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Part 36: More goddamn Fukorutsubo.

Update 36

After beating that particular Jiromaru, access to yet another of those annoying illusory crossroads. Well, could be worse, it could be a teleport.

In any case, if the two summoned demons you have there have a compatible combination skill, you can use them both at the same time. It is nifty, and gives better effect than just using one.

Doesn't always work, though.


Since Raidou's Luck is no longer messed up, it is safe to upgrade it again. Vitality could use some, but magic is better.

And this is a new mechanic! Luck Locusts can be found in battle now. They behave like enemies in that you can hit them, but that's not their main use.

Using this, Raidou gets to suck one of the locusts like the Ghostbusters' trap does to ghosts who have been exposed to the Proton Accelerator Beam.

>Raidou's luck increased slightly!

Hell yes. Notice a new upwards arrow. That is a good thing.

This was a strange conversation.

Nezha: "That's why I've been so quiet all day. I'm just not feeling like myself at all... Oh well, next time, I'll show you a good time, I promise. Goodbye boss! Until we meet again!"

The hell.

Nakisawame is still pretty expensive. Less so than before, but eh. Money will have to be managed more carefully in the future, in any case

Mag is pretty overpriced, though.

Even with one upward arrow, Raidou's luck is not considered "great", so this tends to happen. The one I hate the most is "Your demons might get lost".

Not good, that.

Oh, neat, two ninjas from Kizuna Encounter/Savage Reign.
Wikilink for Gozuki
Wikilink for Mezuki

>"Grotesque trainer"
Mezuki: "Aha! So you're the famous Grotesque Trainer... It is an honor to meet someone held in so high esteem."

Pretty articulate for a equine headed fellow, it seems.


Mezuki:"So what can I do to understand you humans better?"
>"Join me."
Mezuki:"I am still hesitant to take that leap. Sir, you must have been after something when you began speaking with me. I should like to help you... But I just don't quite feel up to it right now."

Blah blahablah here.

Mezuki: "Please, take this. It should come of use to you on your quest."

It will indeed come in handy, either on jewel case files, or on Victor getting awesome fits.

Gozuki, on the other hand, is much less amicable than his horse headed friend. Or at least this one was.

The correct choise is randomized, I think.

Gozuki: "Are you that weirdo who's been followin' me 'round? It has to be! Ger ready to die!"

Definitely less of a conversationalist, I think.

This happens, but it is not as bad as when Binbou-gami did it. In this one it is like one every fourth swipe. It does get annoying if you have stunend a demon and want to suck its Mag out.

Clearly, same conversation start than with Gozuki.

Makami: "Huh? Why would I do somethin' like that? Don't go gettin' too friendly with me, pal..."

Eventually, a Makami is acquired, but not that time. I don't like that conversation starter.

And I still think that well spoken Nezha is strange.

Makami: "That's pretty decent of ya. I like a human who knows his place. Hey, pal, ya think I'm pretty awe-inspirin', right?"

Makami: "Ya ain't very convincin'. You're just humorin' me, huh? So... Ya started talking to me 'cause you wanted somethin', right? Hm, decisions, decisions... I guess I COULD hear ya out... Well, I AM a honorable demon, after all..."

Pyro Jack was the one who failed and yet Raidou gets the insult? Unfair.

And Selket also failed. Damnation.

So a fight was unavoidable.

And Pyro Jack maxed his loyalty, getting a rather useless skill for himself, but that will probably come in handy in the future when he inevitably becomes nothing more but fusion fodder.

Flutes that make demons behave well, that fix an ailment that only happens when their loyalty is beneath Maximum. Useful.

And yet more demon conversation. Seems to me that there are more personality types in this than in Strange Journey. On the other hand, I am not really THAT far into Strange Journey. And it is awesome.

Azumi: "But still... Don't you ever worry about the sun on your skin...? I do. Oh dear, I hope I'm not getting another sunburn...! Oh my... "

This is a surefire one. Pyro Jack does know how to ignite the spirit of a lady, and Azumi is, apparently, an old lady... Or something.

