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Part 31: The Chief

Update 31

Advancement, now!

It is a pretty big place, it seems.

"We're here, Raidou. That's the Tsukigata Mansion. We finally made it to Dahn's old homestead. The Tsukigata family is a clan of assasssins, right? And we're heading right to the heart of their base... We's better stay on our toes.
Let's go, Raidou... There's a few things we've gotta know about Dahn."

No point in lingering there, so it is time to advance. And go forward. And move ahead.

>>The almond-eyed servant is looking back and forth between Raidou and Narumi, sizing them up.
Almond-eyed servant: "Please leave, strangers. This is the place closest to heavens... What business have yew at Tsukigata Mansion, home to the chief of Tsukigata Village?"
>>Raidou explained the circumstances of the investigation to the almond-eyed servant.

>The almond-eyed servant looked away for just an instant
Almond-eyed servant: "Please leave."

"Just like Raidou said. A little bird told us that this is Dahn's home, so..."
Almond-eyed servant: "Ah don't know this 'Dahn' yer referrin to. He's a stranger to me, ah'm afraid. Please leave."
"You catch that, Raidou? As soon as we said Dahn's name... She reacted, didn't she? I saw her. She's hiding something."

Inner voice: " So does that mean the young master is there?"

Welp, that confirms it, she DOES know Dahn.

almond-eyed servant: "Oh ho... So yew found that at the Capital? It is indeed our Tento Crest, but... It doesn't change the fact that we don't know this 'Dahn' person. Please leave."

Then one needs to flash the Dahn pic again.

almond-eyed servant: "P-please leave..."
Inner Voice: "That photo...! That's the photo they asked me to take... The picture of the young master... Ah thought ah gave it to the young mistress. Why would these people have the photograph she was carrying!?"
"Brian... We got that photo from Akane. I don't know why they're calling her 'young mistress,' but... I think we got what we came for. She said she was the one who took that photo. So there's no way she couldn't know who the man in the photo is!"

almond-eyed servant: "Come now! Who do yew think yew are? Yer irritatin' me! I-if yew don't leave now... Ah can't guarantee yer safety. Hm?"
"Whoa, whoa... Our safety? That's not very friendly... If Raidou said something rude, I apologize for the kid. What'd you say to her, Raidou?"
>Raidou explained the circumstances of the investigation to Narumi.
"I see. Doesn't sound like Raidou did anything wrong to me."
almond-eyed servant: "Er."
"I'd kinda like to hear more about this photo myself. You said you don't know the man, right? I think I remember hearing that, yeah.
So how do you square that with being the one who took this photo? It was you who took it, right?"
almond-eyed servant: "Er... No... Uh..."
"Maybe I should tell you? The cat's out of the bag, friend."

Oh boy, more people.

"Unfortunately, Dahn Tsukigata isn't here."
"Sorry, Chief, but did I just hear you say Dahn 'Tsukigata'? So this really is Dahn's house..."
".... I really think it's best you went home while I'm still smiling. Those in this village who ignore what I, the chief of the Tsukigata clan tell them... They must be dealt with. I'd hate to have to resort to rough stuff.
No matter who that may be..."

Oh boy, he certainly is informed.

With a clap, he summons a couple of thugs.

At least something was gained from all that.

"It's a bit of a hassle having the chief breathing down our necks, but this is a big find for us. Well, we can cool our heels for now. The Tsukigata aren't going anywhere. That settled for now, I'm heading for the hot springs. You know the Shirahige Hot Springs next to the Fukuroku Inn, right? I'll be thre if you need me. See you."

Well, some relaxation is earned after interrogating the servant and getting chastises (and noticed) by the Chief, I suppose.

And while trekking back through the forest, a level is gained. Hooray, more fusion posibilities are gained.

And more magic. Luck is worthless at the moment since it is only going to get nulled.

Back at the inn, it seems that sending those demons to the Detective Agency DID work.

Hm, a six-legged samurai? Let me guess, it is a film reference. (Haven't seen it)

Neither request is doable at the moment.

So back to the Springs.

"Oh, by the way... After we came back from our jaunt out to the Tsukigata clan's house... Didn't the atmosphere around the village seem different to you? Like there were fewer people around... I'm not too keen on that... I was wanting to talk more about it up in our room at the inn. "

Checking up what he said about less people there sounds like something that should be done.

But he is in a hot spring! Not much cooling can be done in those.

And guess what, he is right.
The music changed to an ominous tune, as well.

No one, not even the girl and her cock.

Fukuroku Inn worker: "Narumi's message it is. He just came back a while ago and said..."
"If you wanna talk, come by the Shirahige Hot Springs."
Fukuroku Inn worker: "Hm... Them hot springs actually aren't part of the Fukuroku Inn. See the pillar with Lord Shinado's mask? Walk that way and yew'll get thi Shirahige Hot Springs."

Fukuroku Inn worker:"'Tae'? Oh, yew mean Kichou's? Okay. She actually left before yew and said..."
"I'll be back late tonight. Don't worry about me, and don't wait up."
Fukuroku Inn worker: "Ah thought she was interviewein' the villagers about that children's song... But ah ain't seen her in the village lately. She up and disappeared."

That is enough snoopin' around since there is NO ONE ELSE around here.

Well, they are al ready there, I still say that Raidou not even carrying a single demon for protection is not a good idea.

I suppose that traditional meal did not include any form of toast or coffee, so Narumi's pants were safe this time.

"I like a cup of coffee after a good meal, but green tea's a nice substitute. Ain't Japan grand?"

Gouto's not feeling so hot now.

And neither is Raidou, his vision is fading, somewhat.

That will have to wait, it seems.

Strange how Narumi was the last one to fall. I wonder what happened there?