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Part 46: Centipede Road

Update 46

Now that the Great Summoner's Hall has been cleared (for the moment, at least) it is time to advance.

Brian... You've been granted the Kuzunoha name as well, you know. You too mightr have a pupil like Geirin does some day. This is a good opportunity for you. Shower a few pearls of wisdom on the junior summoner here."

"It is already within the bounds of my conjecture... I need only look at Master's face. When Master touches his hair, it is a sign that he's upset... But now he won't even look at me... Such anger is outside the bounds of my conjecture. I've never seen my Master like this before... Wh-What should I do? Should I begin the process of reconciliation and apologize to him? Or should I wait for things to smooth over on their own?"

Waiting for Geirin to resume cordial relations would likely not be the right approach  and besides this is what was voted for 

"Thruthfully, um... I'm a little scared. But if you say so, I'll go and apologize. I'm glad I talked to you... I feel a little better now."

"Here... This is the Tento Talisman. Just as I promised."

"I'll be waiting for you at the Tento Woods. I'll be your guide. Then... I'll see you later, Raidou."

Geirin is also waiting there. He has some things to say to Raidou as well.

girin_av"Nagi came to me and went through the process of apologizing about her intrusion into the Hall."

"I knew it... She'd never have formed that theory on her own. Perhaps you've noticed this about Nagi already, but... She has a bad habit. Her conjecture is quite sound... She knows her own boundaries all too well, I'm afraid. Perhaps it is an illness she got from her master... You could say she was theoretically unfortunate."

"Normally, Nagi would not take action without attempting to determine my own theories. So her decision to undertake the Great Summoner's Hall is... I would rather you not discuss this with Nagi, mmm? If my theory is right... I am happy for her."

So he is actually GLAD that Nagi took the initiative in such a dangerous way? Well, makes sense, if what he wants is for her to become an independent summoner, not just reacting to him.

"Should you see her again, spare a moment if you can to engage in discussion with her. I apologize for the long lecture... You may go, Raidou."

"I've yet to see her in the process of fighting a real battle. I'll ask a question, and I'd prefer to know your honest opinion."

Welp, again, he actually WANTS that. He is grooming her to be his replacement, after all.

"But hearing what you say makes me happy... "

Seriously, he easily could be a Phoenix Wright NPC.

Nothing else needs to be done in this area, so it is time to advance.

Foaming-at-the-mouth man: "I saw... It was the day of the Marriage Ritual, twelve years ago. I was walking through the Tento Woods, and I saw a strange man covered in a shroud and a hat. He wouldn't answer when I talked to him... His eyes shined bright red... It was unhuman. In three days he'll be back for the Marriage Ritual...! Make sure you don't get dragged into all this!"

Foaming-at-the-mouth man: "My sympathies if you have business with the Tsukigata family this year!"

By the way, Raidou is spinning counterclockwise. That means he is a chaosman.

Case files can be taken from the Tsukigata branch of the Narumi Detective Agency, or their room in the Inn.

Let's do this one. Repulse water can be useful.

Buying a bunch of these. Too bad if Raidou gets affected he can't use them on himself. Which is strange.

CASE: CLOSED. That being said, it can be repeated.

Now that the Tento Talisman is acquired, this can be attempted.

"This is the mysterious road of lost paths. You may step forward in the time of the full moon."

"The theory is that the phase of the moon dictates where you go. If you move during the correct phase, you may move forward. During the wrong phase, you are thrown back. Each individual theory of moving can be found through the process of searching the stone tablets. Raise the Tento Talisman to a tablet to reveal the inscription there. The directions are written as riddles, but I know the solutions. To be specific, it's all based around the new, half, and full moon. The new moon, half moon, and full moon in the riddles are a reference to the moon phase you seek. When a number appears in the riddle, the process is to add or substract that much from the moon phase. For example, if the riddle reads, "The New Moon releases three beams of light..." in theory, you'd add three to the time of the new moon."

"There, the theory is to count three backwards from the Half Moon. Do you see how the process works?"

Well, time to change the phase, then.
In this area, the phase changes once per each step, so it's not THAT annoying.

But meanwhile, a particularly silly demon conversation.

Nezha: "You have such a big stack of them! It's like a deck of playing cards... You play cards? Eh, no matter! So tell me, chief, where'd you get that business card?"

Nezha: "I don't believe a demon of that caliber would give YOU that card. It's not possible. No. You must've found it, or traded for it, or bullied someone for it, or just plain stole it...! Am I right?"

He got angry, but Anzu fixed it.

Nezha: "I'm one of the most well-spoken, sophisticated demons you'll EVER come across! I promise you that!"

Compared to the very first Nezha? Sure, but I think the Mezuki is a better conversationalist.

Nezha: "Let's see you back up that defungt and erroneous claim sometime in the near future then, boss!"

Nezha: "Our conversations were but mere appetizers. Hors d'ouvres. The starter, if you will. Up next is the main dish. The real entree. The meat course. The true purpose behind our conversation. There's so many choices in the menu tonight... I wonder what one you'll select. I pegged you as a fish man, to be perfectly honest. I hope that doesn't offend you? Well?"

Nezha: "You should know that in any great kitchen, the food is never free. Especially not the main course... This world is comprised of giving ant taking. Reciprocity. Symbiotic relationships, chief... "
And that means GIVING HIM STUFF.

Nezha: "You've been uncommonly generous and monumentally fair during this negotiation process, chief. And now, I believe it's my turn to respond to your good faith with a gesture of my own."

That was certainly DIFFERENT from the very first encounter.

"Upon the New Moon, you will hear three far howls from the East. Follow them to find your way."

It shall be done, but first, a level up.


Huh? It didn't work?

Oh, it did.

This one is kind of confusing.

Did it work?

Yes, it did.

Oooh, treasure. Treasure is always good.

Easy, two guards in the new moon, 2/8.


Center at 7/8 advances.


And since there is a Dragon Cave there, it is FUSION TIME.

Jubokko: "I was hopin' to keep this old body of mine kicking for at least another couple thousand years.

Moh Shuvuu: "Okay, I'm ready."

Oh boy, crazy personality!
I have no idea why Victor has a transmogrified one as his maid.

This ought to be useful. I hope he gets a good one when his loyalty is maxed out.

"A single footprint measuring 30 centimeters has been sighted in the mountain's snows."

"Fuelef by his desire to rule over all, Anzu stole the Tablets of Destiny from the sky god Enlil."

"Those who pass by are caught by its branches, and their blood is sucked out for its nourishment."

"Despite his prowess as a guard, Hercules killded him in one blow while performing his Twelve Labors."

"She drains the life of her lovers in return for granting them artistic inspiration."

"Daughter of the demoness Lilith who tempted Adam; like her mother, she drains men of their essence."

"They loot and plunder villages, and massacte the townspeople with their iron clubs."

"After his father forced him to kill himself, Siddhartha resurrected him and he became a mountain sage."