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Part 43: Great Summoner's Hall

Update 43

The Tento Woods are still open, and in open defiance of Akijiro's instructions, the Centipede road is open.

And clearly, either Nagi has full access of it, or she is also in direct violation of Akijiro's instructions.

"I heard you returned to the Capital after the incident at the Tsukigata Mansion."
>Raidou explained the circumstances of the investigation to Nagi.

"I see. So now we must find out more abotu Miss Akane's fiance... Lord Tento... Weren't you in the process of investigating the Centipede Road? All I know of Lord Tento in theory is his name, but... I do know that past the Centipede Road is a place where some sort of god is enshrined. "



"It is widely known that those who do not possess the Tento Talisman are incapable of passing safely. "
"Sorry to say, but we don't have a Tento Talisman. So how can we gat our hands on one?"
"..... You are very lucky that you met me here. In theory, my mission is to do daily patrols of the Tento Woods. The process requires me to constantly carry a Tento Talisman. I have a spare as well, for emergencies..."


There is always a catch, it seems.

"As a reward, I will offer this Tento Talisman to you. There is something I need Raidou's help with. Somethin worth a Tento Talisman to me... I hope that you'll accept my request."

Well, there can't be advancement without this talisman, so why not?

"The details of the process are perhaps best related elsewhere... Please come with me."
>Raidou followed Nagi out of the Tento Woods. They arrived at the Nameless Shrine northwest of Tsukigata Village.

"Thruthfully... Master is on a mission in a neighboring town now. He won't be back for some days. Your arrival in the middle of this process... I'll pursue this theory to its conclusion!"
"What are you so riled up about? And what's this 'job' you have for is? We need the Tento Talisman, quick."
"Don't worry. I'm a Kuzunoha... I know how to keep my promises. Come with me and we'll begin this process. I'll explain it to you there."

How nice, it is almost the same as the OTHER Nameless Shrine. Seems that every area must have one of these, for the resident Kuzunoha.

Fox (Left): "We Inari statues are spirits of Ukanomitama. We assist the Kuzunoha clan. There is nothing we can do for you at present, but make yourself at home."

Fox (Right): "It's not often a Kuzunoha other than Geirin comes to visit. Well, make yourself comfortable."

Pretty jovial, those two.

Now this, this is different from the other Nameless Shrine.

"Beyond this blockade is the Great Summoner's Hall. It is home to countless demons that Master released for training purposes. I'd like you to help me train here... That is the job."

"In order to enter, one needs the blood of a true Kuzunoha. Part of my request is that I would like to borrow your blood... "
"I admire your moxie for improving yourself here, but... Why go to all this trouble? If you want to train, shouldn't you take it up with Geirin?"

"My Master still mentally categorizes me as a neophyte. I wish to train in the Great Summoner's Hall to show Master my true skill. In theory, what would you do? If you were in my shoes... Acting without my Master's permission... Is this the wrong process of doing things?"

Again, this is most likely a Law/Chaos choice.

"I believe in my own theory. The Master will be pleased to see that I have gained strength. We have come this far in the process. In theory, there is no turning back. Again... I would like some of your blood, Raidou."

And then, he does.

Oh boy.

That looks more like a light slash than a prick to me.

Oh boy, fast acting magic.
I wonder if Gouto's blood would serve as well, he WAS the first Raidou Kuzunoha, after all.

"I will begin my self-training and proceed to defeat the major demon inside. According to my conjecture, I stand a 30% chance of winning currently. But with the self-training done along the way, I believe that will rise to 40%. Plus...!"

Her pixie thing self-summons when she mentions that, also, that is likely WAAAAY too little a probability of success. Too risky. Or something. I mean, she IS training there without her Master, and it could have potentially lethal results.

High Pixie: "Nagi's actually pretty aggressive, luring you to a secluded spot like this..."

So she doesn't usually mimick Geirin's speech patterns?

Huh, a single demon raising the chances of success by half of what it was before? Hm.

"I'll need you to come with me... For your blood, in theory. I'll wait for you inside. Let's go."

Well, at least the high pixie is not teleporting Raidou around the place anymore.

"Let's go help Nagi, Brian."

NEW area with entirely new assets! Amazing.

I don't think the name of the area is reassuring. At all.

Nagi seems to be actually very capable, it seems.

Yeah, that's pretty capable, alright.

High Pixie: "You and I are unbeatable, huh? We could probably even take Raidou... Uh-oh!"

"So this is the 'Great Summoner's Hall' you mentioned. Seems like a pretty stiff challenge. "
"To be honest, I feel more motivated and focused just from being in here. The theory is that after several obstacles, an especially strong demon awaits. We should be on our way. I shall aid you in whatever way I can."

The place has a pretty interesting variety of enemies there. Such as this bunch of poltergeists and a Pabilsag. Eh.

And there are brand new types of barriers, like this.

Old types, as well.

Jack Frost proves once more that he is awesome.

Same old, same old, using wind pathways to reach new areas and whatnot.

Level up, increased Luck.

I wonder what will use this gem, a request, or a Sword FUSION.

This is the first target. The name of the place is the same as the Base Sword. I wonder if that is significant?


Fortunately, Archangel works.



Even with two failures, he still wants to negotiate, that is a good thing.

And there it goes.

NAgi did say it needed more blood.


"So blood is needed here too... Well... I guess we've come this far. Give her a hand, Brian."

"Please, lend me your aid."

Oh boy oh boy.

Enku? Bah, that seems like a very, very light challenge.

Opening the first seal.

Oh, it is accompanied by an Oshichi as well.

And then they mix up things by adding enemies that null Ice. Eh, no biggie, they are Pretas, easily dealt with with a single combo.

And calico furry nekomatas.

There were also a couple of Gashadokuros, but they went down easily as well, even if not hit by their weaknesses (which is Wind, if I recall correctly)

Hey, that's the Devil Summoner symbol!

And the annoying barrier is gone.
One of them, at least.

Oh come on.

Pixie is certainly assertive.

Sounds chaotic.

Oh boy, law.

Welp. Chaos!

And those traps shall be dealt with.

Well, it seems that both the Pixie and Nagi are rather impressed by Raidou.

This Kamikaze spot returns Raidou to the middle of the Hall.