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Part 21: Dark Mannen-Cho

Update 21

Let's go to Dark Mannen-Cho, there our target lies.

There it goes. Different pallete for the place and all that. And DEMONS. Lots of them.

"Just thinking of it makes my fur stand up... Goro Tatsumi!"

Tatsumi: "Eventually, this whole place'll be-- Nah, it already IS my kingdom. And a king is free to walk freely throughout his kingom without being pestered, kid!"

My oh my, he summons a bunch of Pretas.

Tatsumi: "Anyone who tries to stand against me in MY kingdom gets fed to the Pretas! Well, the Preta Forms!"

And so a fight starts.

Preta Forms, like Pretas, are weak against Fire. They are stronger, though.

They are still VERY easily dispatched.

Absolutely nothing to worry about.

Tatsumi: "First, the Kantou Haguro-gumi, and now you! Mannen-Cho's overcrowded with peasants! Oh well, you don't stand a chance against me. Remember when you tried to beat me on the button flip? You just can't win against someone as lucky as me, kid. Go home, before I lose my patience with you."

"Tatsumi's lucky streak isn't funny anymore. He's even got demons to work for him! Let's go after him, Brian. We have to ask him about Dahn. And we can't leave demonic powers in the hand of one lucky shmuck!"

Indeed we can't, but there is really no rush. I mean, what is he going to do in Dark Mannen Cho? Bah.
He is likely stuck there.

Somce there are demons now that have more than four useful skills, it is time to set up something decent. Like this Angel here, it has Dia, but it is not using it.

Still not using Dia, but Patra is unequipped now, with Gale Stab taking its place.

I don't remember this room being accessible in regular Mannen-Cho. Probably is. Eh.

Angel, being a Wind-order demon, has a neat characteristic: It can Scout the area, telling what demons are lurking around, and how many treasures there are in the area.

Angel: "Pyro Enku, Wind Poltergeist, Frost Preta, As for items left in the area... 5 have been confirmed."


Hey, there is a guy there!

Miserable man: "I've seen so many weird things... Maybe I should lay off the sake for a while. You seein' things too?"

It is once again time for Sandman to shine.

Inner voice: "I don't know WHY I thought hangin' 'round Tatsumi could bring me outta the hole... Ugh... I just remember wakin' up back in the same, crummy, ol' room. Just my luck..."

And speaking of Sandman, he levelled up, and learned HERETIC CRUSH.

So let's set that up. Oh yes.

BUUUT unfortunately, we can't see what the hell it does. No axe yet.

Tam Lin also got new stuff.

Like so.

We shall soon see the results of those things. Soon.
 Update next to the next one will have that. 

It's Fusion time!
No even more awesome Victor moments... Yet.

But this is pretty good. A Turdak shall serve Raidou well enough.

Note, different skills, and different starting loyalty. The ingredients used to make the result alter it a bit.

Enku: "Pair me up with a fine young filly, please!

Koropokkur: "I was hopin' to keep this old body of mine kicking for at least another couple thousand years."

Victor does his thing...

Bastard did NOt PRovIiiIDe Aa BuSIIIIInesS Card.

Thank you for what? He was matched up with an old fart. An old midget fart. With a leaf.

Turdak can't be fused with anything attainable at the moment.

"When Yama passes his judgement, it is Turdak's task to haul the soul to the proper hell."

Vitality was acquired.

And thus, another thing can be fused. Let's get this thing.

Ukobach's shit eating grin is always silly.

Ukobach: "You made a good call, goin' with me! Cause I'm in the mood to wreck some stuff!"

Ukobach can get all 3 of the available Passive Skills.

Gems, gems, gems. The use of them will be seen soon.

Running out of money and fast by resummoning things for fusion fodder.
Oboroguruma is not buyable, since the fusion has to be found first.
And it's going to be a while. Level 31! Goddamn.

This is the current priority, though. Jack Frost. As always.

Moh is also a good one.

But the Alp, now THAT can be bought.

Ah, this nightmare creature thing will be useful.

Agathion: "I'll come out big and strong like Dad!"

Chou-Keshin: "Okay... I'm ready."

Alp: "I like dogs and cats and... Oh, and humans, too! Nice to meet you!"

Eh, these three will suffice. Finders Keepers shall be used in a future fusion.

Now, let's see that letter.


Can't afford shit, now.

"Like other demons, they feed on blood, but will also drink milk from sleeping women."

Goddamn Dragon's Jaw, preventing access to that treasure.

Glazed-eyes man: "I mean, heay, I'm dead... Right? I died, and I'm dead now... Dead."

Inner Voice: "All my bets went sour... How did I get so far in debt?
Maybe it's better I'm dead."

And the grinding leads to A NEW TITLE.

Which seems less impressive than the previous one, to be honest.



Oh goddamnit, Tatsumi.

Then, if Raidou does not recover his luck, he is destined to become like that?


That's it, Tatsumi NEEDS to go down.

Yeah, that can't be let pass.

Fortunately, they are still PATHETIC.

Yeah, this is a piece of cake.

Except that now it also summoned an Enku.
Enku absorbs Fire, and is weak against Ice. It also spits fire, and Turdak, being a dry bunch of bones, is particularly succeptible to flames.

War Cry is awesome, it increases the strength of all allies, so that way enemies can be dealt with faster.

Hell yes.

Eventually, the pretas and enkus stop appearing.

Gouto has the right idea.