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Part 26: Out of the Capital? Oh my.

Update 26

"Raidou and I have been focusing our investigation on our best lead, Goro Tatsumi from Mannen-Cho. Now up to this point, everything was going more or less as planned. But then when Raidou tried pressing Tatsumi about Dahn, the guy vanished into thin air..."

"The cage used to hold some kinda bug that can take luck from other people and give it to you. Tatsumi claims our Dahn is the one who gave it to him. Now by reconstructing the fragments we found, the Tento crest on the cage becomes clear. "

"This Tento Crest is the family seal. Interesting that we'd find it on the cage from Mannen-Cho. "

"After this break with the Tento Crest, we thought we'd finally make some progress... But today's the third day since then with no new results."


Apparently, not, but Akane did serve to take Narumi out of inner contemplative mode.


Cats love cake, clearly.

And Gouto gives its seal of approval. Aren't cats almost unable to taste sweet things?
Eh, my cats adore chocolate, for some reason, even if it is bad for them.

"We found this while looking into your little problem."

Telephone! Damned telephone, so Narumi can't show his handywork to hes best paying client of the moment.

"Sorry, Akane, I have to take this."

Unfortunately, that means that Narumi won't get to show the cage now


"That and maybe have a little chat about her father, Councilman Narita.
Oh well.. That was Tae on the line. Care to guess where she was calling from?
Tsukigata Village, home of the eponymous Tsukigata clan."

"And she went all the way to the San'in region to do it. Gotta admire the dame's spunk.
And that's not even the best part. That Tae's really outdone herself this time... Lucky for us she called just when we needed her! Wait until you hear what Tae found out in Tsukigata Village..."

Note: No relation at all to Assassin's Creed.
I should rent AC2 again.

"Here's hoping we learn something at Dahn's home in Tsukigata Village that points the way to him. "

"From there, we hopped on a bus and went over what felt like a whole mountain range. A long trip, all to reach a place where they still believe in protecting the family name at all costs. And here we are... A quiet, cozy little burg out in the sticks."

And there is Tae, complete with awesome bucket hat.

"Over here, Raidou! And... You too, Narumi."


"It's called the Fukuroku Inn. It's in the resort environs of Tsukigata Village."
"You're a peach, Tae. Now wo don't have to worry about finding a base for the investigation out here.
Mind filling us in on what you were yammering about over the phone once we get to the inn?
You can tell us all about Dahn's ancestral home..."

"Sure, I just didn't want Akane to be waiting back at the Capital for us too long, you know?
Anyhow, we'll need to find some lead on Dahn in this burg or we're bust. Put your back into it, guys.
But before we get started with that, let's take a little rest at that in... What was it called?
Oh, right. The Fukuroku Inn. At the resort environs, yeah? We'll head there straightaway."

There it goes.

No need to go there. At all, we just got to Tsukigata, so there is no need to go back, it would be a waste at this point.

"I haven't been over there yet... But it has got me wondering why the ground's shaped that way. "


"'Fraid not, Raidou. I've long since given up on Narumi, but I'm holding out hope for you, so please try to remember it.
Oh, well... Let's go to the Fukuroku Inn."

"Yup! And even the great Kichou Asakura had a rocky time finding Dahn's house... I was running around in heels, you know that? My feet paid the price for what I found out.
But I'll tell you all about it at the Fukuroku Inn. I've really got to get these shoes off..."

That cannot be accessed yet. I wonder what it is...

"Well, the first rule of traveling is to secure a base. That place Tae told us about. The Fukuroku Inn, right? Let's stop by there first."

My oh my, NEW ASSETS. The world is truly going to end.

Bloodshot-eyes woman: "If you're heaed to the hot springs, watch your step, you hear? If you step on a single, blessed ant, the insects'll curse you!"

Yeah, let's avance. And go forward.

Holy shit, entirely new place.

Well, that's no good. We'll have to see what Alp can do to help us with this situation.

Much better. And... Doesn't that mask in the left look similar?

How... Odd.

"This village doesn't seem too healthy, Raidou..."

"Anyways, where's that Fukuroku Inn? Tae said to go up the stairs, but..."

"Yew come for the resort?
Well, yew have yer fun and then head on home, alright?"
Inner Voice: " Them outsiders are gonna bring bad luck down on this village... Grandma's told me so ever since ah was a li'l girl. This boy's bad news... Hope the bad luck don't last long."

Traveling Scholar: "This is supposed to be a resort, but the villagers aren't exactly welcoming..."

Traveling Scholar: "*AHEM* But I'm here in Tsukigata Village on a mission. I've got something to prove... I've done plenty of field work, but the villagers aren't helping at all... I wish I had a spell or something that'd let me read their minds.
Hm? Well, yes... Maybe it is foolish for a scholar to dream of such things. Hahah."

My oh my, a salesman! Let's unload some crap, in order to further improve the weaponry in the future.

This pair of mirrors are GONE.

And a couple of these are bought.

Definitely more amicable than Konnou-Ya.