too...
Might want to keep that in mind that Osamu's gone missing from the same place."

Well, let's go in.

"I'll send Raidou over to look into that... At the usual place, then?
Okay... Got it... 'bye."

"So Narita flipped his lid when he learned you were in touch with 'Akane'... Who for her part, was hiding the fact that you were attacked by masked men from Narita. Something smells. THis is getting a bit shady for a simple manhunt.
Oh, the phone just now? That was Tae.
Apparently she's doing some research of her own in Mannen-Cho. She's already wise to Tatsumi. What I'm going to do now, given what you just told me, is ask around about Akane. "

"Tae's got the scoop on Tatsumi... I told her you'd go hear her out.
You know her favorite haunt, right? The Shin-Sekai soda joint, out in Ginza-Cho. You've been there before, right?
Tae'll be waiting for you there in her usual spot."

Well, it seems we have an entirely new area!

WHAT SHOULD BE DONE: Following Tae, or exploring the rest of Dark Tsukudo-Cho first?