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Part 25: First Chapter: DONE.

Update 25

Note: Video!

Video! In Youtube. Have been too lazy to upload it somewhere else.

tatsumi_av"Can I see 'em for a second...?"

And then Narumi becomes enthralled by the puzzle.

Meanwhile, someone enters the Office, could it be a new client?

Nope. Just Tae. With an awesome bucket hat thing.

Silly expressions. That is a good detail, having big ass models of the characters instead of static portraits helps this game a lot, but unfortunately, makes the lack of voice acting stand out.

But you know what does big ass silent models in an EVEN SILLIER MANNER? Front Mission 5.

"Well, nothing wrong about being passionate about an investigation. I'll forgive him this time...
Oh... Hey Raidou, there was one thing. The 'spiritng away' at Mannen-Cho I told you about?
The missing people came back. The police have called off the search, too. But no one's seen Tatsumi yet... Lokks like the case isn't quite closed yet."

Tae is not impressed by Narumi's absolute concentration on the task at hand.

"You obviously have your hands full, so why don't I go pour myself some coffee?"

"Forget her, Raidou. I tried putting these together, and look what you get..."

"It'll give us another lead on Dahn besides that no-show Tatsumi. Let's sit down and hash out all the details. It'll be good for both of us.
I know you just got back, but it's time we had an Investigational Meeting. Whenever you're ready..."

"There's no need to go into too much detail. Just lay out the basics for me, okay?"

Not only vanished, but it seems like goddamn luck combustion. Or something. Tatsumi is very likely, dead.

Hm. I wonder what that is?

Clearly, this is not, this is what Kenta gave Raidou, and saved Osamu.
(Sometimes, getting the wrong answer is funnier. I kind of like doing that in the recaps in Hotel Dusk)

"Man alive, now you're making me hungry..."

"Nice try, Raidou... But you shouldn't be borrowing money, okay? The vig can be a killer. We can discuss that later... For now, think harder."

"That's right. An insect cage."

"And the masked men are on Dahn's side... That's what Tatsumi said, wasn't it?
So we follow the insect cage, and maybe it leads us straigth to Dahn.
Let's keep an eye out for insect cages, okay Raidou?"

"I'm glad we finally have some. This case is looking up! And I think that about wraps this up. Meeting adjourned."

"It's called the Tento Crest."


Boy oh boy.

Is th plot thickening?

"There've been a pile of suspicious VIP deaths in about every area of society through the years... If you dig deep enough into those kind of cases, a certain name comes up nearly every time.
'Tsukigata'... "

"Everyone knows you don't get involved with the Tsukigata. Word is, if you so much as let their name slip, men in strange outfits will come for you."

That certainly does fit the description of those that stole Raidou's luck. At last, a name, a target.

Aw, isn't that nice? Narumi wants to be a knight in shining armor.

But, not now. No such luck.

"But you've found a Tento Crest right here in the Capital! This changes everything--they really exist!
You said so yourself, Narumi. Hard evidence doesn't lie! Now do you get it!?"

Doesn't sound like Narumi is pleased by that prospect.

My oh my.

And so she will.

Note: Gouto doesn't EVER worry about nothing.

Hey, then they should be allies. Seems they have the same boss and all.

What the hell are Fukoshi?

That goes without saying, I would think.

That is the mystery.