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Part 23: Osamu Located.

Update 23

Welp. Spear it is.

Hey, it provides bonuses to both luck and vitality! That's a good thing.

The fusion process is exactly the same, except that instead of two demons, it is an inanimate (for now) sword, and the living soul of the minerals. Or something.

And they become a single sword with a soul or something (in this case, the soul of a SPEAR), and swirling energy thingies.

"It's instantly apparent that this ominous spear has pierced countless victims."

Whatever it says there, it is still a sword. It is a sword with the soul of a spear.
And now I kind of imagined a sword in a spear suit. Or something like that.
It is a "speary" sword.

But my oh my! It can be turned into an "axey" sword! That means that the time of crushing heretics comes near.

The Kotetsu is not a sword that wants to be something else, no, it is just a sword.

Kanesada is also a speary. Ice and force? I don't get it.
Also, none can be afforded at the moment.

In any case, let's get that Moh Shuvuu.

Moh Shuvuu can also CRUSH HERETICS

Just shut up and get in the cage, Sandman.

Turdak is correct.

She likes cats and dogs and humans too, oh my.

No goddamn business card. I want the card, goddamnit.

This works. Magic powerhouse, and pretty decent strength as well. Life Bonus could've been good to even out her low vitality, but it is not really all that important.

How... Appropriate.

The present was extremely lame, unfortunately.

Moh Shuvuu can be fused into a Makami, which is a flatwolf. It is the only nearby level 14 demon that can be acquired at the moment.

"She seduces travelers, only to crack their heads open and suck out their brains with her beak."

Laughing man: "Hey, can ya help me? Please, help me out! I can pay! I mean... I'm broke right NOW... But I can owe ya!"
Inner voice: "Why do all the bad things happen to me? It doesn't make sense! I wish someone would help me out! How can one person be SO unlucky!?"

Appropriately, the Queen's road is pinkish in hue. Let's see.

Tired Elder: "I don't think I've got much left in me these days. Wherever this place is... It'll be my resting place."
Inner Voice: "When you're outta luck, that's just it. There's nothing more you can do about it. I've lived a long life, and if my lucks' run out, then so be it."
Raidou wouldn't give up. His luck may have been sucked out of him, but he won't let that stop his quest. Or something.[/quote]

Pretty much back to where the first wind pathway was.

Hm. A single Preta Form. That should be a fast thing.

Preta Form: "I eat, and I eat, and still I hunger.
Do you have any food? Food for... Me? Or is it something else?
Maybe you don't care if a stranger like meeeeeeeeee starves. You don't care if I go hungry, do you?"

A) Raidou was voted to be kind of a jerk. And this is the jerk choice.
Once again, the individual responses are all we got to change alignment for the moment, but eventually, there will be ways to change it.
B) It's just a god damn Preta. We've been slaughtering those for a while now.

Preta Form: "Oh well. I was planning on stealing yoooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuur food anyhow, so it's alright..."

After that, Raidou was prepared to kill the impertinent preta, but ANOTHER goddamn banana peel. Now seen on top of the Perfect Hat.

Preta Form: "Be warned... I'm not known for having much self-control."


Oh my, it triggers an event.

Oh boy.
 Yes, I was wrong, I did not remember this. 

Oh boy.

Shit. This Preta is Osamu.

Aaaand apparently, it IS reversible. That means that Raidou has been murdering possible normal humans left and right. Crap.

Osamu: "Hm? Raidou? Wha're YOU doing here?
Didn't you go after Tatsumi?"

Osamu: "I'm alright now, Raidou..."

Osamu: "To be honest, I met with Tatsumi... That bastard, he knew I needed money to send Kenta to school, and he exploited it. He said he had a way for me to make a fast buck.
And... Raidou, I'm ashamed to say it, but... I wavered! I betrayed Mr. Satake!"

Osamu: "This might sound a little mad, but... Tatsumi's got luck on his side right now. If you're going to facce him, please be careful, Raidou."

Osamu: "I could hear Kenta scolding me... Telling me to not let Tatsumi get the best of me. "

[b]Well, at least ONE got saved.

This is the basic Spear SPECIAL attack, since the combat combos are the same, the special abilities and the block are different.
This is EXCELLENT to extract Mag.

And this is the other attack, the spear lunge. Piercing, pretty good damage, VERY cool looking.

And this is the block.
It could be very appropriate to have Tam Lin out at the moment, but eh.
Maybe when Cuchulainn appears. Hm, I wonder if they have a moment of interaction together...

This way, closed.

A goddamn lot of mag is extracted. I think the total was 46. A normal critting yields around 21.
Mor with more magic, of course.

Alp learned something. Useless now. Well, not really, but I don't want it at the moment.

More dead ends. THose are annoying.

Fortunately, there is a lone wind pathway there. Let's use Moh Shuvuu.

Success! There is the temple with Tatsumi nearby.


So close, yet so far. Bah.

This will come in handy.

But where there is a will, there is a way.
Especially if there are conveniently placed ladders.

If that Moh was not in the party already, this would have been a free one.
Inferior, since it lacks the capacity to crush heretics.

Yeah, redundant at the moment.

Sleeping Raidou has a bad posture.

And Nezha is... Not particularly talkative.

Neither one is effective at all.

Yeah, I don't think we will see a Nezha recruited through conversation.


And with that, Raidou levels up.

Magic! Defense! Demonic bonuses! MAG DRAINING.

And then the result of MOney-Getter.
Why I decided to grind in that rooftop, I do not know.

But eventually, going down had to happen.

And this, with the sale of the Asuka Mirrors is ever nearer.
Because they shall be sold. Eventually.

Ayup. All that is available is a Makami.

Should it be acquired?
Also, with what particular combination?