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Part 28: Creepy song.

Update 28

Let's check what new Case Files are out there. Probably something that can be achieved.

Aw, just another Gem request.

Well, I guess Frost Steels are useful, yes.

Well, that is done.

And it is repeatable, if there is ever a need for more Frost Steels.

This one is still not achievable.

"Hard to look for the Tsukigata place if we don't know where to start... So that's our first step. "
"You know what this village could use? A gift shop. Though I did see a peddler... Maybe I can get a souvenir from him."
"Alright... Let's all hit the streets."

Directly to the right of the entrance to the Inn there is this. Let's see if there is anything interesting going on.

Well, Raidou is almost naked.

But no matter what, he does NOT remove his hat. Never.

On the other hand, he lacks weaponry, and LEFT HIS DEMONS BEHIND.
Bad form, he is leaving himself vulnerable. On the other hand, he can handle himself in hand to hand, as seen when he beat the crap out of the haguro-gumi guys.

Let's exit through the East.

Lookout villager"No one can pass this way without the chief's permission. Please go back."

That was a failure, but hopefully this won't be.

Downcast village girl"... "
Inner voice"This feller must be an outsider... Why's he here in Tsukigata? Did he get permission from the hief before he came? Ah oughtta ask him... But mom'll be mad if ah talk to outiders... "

"I feel sorry for them, sheltered the way they are. I'm amazed Tae had the guts to come out here alone. Anyways, let's head over to Dahn's house... Tsukigata Mansion."

"But if they think they can stonewall Kichou Asakura, they've got another thing coming! Pieace of cake!"

Going out this way

Leads to a new area. Amazing, isn't it?

Oh my, the encounter meter is yellow, that means that it is dangerous.

But there is a Dragon Cave in there so something good must be around. Or something important. Or something.
Bah, let's visit Victor.

Raidou's luck is still terrible. THat must be fixed as soon as possible.

"Tsukigata Village's native god. They customarily hang Shinado masks in front of their houses. "

"In the dialect used in Tsukigata Village, they say "Manman-san" to mean "God"!"

"But more than that, they're a clan of assassins workig for Yatagarasu, leading the 8th Fukoshi Clan. (A Fukoshi is a type of assassin which uses insects as the tools of their trade)
Tae tells us that whenever there's a suspicious VIP death, you'll find the hand of the Tsukigata clan"

Bah, neither Altair nor Ezio ever used organic weapons, did they? (have not finished AC2, and never even played the first)

NEW WEAPON, soon, heretics will be crushed, or demons will see what it feels to be crushed by a heretic. One of those.


Again, it is the weapon equivalent of an otherkin thing. Or something.

This sounds like the most useful one of that bunch, at least to me.

Not much to be said about this, except that it is unlikely that it will be imbibed by a demon.
Likely it will fund fusions, or a sword alchemy thing.

Sharp-eyed man"Just don't get any ideas 'bout goin' past here. Anyways... Can ah help yew?"

Sharp-eyed man"Sorry ah couldn't help, but don't take it personal."
Inner voice"Outsiders ain't allowed past here to Tsukigata Mansion. Only folks with permission from the chief get through."

Sharp-eyed man"Yer an outsider.. How'd yew know 'bout the chief? Don't tell me yer acquainted with him..."

Oh boy.

Where have we seen that particular combination of words before?


Damnation, he is hiding things!

"It'll make the case a little bumpier than we're used to. Are you up to it, Raidou?"

"The only way is to roll up your sleeves and dig in. Let's start by asking around the village. We have Dahn's photo and that Tento Crest. Those might make good conversation pieces... We should also keep an eye out for the Tsukigata Mansion, Dahn's house. Might be worth asking the folks around here where that is, too."

Ah hah!

Raidou is nice, yes he is!


Pretty hostile to strangers and outsiders, aren't they?
They are NOT producing honey or being hostile to any and all males, though.
And clearly, Raidou's hair is not a bird. Clearly.

Oh my. Those were the creepy things in the chapter 1 's intro video.


"I'll write 'em down."

It is a pretty morbid song.

My oh my.

Actually, that kind of reminds me of Siren, for some reason.


Absolute success!