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Part 29: Faeries are assholes

Update 29

Access has been granted, which is a good thing.

Hm, there is someone there.

And that someone is rather strangely dressed.

"Doesn't she seem a bit different from the rest of the villagers? Maybe we should talk to her... She might know somthing about the Tsukigatas."

She clearly doesn't give a crap about anything Narumi has to say.

But she does provide information! Hm.

Blue-eyed girl"That mansion is the Tsukigata residence that you seek."

Blue-eyed girl"Your arrival is within the bounds of their conjecture."

My oh my.

She clearly is as ignorant of Raidou's name than we are of hers, currently.

Blue-eyed girl"I would prefer if this 'goodbbye' does not become an eternal farewell.
... Goodbye."

And then she leaves.

"I don't get young girls these days... Wait, does that make me sound old?"
"I don't get it... She definitely understood what I was saying. Only devil summoners are supposed to be able to realize I can talk. Who is that girl?"

Narumi's hat is pretty damn awesome, I must say.

"According to that girl, it's just past this forest... It's in some basin, if I'm remembering right. Let's go... We're close now, I can feel it."

"The mansion in the basin is supposed to be the Tsukigata place, right? Dahn's home... Seems like the road has as many branches as the trees here... For now, let's play it straight."

Bah, no exploring there for goodies. Not at the moment, at least.

Oh my! A new enemy! Orthrus!

Well, this is like the fifth title Raidou has sported in this game, so it should work.


Jack Frost is awesome.
But if this doesn't work, he can take care of Orthrus, since Jack has Bufu spells, and Orthrus is weak against Ice.


Moh Shuvuu to the rescue!

That worked.

Beast personality demons respect strength.

Unfortunately, the bastard refused to even reinburse the money spent on hi. Or resources.

This is the Axe's block. Looks more stable than the Spear block.

And this is the Triangle attack.

Slow charge area of effect thing.

Drains less mag than the spear though.

>"These are the sacred Tento Woods. Fear and honor thy gods and refrain from needless entry herein."

A kamikaze pad.

And a Dragon Cave.


All shall fall.


... Uh?
Well, crap. Sandmans. They drain Death. No good.

Ho well indeed.

Yeah, I bet there will be more windpaths through the right.

Free demons always appreciated.

Hm, mysterious warning!

That is indeed something strange.

Oh fuck you, Pixie thing.

"Are we... Lost?"

"Now that's a queer thing to say. 'The faerie's doing,' huh? Then again, coming from you... I'll assume you mean it literally. We'd better hurry through and head to Dahn's family home."

And with that being said, Ukobachs attack. Annoying, annoying Ukobachs.

Magic otherkin sword deals with them. Along with Ice magic.

Hits pretty hard, I must say.

Jubokko"Oh ho... Sounds like yer in quite a pickle, Sonny. 'Round these parts, the Dark Realm gets all jumbled up with reality. That's why people can see a demon like me even in a place like this... It lets more people get hoodwinked by demons, too, hyuk hyuk. Just be careful now."

Jubokko: "I getcha, I getcha... Yer a spitfire, aren'tcha boy? Well, be careful now."

Jubokko:"I getcha, I getcha. This is a dangerous forest... Lotta demons 'round these parts. This is the backwoods area. Yer best way outta here is to head southwest to the exit. Careful goin' home, sonny"

Well, that was useful advice, and that is an useful item.

Or smoke. That is bad.
And almost as annoying as it was in SMT1.

At least it is straightforward.






Ah, there it goes. Much better.

Gems, gems, gems. Not much use for them so far.

Obariyon: "Raidou Kuzunoha vs. Faceplanting. That would've been cool to see... Oh yeah, and if you fall, you might lose your lunch money.
The dark zone is really scary. It's all... Dark. There's no hope for you."

Obariyon: "Mmm, I can't help you. It's no use looking at me like that. But you knew my name, so I like yo! I'll give you a hint. Uhm... The ability to make a big shine should make those dark places no problem for you. Then you'd be Radiant Kuzunoha! It makes my heart skip a beat..."

I believe that he was referring to a Volt order demon. But there is none of those at the moment. Maybe Ukobach's fire will help?

Lies! Damn lies! There is something shining there!

Damnation, no increase in luck even with 9 points. DAMNATION

At least there was a title change, so maybe Orthrus will give the time of the day to Raidou next time.

A rock wall! And interestingly, this one won't be solved by using a Fury demon. No, this needs FIRE.

There it goes.

Nezha is more talkative now. As useless to our purposes as before, btu at least he talked!

There must be something there, the map shows it.

Damnable unknown powers.

But at least the exit was reached. That is a success, I must say.
And Jack is there as well.

... Goddamnit.

Faeries are assholes.

Well, a Volt order demon should be acquired.