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Part 24: Facing Tatsumi for the last time

Update 24

Well, here it is, Mr. Asshole himself. He is cornered, at last.

Confronting Tatsumi

Tatsumi: "I wasn't lying when I said it's nice to have such a young man curious about me."

Tatsumi: "So here we are again... How unlucky. Alright, I give myself up."

Guess what happens here.


Witness the humiliation Raidou has to face.
That, and heavy interlacing since I did not deinterlace the vid before taking screenshots. Bah.

Tatsumi: "All the luck in the world's on my side! Just TRY and catch me!"

And with those words, Tatsumi sets something in motion, something that could have pretty disastrous consequences for him.

It is Binbou-Gami!

Oh boy.

Binbou-gami is not exactly sure of things now.

I don't like the way he is handling that fan.

My oh my, he is more interested in Tatsumi than in Raidou! That is a good developement!


It seems that his luck has run out at last!

Or... Not?

His luck protected him. Curses.

"We might be able to defeat Binbou-gami in this state! Go for it, Brian!"

And so the first proper (that means, POSSIBLE) fiend fight starts.

"Listen, Brian. You know all too well how dangerous he is. Don't take him lightly!"

Since this fiend is weak againt Fire, lt's hit him hard with it.

Agi and Maragi on repeat sound like a good time in the making.

My oh my, it works. The damage there was over a hundred.

Now, for comparison, let's check this overpriced combination skill.

Pretty damn cool, showing up the effects the spear has.

But the end result is the very definition of UNDERWHELMING.

Oh the other hand a single Maragi does more than twice that. And that is not considering the combos.


Combo! With special spear attack. Hooray for confused weapons.

Maybe Binbou-gami is like that hobo ghost from Hellblazer, that only required to be held to be exorcised (and yet if he was driven away, he would kill by freezing, accidentally)?

Binbou gami also runs away and shows a couple of attacks.

In MOney Rain you have to stay away from the shadows.

Otherwise, those interlaced coins will damage Raidou. 37 damage. Not that bad, but better to avoid it.

Then weird giant coin frisbees.

And a GIGANTIC coin. Light is safe.


Seriously, this is just pathetic.

Binbou-gami: "*gasp* could it be that you're treating me so coldly because...?"

Doubtful. Also, Pulinpa is annoying.

Another attack, rolling coins. Nuisance.

That was easy.



That shall come in handy.

Binbou-gami: "A day... To remember! It was delightful being punished... Wiith your love. Hohohohohohohoh.
I shall never forget the delicate taste of your love-punishment! I shall neeeeeeeeeeever forget!
Please, promise you will share some of your love-punishment with me again, in the future..."

... Yeah. That happened.

And with the fiend out of the picture, EVERYONE returns to the regular world.

"You returned to Mannen-Cho. To defeat a fiend, Brian... I'm proud to have someone like you as my successor.
Did you feel that, Brian? The dark aura surrounding the town is fading."

So it is.

Seems that Osamu is not really all that affected by having become a Preta.

It was Raidou's croquette! Kenta gave it to him!

Good deed of the day: Done.

"All that's left is Tatsumi. We need to ask him about Dahn."

Not anymore, chump.

Let's ask him... Stuff.

Let's start with this.

Tatsumi: "You know about the insect too? You're no regular student, are you? Areyou?
Are you the one they talk about? Wh-who are you!?"

No need to lie, and anyways, spooking someone like him may work.

Tatsumi: "If Raidou's after me, I'm finished! Damn my luck! I don't know much about the insect. I just got it form someone else. Do you remember those masked men? It was them. They gave it to me..."

Tatsumi: "I may have met him in Mannen-Cho? Wait, I remember."

Great, Raidou gets hit on by a Fiend, and then this creep.

Tatsumi: "The insect can steal other people's luck. Thanks to that insect, I got real lucky..."

Insects insects insects. The masked dude had a similar cage.

Now we are cooking.

Too late.

My oh my, what's happening now?

Asshole Raidou, best Raidou. Especially when dealing with creeps.

BUT in this case, it is a "BUT THOU MUST"

Maybe this will be worth it.

He is a what, damnit!

He is either going SSJ, or about to become a Golden Saint/making his golden cosmos explode, or he is blowing up. Slowly.

The latter, I suppose, even if Tatsumi as a Golden Saint wouldn't be the most homosexual one with that title. Not by far.

Weird definition of luck.

Welp. Self combustion.

Oh boy!

And that is what shall happen.