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Part 20: GHOST CAR

Update 20

Let's see what Case Files we can do.

This one isn't to exciting. But it will be done.

Hooray, SUCCESS. But it is pretty useless. And makes a little bit of no sense, since those Medicines were bought from KONNOU-YA himself. So he gets to buy them back and gives something slightly more useful.


And it is repeatable, so it can be done again and again in order to stock up on ox bezoars.

Let's see what this one is about.

Oh boy.
Well, if one was to ge exchange one steel for two, it ain't too bad.

There it goes. Also repeatable, but nothing too exciting again.

Plastic is also used for sword fusion, but there are no wood ornaments in the inventory, this one will have to wait.

This one is obviously Victor's. Let's see.

Hm. Interesting.
A used camera. That is going to receive future use, I bet.

BUT UNFORTUNATELY, Lilim is not available yet.

So let's try this red one.
Red case files involve battling something, so it should be marginally better.

Well then, Taidou clearly hasn't got what's needed. Raidou does, even without his luck. Let's see what the fuzz is about.

"Out pal Tae--sorry, Kichou Asakura-- says the missing in Mannen-Cho are said to have been spirited away. There seem to be two types who've been 'spirited away' like this...
Type A: The inveterates of the Mannen-Cho gambling parlor trying to shelter Tatsumi.
Type B: The Kantou Haguro-gumi operative who was losing to Tatsumi.
The thing to focus on here, of course, is that both types have everything to do with Tatsumi."

And since we are near to Victor's, let's get our old pal Tam Lin back.

Poltergeist: "I was just listening to the radio!"

Chou-keshin: "You won't use me to make a gross demon, will you?"
Well, maybe EVENTUALLY

Victor, always proud of his work, presents us with his latest and greatest.

Tam Lin: "Long before you were given life in this world, I foresaw this meeting...
It's my pleasure to meet you."

Business cards. Always good.
Agreeing that he should get his own model, not being just a Cuchulainn palette swap. Bah.

These three are the most appropriate skills for him. The other could be Money-Getter, but since there is a Pixie with that (also a Skill demon, so Tam Lin could basically make her obsolete), there won't be much point on having him out in the field.

Aw, isn't that cute?

Well, let's summon him again. And the Chou-keshin as well. That money won't spend itself!

"Originally a child from the area, after his kidnapping by the faeries at age 9, he took up their ways."

Well, it will take a while until we can use Tam for any fusion.

UNSEEN: Going to Shinoda again.

"What the young man said... We cannot simply discount it as a lie. The unrest in Mannen-Cho has not escaped our notice. If a Fiend has arrived, it would explain much. Raidou... Your report on this Fiend Binbou-gami's power... I would caution to beware of meeting Fiends from now forth.
I will allow you entry into Dark Mannen-Cho.
In the name of the Yatagarasu, we entrust the fate of the Capital to you."

Well, now we have access to another new area.
But we don't care about that one bit, since IT IS CASE FILE time.

Let's get Raidou's ass to Tsukudo-Cho and beat the crap out of that vehicle.

God damn bad luck.

Enku is quite effective against Pixies and whatnot.

And eventually, it fills that missing passive skill slot. Bah.

SOmething nice: Sometimes when you have certain demons, and meet a random encounter, they will start conversations among themselves.
Or if you have a demon in particular, and chat a special demon, an interesting discussion takes place. This is one of those.

Pixie: "But where?"
Tam Lin: "Perhaps 'twas in the forest of the faeries?"
Pixie: "OH! That's right! Y-You're the hungry guy who ate so many of my friends! But I thought you were sacrificed as the tithe to Hell?"
Tam Lin: "Ah, but the Princess saved me, and I was able to escape. How couldst the faeries capture me in the forest!? And selecteth me to pay their tithe!? Thou faeries dost appear harmless and pleasant, yet on the inside thou all art wicked!"
Pixie: "Hey! That's a mean thing to say!"
Tam Lin: "Why wouldst I be nice to that which hath treated me so cruelly?"
Pixie: "Hmph! I'm done speaking to you!"

Clearly there is some bad blood between both.

And thus, the Pixie becomes non-negotiable for this battle.

But becomes perfeclty willing in the next battle. Maybe if there wasn't a spare Pixie in the tubes there would be a new special thing. Who knows? It shall eventually be checked.

Eventually, this spot, near to where the Inugami was fought, is reached. Here is where the ghostly apparition appears. Let's see.

Oh my.
GHOST CAR again.

Once again, not transcribing it. Lazy.

A bit hard to see, but there is a skeleton inside the car.
Also jaggies. Lots of them.
I blame the deinterlacing.

Ah, yes, Oboroguruma's gimmick. He must be defeated in less than 3 minutes.

Not sure if he kills one after 3 minutes or just runs away. No matter, it won't get the chance to do so.
Why? Because it is weak against Wind. And guess just what BOTH those demons there have?


Oboroguruma does hit hard, though.

But without all that much effort, it is damaged.

No, it isn't.
(Also, I should've put Dia on the Angel's active skills)

He goes down fast.


Vitality, being the second lowest, and natural lowest stat, gets an upgrade.

WHAT SHOULD BE UPGRADED on the next level up?

That could've been useful in the previous fight.

ALSO, since there is a save with that near, should it be recorded on video and added at some future date to this post?
(Forgot to do so, and so on.)