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Part 22: Introducing Sword Fusion. And Jack Frost, ho

Update 22

Tatsumi is once again, gone. We will not chase him around right now, no sir. We shall go forth and RIDE THE WIND.

Angel: "In order to progress, you may need to make use of those wind pathways, traveler. Wind is merely a breeze, a roadway of air. It flows, it drifts, it can take things with it. Use wind pathways to reach a new location."

Angel: "Ah, well, you cannot, travelr. Only by the power of the demons can these pathways be harnessed. I'm sure a wind demon could be coaxed into carrying you. However, know that a current of air only flows in one direction. You will need to return along a new route, Summoner. Be careful."

Then let's take advantage of the Angel's wind-skills. Kamikaze, it is not suicide by explosion on a plane. No sir.

It is travelling through wind pathways.

This one, strangely, leads to an indoors place. Truly, the winds are capricious things.

Panicking Man: "What... What is this place!? What's happening to me!?"
Inner voice: "Damn it... Just my luck... Damn it... I thought I'd get lucky if I hung around Tatsumi... But I guess not."

Well, let us explore this wild and untamed region.


And just out of that Dragon Cave... AN AMBUSH, why yes, a trap filled with Pretas and Enkus. Boring.

Damned hunger spirits.

Unfortunately for it, Enkus and Pretas are goddamn weaklings.

So this is a breeze, for the most part.


But this time they have a friend with them.
Nezha! He will be acquired soon. Or not soon. Nezha is a Fury-type demon, with a stance very similar to Oni's. Very similar indeed.

but Sandman's Olympic Class Activity proves to be more than Nezha can handle.

Asuka Mirror is a sellable thing, WHICH we won't take advantage of, not yet.

Another demon gets a full Loyalty. Which means it is time to swap it out.

Anothe Dragon Cave. I wonder if there is anything important nearby.

Oh god damn it.

But, we already have one Ukobach. What.

Oh, neat. That works. That is just peachy.

Oh my, an Onmoraki.

Demon's... Digest?

Demon's Digest: "Defeating Devil Summoners: Use Them, Abuse Them, Then Lose Them
Inefficient summoners waste their MAG on useless skills and quickly find themselves running out. That is your chance to strike! Charge in and take him out before he knows what hit him.
If they exploit your weaknesses and regain MAG, things could get a bit hairy. Or furry. Or... Whatever! And don't ever let them escape and get some rest, or their MAG will be fully restored! Be safe out there! That is all."

"Pay attention to your remaining MAG. You can recover your MAG by striking at demon's weaknesses. If you run out of MAG, return to the detective agency and rest to fully recover your MAG. That's the gist of it. It's basic information, but useful nonetheless."

Demon's Digest: "A Self-Help Breakthrough: 666 Habits of Highly Effective Demons.
So you and your hot demi-girl are on a date, when a devil summoner appears. What do you do next? A responsible demon will always keep his most powerful abilities ready, to protect his loved ones. This editor recommends attacks of different attributes and some form of healing skill. That is all."

Demon's Digest: "Dating Tips... From Hell: Friendly advide to turn that DemOFF into a DemON!
Your potential partner will respond favorably to bold, daring actions. Don't be shy or passive! First, start with some light conversation. Choose a topic that will intrigue their very soul! Males prefer to be teased a bit, but females are more responsive to sweet-talking and seduction."


Which has been seen already, almost every demon conversation has had a demonic interruption so far.

Onmoraki: "How dare you! I-I-Ut's a good thing I'm feeling nice today, or I wouldn't let that slide! But don't push your luck, human!"

Well, that was informative and all, but let's advance.

My oh my, another wind pathway. I wonder where it leads?
Doesn't matter, let's explore.

At last, this treasure is pickable.

But it is pretty lame. Sure, it is VERY useful if the demons get charmed or confused, but eeeh.

Another level up, what should be levelled up now?

Advancement is blocked now, so it is time to use that Pathway, I think.


Neat, it leads to a place nearby to where Tatsumi got the Masked Men to deal with Raidou.

And then, a great random encounter.


That is just excellent.

My oh my, a Wind Demon doing things he shouldn't do.

Conveniently, we already got one of those.

They must be ghost stones, they don't appear until Raidou is right next to them.
I bet they cause many stubbed toes.

Turdak to the rescue!

Wham. Gone.

Turdak clearly shares the "insane" personality with Sandman.

My oh my, Victor's Ippon Datara maid. AGAIN NOT TRANSCRIBING.

Its speech patterns are getting weird again.

Victor sending messages is never bad. NEVER.

Ippon Datara is clearly talented since it can mimic Victor's voice.

Oh my oh my oh my.

Note: Stronger is not always necesarily better. Just most of the times. There is also something to take in consideration, but we'll see that later.

Victor is then long winded?

I beg to differ.

The Ippon Datara shows its true colors!

Indeed, it would fit Alp or Lilim much better.

Ew, dripping demon juice.

Well, that was strange.

"If he hates wearing a dress so much, he should find a better disguise."

As said before, HELL YES.

Which is why Sandman's Heretic Crush did not work at all.

"And now that you can visit the Gouma-Den whenever you want from any Dragon Cave... You should hone your sword skills as well as your summoning skills."

Let's see the demon information.

"Normally an innocent creature, but if provoked, he will kill his victim by covering him in snow."

Let's try this. NOW.

This is Renki, the most basic sword out there. The only sword we currently have. Let's see what we can make with it.

Spear Himezuru, with the added characteristic of BOOSTED MAX MAG. Which is useful if one likes to use special attacks all the time. That, and the spear specials are excellent to suck up MAG out of demons.

... That sounds kind of dirty.

And Sword Bizen-Osafune, which enhances usable items.

NOTICE: It costs both money AND materials. One gets materials by conversation and fusion.

Which one should be forged?


We can get that Moh Shuvuu

Or this one.

Or those two which are the first two. Which one? if any.