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Part 42: Tarrasque rescue

Update 42

The first one to be selected, but not finished, mind you, will be It Came From The Sewer! Not only because it sounds like a b-movie, but because it has an awesome and useful result.

WHY YES, the Large Tarrasque, that allows one to tavel through water in the map.

This will be finished first, mainly because what is needed and required is already acquired.

A sticker in exchange for a picture. Eh.

Victor wants a Nezha, I wonder what he will do with it. Hopefully not get another maid out of it, the Ippon Datara is weird enough already.

This one is going to take a while, I think.

Sharp-eyed boy: "It landed on my shoulder... And then... Its white face... It opened all up! I swear, mister! Those weird bugs are still around here, too!"

But now we need to get to where the silly requester asked.
Can this be the request giver?

Serious-looking schoolgirl: "I mean... Oh, never mind... Please forget it."
Inner voice: "That beautiful, curly-haired woman he was walking with before... His girlfriend, maybe? If that's so... The man of my dreams is already spoken for... Curse my luck!"

Nope. But maybe this one is it.


Well, that does describe the Large Tarrasque, doesn't it?

Well, that's interesting.

Mr. Mokoi: "It wasn't too long ago that him and me would travel the world. I'd ride on his back and hang ten. But then there were problems. It's always something... While we were out, the mansion where the Large Tarrasque hung his hat went away. So he was forced to live below in the sewers. It was a hard knock life for him. He wasted away... *sniffle*"

How can a large tarrasque be itsy bitsy?

Mr. Mokoi: "If you find him, you can ride on him to travel freely over rivers and oceans."

This is likely a law response, but poor Large Tarrasque.

Mr. Mokoi: "You're a strong boy, Raidou. A strong, hardworking boy. He's lost and lonely very far away. Miles, leagues and furlongs from the Capital. Well, Mr. Summoner, may the stars smile upon ya."

If he is not on the capital, then he must be in the other place available.
It could be the shrine, but that is not THAT far away.

Asshole blockers are now helpful and allow free passage. Hooray.

Time to see what's here. Again.

Downcast village girl:"The water we get from the Tento Spring is a blessin' from Lord Tento. Give thanks if you drink it."

Those kids weren't there before.
... And there is something at their feet.

Chubby kid: "Look, it has a beard!"
Skinny boy: "Smash it! Kick its shell! Yaaah!"

Not helping would not provide usefulness.

Chubby kid: "What'd yew say, outsider? Yew want this turtle? Nothin' doin'. This turtue's rare... See, it's got a beard. We saw it first. "

Kids can't be hard to bribe, right?

Dainty snacks?

Better, then.

And the demonic turtle is freed from its torment.

Well, Gouto was at least prepared.

Large Tarrasque: "You saved my life. That's about the least I can do in return. Here, take this. "

Large Tarrasque: "Oh, and one more thing... Here's a little somethin' extra for ya."

Large Tarrasque: "And another honest, kind young man saved me then, just like you did. This is what I got as a gift from him at the time. It's called a Tamatebako."



That can't be good.

Not at all good, that.


Accidents happen, after all. But no.

Large Tarrasque: "Well... I can do that if I take the Tamatebako's effects on myself, but... That's pretty harsh for a demon my age. If my health gets any worse, I might keel over and die... "

Well, we don't want the Tarrasque to die, that would be counterproductive.

Large Tarrasque: "That's awful nice of you... You're movin' this old turtle to tears! I'll do anything I can to help, Raidou. Just say the word! You just blow that Flute of Rhone whenever you need me, now. I'll take you anywhere I'm capable of going. Wahahahaha!"


And a succesful case is great to have.

Now the Large Tarrasque is accesible in any blue pad like this.

It will be eventually unsealed.

Better that what can be currently acquired through normal means, useless for the moment, though.

Definitely useful, for when one decides to use one of the already acquired luck locusts, or acquires more, plain and simple.

New areas can be accessed, but there is nothing new in them.

Yeah, nothing can be done in this lace.

Yup, no more annoying roadblocks.

Neat-and-tidy girl: "She doesn't know her mom or her dad... She said she met her master in the Tento Woods when she was small. But she said she's not lonely because she has her demons..."

Time to go left, then.

Oh boy.