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Part 19: Shin-Sekai

Update 19

Let's advance, since there is nothing new we can do in Ginza.

Traffic Officer : "How about checking out the soda joint? Shin-Sekai's open still."

I don't believe it. I wanna go to Ginza. I SHALL GO TO GINZA.

Police Officer: "It'll be a little while until the blockade's lifted. Including this accident, there sure are a lot of accidents going on lately..."

Welp. Nowhere else to go, I guess.

My oh my, more recycled assets. Fortunately, all the improvements mean that they could've just used thesame assets they used before and I wouldn't care since this is so much better.

I thought that there was something that required Agathion's skill there, but it didn't.
Also, the little demon in a jar is awesome, so there.

There is a big difference this time with the Shin-Sekai. This time there is no SMT1-2 style beverage drinking to boost up skills. Nope. That's gone.
Instead, well, it is the information hub. As it will become apparent in this update.

Owner of Shin-Sekai: "I'll forward case files to the Narumi Detective Agency. If you have time, please take them."

As seen there, the Owner will provide us with case files. That's neat.
This old man is long winded and this time he has absolutely no interesting information. The others do, though.

Like Ms. Frenchie here.

Blonde Agent: "I am traveling in zis land as part of my mission to collect devil information from around ze world. I have beaucoup information, but I can only share a little, or else I will end up ze 'ara-kiri also."

Blonde Agent: "Zen you may choose your own topic for us to discuss.
But quickly, please, for I do not 'ave all ze day to wait."

Blonde Agent : "Alright zen... If you 'ate being a pitiful, useless devil summoner... You should pay close attention to your arrangement of ze demons. When choosing ze demons to take with you, try to have a party balanced. Zere are several considerations, including offense, 'ealing, support and invstigation.
You must keep ze same things in mind when you fuse ze demons. Create demons so zeir abilities will plug ze gaps in what you need. If you have ze party balanced will all ze necessary abilities, it will be tres useful in battle."

Raidou doesn't strike me as the suicidal type, so eeeeh.


Stunningly lucky woman: "I got my title in a flash, and ended up solving cases before I realized what I had gotten into... But summoners who aren't as lucky as I've been will need to work at gaining experience.
Basically, to raise your stats, you'll have to raise your levels  HOLY FOURTH WALL BREAKAGE, BATMAN, and we haven't even met Raiho yet. "

"The Magic stat affects defense against magic attacks
It affects other things as well that are different between Raidou and his demons. For Raidou, Magic affects the amount of MAG he drains from his enemies, and the general stats of his demons. For demons, MAGIC affects the damage dealt by their offensive magic. The Vitality stat affects maximum hp, as well as defense against physical attacks.
The Luck stat affects sveral different things, including: Chances of receiving status ailments, time required to escape, and chances of finding items. Whether you choose to focus on offense or defense should guide which stats you improve."

Stunningly lucky woman: "My, how frank of you... But I do like an honest boy."

One left. Let's see what this dude has to say.

Karma-bearing man: "If you want, I can always teach 14th here a few fencing tips."

He refers to Gouto, not Raidou. Straaaaange.

Karma-bearing man: "I almost didn't notice that the 14th was with you there!"

Karma-bearing man: "Good. I was once a devil summoner for the Yatagarasu myself... But I got too full of myself and my work as an assassin, so I was demoted to this dame's mentor. Train your mind as well as your body so you don't end up like me. But first, let's start with the basics of swordplay..."

This is the basic combo. The workhorse. I have been using a couple of things that won't be mentioned here until a while, but eh.

Which is useful, and VARIES depending on what weapon-type you are using.

Dodging also allows to cancel certain combos.

L2 allows the demons you have to become effectively invincible by becoming immaterial.


One left to chat with.

"Sure, but remember, quid pro qui. I've got my eye on that Tatsumi too.
And as they say, ladies first... So I get the first question."

"What a lucky break! Thanks to you, I've got a juicy scoop! Guess it's my turn to blab now. Here's what I learned about Tatsumi.
Ever since he started his hot streak at the gambling parlor, people have started hanging around him. Some are run-of-the-mill gamblers trying to piggyback off Tatsumi's luck to make a quick buck... And some are Kantou Haguro-gumi thugs, sectetly angry with the guy for winning so much money.
But no matter who they were... They all disappeared. It all leads back to Tatsumi."

"Gouto entered "The Missing" as a subject in your notebook. Under the subject handling of "the Missing"... Gouto added an entry about "Spirited away?""

"Well, I guess I can share. It might have something to do with the masked men... "

"They say Tatsumi's been involved in smuggling, and he was fencing the stuff in Mannen-Cho.
That's what I sweet-talked out of the investigating officers. Now here's my take on it.
Whoever's backing Tatsumi's smuggling operation is removing anyone who gets too close to him. "

"Exactly. I knew you'd get it, Raidou. You're so sharp, I bet the girls are all over you. I don't think it's too far-fetched to assume Tatsumi and the masked men are connected. "

"That'd explain why they attacked you when you got close to him, right?"

"And the others around Tatsumi were vanishing too... Think Osamu was 'spiriteed away' as well?"

"Oh... And our Tatsumi's gone missing too. Funny how it happened right as the bulls were looking to question him. Convenient, huh?
Either Tatsumi's very lucky, or the police aren't.
I haven't heard of anyone spotting Tatsumi leaving Mannen-Cho, either.
He must still be there somewhere, but... Why hasn't anyone seen him?"

That's about all we can investigate in this area at the moment.

But, when going out, something unexpected happens.

What the hell, that's TWICE in the same day something sneaks up behind his back.

Oh boy. Certainly, nothing important can come from this.

This is almost certainly the second time we have seen this young fellow ever. Yes.
Notice his weird socks.

"But it's fortunate that I did... There was something I wished to discuss with you."

He clearly knows things. But that is not to surprise us, he IS going to Shin-Sekai. He must be a summoner. Surely.

Welp. He seems to know things, yes. Eh, probably just a coincidence.

This is convenient, though.


At least he is helpful.

Let's go. Surely, that blond fellow is no one we should be wary of. No sir.

Back to the base.

"It can cook and eat insects from the air, but is eternally tormented by its insatiable hunger."

"They are responsible for mankind's protection and are charaged with abolishing man's evil tendencies."

"They travel in flocks, and if th they choose to attack, your life is in great jeopardy."

"Once summoned, it torments the target selected by its conjuror."

It seems that we can now summon nothing new from this one.

And we already have Agathion.

Oh, but here, here we can see that we can recover Tam Lim. SHOULD THAT BE DONE?

And in the headquarters...

New case files!

Four of them!

Should we take care of the CASE FILES, or advance and search for Tatsumi?