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Part 30: Out of the woods.

Update 30

Time to advance and take this barrier away.

The other wall was a job for Ukobach, this one is for Jack Frost.

And it allows one to access a wind pathway.

Which leads to this place, not that bad.

Bunch of wind pathways, and a couple of treasures.

When Raidou is hurt, he actually shows it. Details, details.

Selket: "Well, at least you're honest. You must really have good taste! Just so you know, though, you don't have to be so harsh..."

Well, that apparently started well, but was not exactly the most effective response.

And it worked! But then it became a "where can I find gems" conversation, so the demon was sent to Narumi's.
Hey, maybe that is also a source of Case Files. Maybe they are the ones relying the Jewel Shop case files. Hm.

Hopefully, the next time Selket is encountered she will agree to become Raidou's demon.

Bah, gems! Gems can be acquired via demon conversation.

Not fully explored, not yet.

But at least it is not that far away from the entrance we need.

This time, that Pixie shall not be bothersome.

Buuut just in case...

If it is not used soon, the Koropokkur can be erasily used as fusion fodder.

"Why are you getting in our way!?"

high pixie: "Umm, how do I say this...
I'm helping out a friend? Um... You met the girl at the entrance to the woods, right?
Na--I mean, she wanted wo warn you that going to that house would be dangerous. That's why I was helping her."

Well,to be honest, that counted as a teleport thing. And the darkness and CONSTANT FALLING got old.
At least none of the demons got lost. That can happen, as well.

The screen shakes between these two. Gouto is not impressed by that choice.

high pixie: "She didn't say you couldn't go... She just wanted to make you understand that it's dangerous. Please, just understand that about her."

No more Pixie.

"Was she really just stalling us because she was worried? Well, no use pondering it now. We have places to be. Let's go, Brian. Once we pass the forest, we'll be at Tsukigata Mansion."

And there it goes, the forest, while not completely explored, is no longer the focus. Hooray.

Neat-and-tidy girl: "Did you meet that lady? She's always patrolling around here for us... She talks funny, but she's real strong. She's very nice too. When I grow up, I wanna be just like her."

Lookout villager: "No one can pass this way without the chief's permission. Please, go back."

Not seen in the screenshots, but Raidou is spinning counterclockwise. IS THAT A SUCCESS?