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Part 37: Narita's Fukorutsubo BROKEN

Update 37

Grinding for loyalty for both Makami and Azumi caused Raidou to get more total Loyalty, which is a good thing.

Hell yes.

I think that Grotesque Trainer sounds more awesome than Taisho Swordsman, but that may be because the previous title reminds me of Drakengard's ending. Or something.

"Oh, and by the way, the Yatagarasu sent you an extra tube. Now you can carry even more demons."
>Raidou is able to hold 11 tubes!

Oh my! Since Makami was not made via fusion, it has no passive skills at all at first, but when the loyalty is maxed, it gains a single skill. What does this one do?

That is nifty. Not exactly the most useful thing ever, but it works.

So now let's downgrade the Pyro Jack, because Nezha will be needed eventually.

Not a bad skillset, but I am kind of surprised that it can inherit Mudo, since Mudo is what he is weak against. Eh.
Agirati is an upgraded Agi, but shooting three balls instead of one. Closerange it is pretty good, but at long range it is not THAT useful.

Pyro Jack: "Victor'll be angry at me, ho!"

Koropokkur: "Pair me up with a fine young filly, please!"

Nezha: "Is our meeting this way good luck or bad? It's all up to you! Nice meeting you. Zappo!"

I was kind of hoping for the intellectual Nezha, but eh, any Nezha is better than no Nezha whatsoever.

This is not so bad. His magic is PATHETIC, but Nezha's Strength and Vitality are fairly respectable.

Another sellable.

And Pyrio Jack won't be summoned back for a while. Eventually, maybe.

Nezha has a bunch of possibly useful fusions.

And finally, Raidou is level 20. Hooray, hooray, level twenty reached. And Vitality reaches the double digits as well.

Azumi levelling also makes Rakukaja usable. That is a good skill to have in the future Lilim. Don't much care about Bufurati, though.

While grinding for a levelup for Makami, the Archangel appeared once more.

Very well, then my life is in your hands. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm a Wind-order demon, Archangel. Please accept this as a token of my esteem for you.: ""

The archangel referring himself as a demon would be very weird in ANYTHING other than a SMT game.

There it goes.

There it goes, Azumi and Makami both become something that is more than the sum of its parts. Or not, actually.

Dia Aura is still a very awesome skill to have. Those four inherited skills are sure to come in handy, particularly the ones to the lower left.

Makami:"This'd be too much for ten of me..."

Azumi: "Buh-bye"

Lilim: "I've helped humans since the start of your so-called cultire, but... In all that time, I never found a guy tough enough to satisfy me. Are you making your bid? ... Hmhm."

Too bad the two of them only got fairly useless passives. Oh well.

Now that a Lilim is acquired, the end of the road can be reached. Not like it NEEDED a Lilim, but I wanted one before going there, so whatever.


Black-masked Fukoshi: "That tears it... Yew've really done it this time... Now ah'm steamed! Ah ain't holdin' nothin' back now! Ah ain't gonna settle for knockin' yew around some, either... Nuh-uh. Playtime's over. Ah'm gonna use the Fukoshi's assassination spell and do yew up reaaaal good..."
That means "I am going to draw my sword and try to kill you", magic and spells are so degraded? Damn.

Oh no!

Black-masked man: "Mangy dogs like yew gotta take a whippin'. Ye'll fall in line once we bring down hell on top of that head of yers!"

There are two of them.

I should not have tried to take screenshots while playing. That makes me sucky(er).

And the end result is not pretty. As seen in Nezha's buttocks.

And getting hit while getting Archangel's comment.

Boycott happens when the demon doesn't have full Loyalty. It is annoying.

Eventually the Fukoshis decide they need to summon Yosuke's first Persona.

Which makes a huge amount of electrical damage appear in the field.

Yeah, that is pretty bad.

This ending slash doesn't look bad, I must say.

Black masked man: "Maybe yew did beat us, but that smirk'll be wiped off yer face right soon enough! The feller up ahead will kick yer ass for damn sure!"

And it provides an AWESOME reward. Two more insect cages, bringing the total to 4.

More magic.

Black-masked Fukoshi: "B-but... Ah still lost... How in the hell... did yew do it... with luck like that?"

And thus, the Fukorutsubo spell is broken.

"Looks like we've broken the Fukorutsubo spell. Which means we're about to face off with Dahn. Make sure you're ready."

And as everyone knows, there is only one way to be prepared.

"It's about time yuo paid up for all the times I covered your streetcar fare."

Hahah. Where the hell does Gouto keep his money, anyway?

So, Victor needs the Lilim. Fortunately, Lilim is acquired.

And old camera versus a Lilim. Eh, cameras are fun and all, but Lilim was a pretty awesome demon with a decent skillset.
That being said, I WOULD play a Megaten Pokemon-Snap-like game. (What? I did like Pokemon Snap)

And since the sake and other things were sold, the Lilim can be bought back. The business card does diminish the summoning cost.

So after that small detour, it is time to get back to Kasumidai.

Narita's Butler: "The path to the sitting room is open? A-Are you certain?
U-UGH! My stomach suddenly...! Much as i'd like to go to the sitting room... Arrrgh! What could have brought on this sudden bout of illness!? How unfortunate...!"

I think it is rather established that the butler is useless.


That is a boss fight warning if I ever saw one.

Welp. It seems that we're a bit too late.

Dude in red must have an awesome sense of balance, though.