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Part 33: Holy Plot Exposition, Batman.

Update 33

Geirin clearly has contacted the Chief previously.

"I believe that my fellow Devil Sumoner's whishes, in theory, should be met. "
"This is... All rather serious to deal with in the morning. You came at an unlucky time. Under normal circumstacnes... As elder of the Tsukigata Cillage and leader of the 8th Fukoshi Clan... I would never acknowledge a fellow Fukoshi's disgrace, even should the world turn upside-down. But with Geirin here, head bowed... How can I refuse such a request?
You're lucky to know our Geirin, guests from the Capital, and that's the truth."

"Pretty sure neither of us told you that, chief. How'd you know?"
When I heard a detective from the Capital had come here, I knew it could mean nothing good, but... That Akane... Doing this without my permission..."
"So can I assume you know Ms. Akane Narita too, Akijiro?"
"¡Narita'...? Don't buy into that nonsense. She's my daughter, make no mistake. The pure blood of a Tsukigata runs through her veins. Do I know Akane Tsukigata? As well as I'd know any woman who grew up in my household."
"Akane... Tsukigata?"
"And not just her..."

Well, that certainly does clear up some things, doesn't it?

"So you're saying... Akane and Dahn here are..."
"Silblings, yes. Blood relations. The Dahn you're looking for... He's Akane's older brother. "
"Well, now... That's a shocker. Dahn and Akane, both Tsukigatas?
And brother and sister, to boot... "

This happens several times during this plot exposition heavy conversation thing.

And this is always the right answer. Obviously.

"But to think a dame as calm and gentle as she seemed... How could she be the daughter of the Tsukigata Clan? How could she hae an assassin's blood?"
>Under the subject heading of "Dahn"... Gouto added an entry about "Dahn Revealed".
>Under the subject heading of "Akane"... Gouto added an entry about "Akane Revealed"

"There's a reason why Akane had to remain outside of Tsukigata Village and hide her identity for now. It's the same reason I can't keep Akane where I can see her. She's staying with a relative right now... A Mr. Narita, in the Capital. You see, if Dahn finds Akane, he'll probably try to shelter her... "
"Shelter her? From what?"
"What Dahn wants to do... Is to stop Akane's Marriage Ritual."
"She's getting married? Well, that's good, right? I don't quite get what all this 'sheltering' malarkey is about. Is there some sort of problem with the arrangements? For instance... Maybe Dahn's not too keen on Akane's fiance?"

Geirin is clearly more in the know about what that ritual involves.

And Akijiro certainly wishes that it was that simple as well.

"The process of escorting the woman to the Fukuroku Inn is complete. I've returned, Master.
But enough of that... I heard a theory that caught my attention, so I wished to join the conversation. A question for you, Mr. Akijiro..."

"On my way here, I undertook the process of asking the villagers about the luck locusts. My understanding is that... Dahn stole them?"

"I hesitate to bring my own feelings into the process of a brother unhappy with his sister's engagement. But... It seems to me that taking the luck locusts is, in theory, overdoing it a bit... Is my conjecture correct? Please answer me, Mr. Akijiro."

"Your theory was uncalled for, Nagi. I would prefer that you wait outside. "
"Master... You shut me out, but you let Raidou stay?"

Geirin can be kind of a dick to his pupil, it seems.
Both have that weird speech pattern.

"My apologies. Do resume the process."

"What Nagi said aside... Isn't that somethign to be settled between your family and the groom's? No need to shelter Akane at the Capital. She and Dahn are family; they can work it out."
"... The Marriage Ritual shouldn't be taken lightly. Failing to complete it is unthinkable. Akane's marriage is not a simple wedding. It is a sacred ritual; a blood pact with our god."

Oh shit. Tsukigata Village is GODDAMN HANUDA.

"And Dahn's trying to get in the way of that? "

"So what's the big idea with trying to stop it? Maybe this Marriage Ritual is the key we need to find Dahn."
>>Gouto entered Marriage Ritual as a subject in the notebook. Under the subject heading of "Marriage Ritual"... Gouto added an entry about "What is the Ritual"?

"Raidou, when you fought the Fukoshi... Did you feel as if something was taken from you? "

"If you saw this at the Capital, then it's highly likely you've been their victom. Our luck locusts have eaten your fortune."
"These Luck Locusts you keep mentioning... What are they, exactly?"
"The Fukoshi that bushwacked us at the Tento Woods mentioned the same thing... "

"Maybe you haven't noticed it yet, but once your luck is eaten... You have nothing to look forward but bad luck. Those whose fortunes are eaten by the luck locusts either die by some unfortunate accident... Or their despair over their increasing misfortune eventually drives them to suicide. Our use of the luck locusts guaranteed a certain kill, but... Due to an accident long ago, we vowed never to take them out again."

Well that certainly explains the sudden imbalance in luck.

And that is a mystery solved.

"So wherever we find locusts, that's where we'll find Dahn. This could be our big break in the case."


"Not only has Dahn broken the covenant, he intends to stop the Marriage Ritual. He's no better than a common traitor now. As a Tsukigata, it is my duty to bring him in."

"But first, I apologize for the way we wronged you in front of the mansion and at the prison cell. If you find Dahn... I want you to bring him here."

Dahn is the asshole that stole Raidou's luck. This likely is the Law option, and the one that actually breaches his contract with Akane, but this is the choice taken.

"One's ability to go along with the way things are is the theory of this world.. That is how it should be."
"Thank you.
Please take this. Think of it as us pledging our allegiance."

New usables!

Why the hell couldn't they show it to the player as well? HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO RECOGNIZE IT.

Artificial inflation of one's luck. I like it.


All more or less comprehended.

And Dahn himself is also Akane's target. That is important.

Damned asshole.

Well that is not exactly good news.

Geirin's hair is inferior to Raidou's Perfect Hat.

Unfortunately, he will be wrong. Tsukigata will be covered by Raidou extensively in the future.

Why the hell the next event couldn't happen when he got cursed to begin with, I WILL NEVER KNOW.
And that shall be seen in the next update.