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Part 27: Village

Kerchiefed Girl: "Stop the fretful"
Girl with tied hair: "Baby's wail"
Kerchiefed girl: "Take from the earth... Hmm?
It's a stranger. Don't talk to him, Micchan."
Girl with tied hair: "Okay. He looks like a nice man, though, Keichan."

"I've never heard that song before in the Capital... Is it some kinda local children's song?"

"Right! And the amazing Kichou Asakura has apparently found the Fukuroku Inn. Go down this alley, make a left, go up the stairs, and there it is. It's a big red building. You'll probably see one of the staff at the entrance."

Well, what have we here? A girl, a cock, and a treasure. Not to be interviewed in that order.

Definitely always useful.

Salivating girl: "Once it grows up nice and fat, a'm gonna eat it. Ah been feeding him a lot every day, so he'll get big faster."

The bird has a different idea, though.

Inner Voice: "P-Please! Someone help! I know what's been happening to all my friends!
Th-This human girl k... k... AAAAGH! I get goosebumps thinking about it!"

and there is a treasure, what is it there?

Aaaah, booze. Sake works just like in Raidou 1, it increases demonic loyalty.
And it sells for a good amount of cash.


Inner Voice: "That must be one high-class katana he's hidi' in that there cape... Who in tarnation is he? No student could afford that... Is he some kinda thief? Well, if ah catch him up to no good in Tsukigata Village, ah'll wax him lickety-split."

Tutting elderly lady: "Ah'm busy right now. Go on, get!"
Inner Voice: "Must be one of them travellers from outside, lookin' for food. Well, he picked the wrong lady. Ah can't even afford to feed myself"

Obviously, that is not going to stop Raidou from taking that treasure there.
It's not even edible, anyways.

Fearlessly Smiling Villager: "Heheh... So yew came of yer own free will, eh? Ye got yer own style, ah see... 'Cause I know a few folk who left this village, they hated it so much... Hehehe."

Fearlessly smiling villager: "Huh... Yew were just lookin' for a resort and ended up in Tsukigata Village, eh? Hope yew make it home safe... All depends on how lucky yew are. Hehehe."

My oh my, a rather large structure.

That teacher from Persona 3 would like it, then.

Why would anyone be reluctant to talk to Raidou? Let's find out.

Inner Voice: "Now that's a bad omen if ah ever heard o' one. Mustn't look at 'em or my eyes'll be cursed."

Short haired man: "Figured as much."

Short-haired man: "Huh? Really? Fine, don't tell me where yer from. Ah don't care a lick anyways."
Inner Voice: "The frail with the huge bag and a camera... I heard her name's Kichou, and she's from the Capital. Someone saw her comin' from the bus stop with some other outsiders... This boy must be one of 'em."

This dude is guarding that path.

Sharp-eyed man: "Don't get any ideas 'bout going past here."

Unfortunate that he is right. For the moment, at least.

And there it is, the hotel.

Well, it is the only hotel in the place, I guess.

Tae's information was flawless.

Gouto seems to be somewhat impressed by the hotel.

Gouto gets nearby the mask.


Haven't we seen this mask before?

Well, it is shaped like one, and has similar markings...

... Shinado?

They seem to have installed themselves comfortably.

From a western style modern office to that. He won't be able to eat toast there, but since his last experience with toast was not exactly.. .Succesful, that may be for the best.

Narumi approves of the place.

How silly.

It does look like a watermelon!

Every buiding in the place has one.

Oh boy.

Oh no, Gouto's secret is revealed!

But since neither Narumi nor Tae are Devil Summoners, they can't understand Gouto's vocal outbursts.


how does Gouto even write in that thing? He lacks thumbs!"


The entries shall be read in the next update.

Gouto is pretty angry at the moment.

Must be a pretty old notebook then.

Gouto is not exactly impressed by Narumi at the moment either.

No duh.


My oh my, I wonder who it could ever be.

Dear lord, they could beat Mles Edgeworth in his own game. (Which I haven't played yet. Evntually I will, after I am done with Hotel Dusk)

Well, it's not like there are many more leads at the Capital at the moment...

Gouto then proceeds to take a kitty bath.

It is almost a certainty since this is the Tsukigata Clan's home turf.

Wait, what?

First Tatsumi, then Binbou-gami, and now Tae?

Oh my

Oh boy.

Next: More exploration of the village