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Part 44: Unlocking the second mirror.

Update 44

A Fury Demon is required for a minor thing there, and getting a new demon for the Compendium is never a bad thing.

Healing and freezing both, with War Cry for physical buffs, THAT should be good.

Further increases in Strength and a one shot preventer. Not bad.

But yeah, only used for this, really.

Oni's texture job has certainly improved.

Wasting a Jack Frost for a measly Sapphire. How shameful.
Eh, at least it also got rid of the Alp for a moderately useful demon. Could have been a worse tradeoff.

Then, a thing that requires STRONG and durable demons appears.

"I guess it's not called the Great Summoner's Hall for nothing... This won't be the only hurdle in our way."

>>However, the barrier requires certain criteria before the demon is allowed to pass. For example, one requirement might be 'Strength greater than 10'.

"But only a demon can hear the requirements. Summon a demon and send them out solo to investigate the barrier and find out what the requirements are. Once you know what you're looking for, send the appropriate demon out solo to pass through. You'll pick it up as you go along. Now let's see what you can do, Brian."

It's Oni's time to shine.

Ominous Voice: "Only demons above level 15 may pass this point! And you.... You are the demon I desire. You may proceed!"

Oni is right. What a pathetic barrier.

Destroying the barrier's origin.

"If you destroy that, the barrier will be lifted. Be careful, though. The barriere will frain your demon of its energy. It's a race against time... If you feel like it's sapping too much strength, switch your demon out. As a summoner, you must constantly monitor and cultivate your demons."


Once the button mash time ends, access is granted to a second Renki hall, with an identical mirror and so on and so forth.

And then Nagi sneaks up behind Raidou's back. Bah, Raidou is doing ALL THE WORK.

"There sure are a lot of seals here for a training hall..."
"I apologize, but... I'm not certain what you mean. THis is my Master's Great Summoner's Hall. In theory, it is a place one goes to train oneself."

Maybe Nagi is being quite dense, and instead it is not really for training... The seals could have a good reason to be there.

But such speculation is out of the question. Raidou agreed to help her, and even Chaos Raidou is a man of his word.

Obariyon? Bah!

This should be pretty simple.

yeah, three Obariyons. No biggie.

One Mazan and they are down.

Then another.

And then

Welp. That could be slightly more dangerous.

Identical weakness means identical tactics, only slightly more dangerous due to size.

And a LOT more dangerous due to Mamudo.

Raidou is not one to be daunted by a giant version of a low level demon, though. VICTORY comes.

Well, this might be an improvement in title. No further tube improvements this time, though.

The barrier is eliminated as well in this case.

"I'd like to hear your opinion on something else. "

High Pixie: "You should just ask Raidou, the way you asked me earlier."
"Well... I know, b-but... I..."
High Pixie: "Remember, I'm always right behind you! Just pull yourself together and go for it! You can do it!"
"Yes... I see your point."

"There are two prevailing theories on how to keep demons. One says they should be treated as tools necessary to complete the mission; no more, no less. The others prescribe treating them as comrades... Sharing your joy and sorrow with them, to grow together. "

Seeing that the demons are kept until they can be used to form new, better, stronger demons (unless one of the components is Raiho), this is the answer. Also, this is the jerkface option.

"If this Pixie died during combat... You believe we shouldn't shed a tear for her. I ... I don't know if I can be that way..."

Why would one shed a tear if a Jin Dan is applicable right there? Nagi is making no sense!  Shut up. 

On one hand, Nagi is of lower skill than Raidou. On the other, a High Pixie is a RATHER strong demon. Maybe she can pull it off.

It served to make her enthusiastic again, at least.

So she came to treat the Pixie as a proper comrade just recently?

Oh my, Raidou has (another) fan, it seems.

Clearly this is not foreshadowing of any sort. No sir. Not at all.

BABE is written slowly, like FFT's l i t t l e m o n e y. Only less annoying. With better effect.

And about time Jorougumo made another appearance. Cannot be recruited yet. Too low level still.

Maybe this will fix it.

Nagi advanced. It is time for Raidou to follow, and see what Nagi has done.