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Part 45: Beating the Guardian in the Great Summoner's Hall

Update 45

The door is there, but it is not exactly convenient to open it at the moment, since a very important demon is missing.
SO BACK TO VICTOR'S to fuse stuff.

In the short trek, this happened.

Oh boy, a demon eerily similar to what Victor uses as a maid is acquired.

A Jubokko, which is needed for a Case File, but in this case it won't be used for it. It will have an entirely different use.

Ippon-datara: "... PeRVerT? YoU a pErVeRt?"

Oni: "I'll fuse with all of 'em!"

Jubokko: "The world's changed since last I saw it... What're these 'flappers' and 'dandies' you people keep talking about?"

Jubokko gets ALL of the passive skills.

And it makes Tam Lin be sacrificed in order to create a demon with twice the levels. Tam Lin had a good run.

My oh my, healing, buffing, and fire-using. Not bad.

Jubokko: "This brings back memories, it does..."

Tam Lin: "Shall you and I go fill the world with bloodied roses?"


Once again, all the slots filled with all the available ones. That ought to come in handy.

With that done, one is prepared to go into the sealed room.

Unsurprisingly, there is a fight.

Well, now that one is prepared, there is no reason to not do it.

Oh boy.


Atavaka: "Die bemoaning your bad luck in facing me in such a weak state..."

Nagi is completely helpless against that big bastard.

But there is no need to worry, now that Raidou is there, after taking his sweet time getting an Orthrus.

Oh boy.

Atavaka: "Show me that you are worthy to be entrusted with the protection of this country. The price of defeat shall be your life. "

And so it does.

Atavaka: "Your limits shall be tested under the brutal force of my assault! To battle!"

Atavaka is insanely resistant to melee.

He is vulnerable to magic, though.

Like that.

And he is able to be stunned with Fire. Doesn't necesarily do more damage than other elemental magics, but it stops him and lets one drain MAG from him.

Even when critting with physical attacks against him, it does very little damage, and he is immune to bullets.

Hitting him with magic is effective, using Mazan kills him faster than just Maragi. But with Maragi, one can cast it more times.

Note: Atavaka is FACED BY Chaos Raidous. There is another one for Lawfully aligned ones.

When near to death, he goes nuts.

But eventually, down he goes.

Atavaka: "You are well-suited to protect this country without succumbing to any diversions, Devil Summoner! If my brutal strength can be a help to you, you are more than welcome to all upon me for support. "

And so the High Pixie died.

"I-If, in theoty, she had been your demon rather than mine..."

Now it is impossible even for Raidou, since he used his Jin Dan in the Orthrus.

"I'm so angry... But not at you, Raidou... It's because you're right that I'm angry with myself!"

"Demons come and demons go. That's how it is for a devil summoner. You'd best understand that if you're going to be one of us, Nagi."

Geirin also makes a sudden appearance. Not in time, though.

Geirin would certainly fit in an Ace Attorney game juuuuuust fine.

Uh-oh, she's gonna get him angry.

That doesn't sound like a bad reason.


Uh what.

But... That's Raidou's turf...

Oh boy.

And so, they both leave.

Gouto knows about that, I guess.

Success, at last.

Well, at least it wasn't all that bad.

Something tells me that there are important things behind that. Hm.