About time he was useful in a conversation.

Azumi: "Tell me, dear, what chore do you think is the hardest?"

Azumi: "I think I may have to agree with you there. Laundry can be tough. I'm surprised you think so too. Gosh, everyone just dirties their clothes, and they don't think about the person who has to clean them... I becha always take good care of your clothes. What a nice, young man you are. Well, we had some fun, you and I... It's time to negotiate now."

Insert negotiation there. Life stones, mostly.

Fishface's face in THAT angle is pretty damn ugly.

Azumi: "Oh dear, I know you aren't going to believe me, but I'm actually quite famous among demons..."


This one is always goood to get.

Strongish healing items are ALWAYS appreciated.

And then, yet another goddamn Makami.
This one is a success, though.

Fusion fodder? Maybe so!

This Illusory Crossroad is annoying. If you enter from the west, east and south are open, but if you enter from the east, only east will be open.
The way to pass it is to go from west to south, then from south to north. But that is the straightforward path. Let's see what is on the East.

Since there isn't much point to increase the random encounter here, that is better for selling at the moment. Eventually, a point where powerlevelling is actually desirable, but this is not it.

This is ALWAYS better to keep, just in case.

Damnable asshole move, Atlus.

I am of the opinion that a magically charged main character is better. More magic defense, bonuses on the summoned beasties, etc. Luck can be put in the backburner for a while since the Luck Locusts can take care of most of the effects, and more things need to be upgraded, so, choice: Next couple of level ups: What should be upgraded?

Archangel: "Suck folly... You have no idea what you are getting yourself into, Sir. And the way you mistake your own foolishness for genuine bravery? How disappointing."

Archangel: "As you are well aware, young sir, I am a demon. How does my appearance seem to you?"

This seems like the response most apt to make the Archangel happy. Beautiful would likely fit to the S&M angels, and Frightening to the HIGHER echelons of the angelic hosts.

Archangel: "Is that a reflection of how highly you regard my abilities?"

Archangel:"Shall we move on to the topic that's been preying on both our minds now? Certainly, you desired something when you began speaking to me..."

Insert negotiation.


Fortunately, the game does keep track of stuff like this. So, freeing a demon or two via fusion could be a good choice.

When hit by surprise, this can happen. It is annoying. Especially now that the two Birdlimes are spent. Grr.

And with that, by going east, south, north, the northern path is open and the Dragon Cave accesible.


"She is also the protector of the nile, and aided the goddess Isis in the reclamation of Osiris."

"The three gods born from Izanagi after he returned from Yomi are said to be the Azami tribe's ancestors."

"A Mokoi appears to strike down those who use black magic."

"She seduces travelers, only to crack their heads open and suck out their brains with her beak."
Note: Anthony in Strange Journey has a hilarious quest with that. Less hilarious because she only appears in one floor of Carina if one switch is off. Annoying, but it did get me a couple Demon Sources.

"It's possible to gain its protection by leaving talismans bearing its image on doorways and grain fields."

"Torments the humans in Hell by fueling the infernal furnace with burning coal."


Tam Lin +...
Pyro Jack = Pagan Lilim(19)
Selket = Elem Aeros (17)
Makami = Fury Oni (17)

Poltergeist + ...
Moh Shuvuu = Aeros(17)

The interesting ones from Alp are out of the range, so just this screeenshot.

Jack Frost + ...
Azumi = Elem Aquans(19)
Makami = Pagan Lilim (19)

Moh Shuvuu + ...
Pyro Jack = Volt Raiju(18)
Azumi = Raiju(18)

Koropokkur + ...
Pyro Jack = Fury Nezha (14)
Selket = Nezha(14)
Makami = Aquans(19)

Pyro Jack + ...
Selket = Pagan Lilim (19)
Makami = Fury Lamia(19)

Selket + ...
Makami = Fury Oni (17)

Azumi + ...
Makami = Lilim

What should be fused?