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Part 49: A Bride

Update 49

A level up, of course. That is what happens when GRINDING happens.

And a Foxtail had been acquired.

"I might be reduced tro cat form, but I'm still your predecessor. And don't forget it."

Black-masked Fukoshi: "Dahn says nix to that. If yer lookin' for him, he's over there."

Black-masked Fukoshi: "Go on, boy. Go ahead, accept Dahn's invitation. Unless yer skeert, that is..."

Since the first thing Dahn wanted to show was NOT a trap, it seems that he has no real interest on harming Raidou at the moment. That is strange.

I don't like the sound of that.

The Bride

"Whoever it is, come out! Your presence is already known to us."


Conveniently, Dahn and another Fukoshi arrive.

"Speaking of which, Nagi... It ain't polite to shout... Though I don't blame you. It's kinda like how if you saw your mom and pop rustling around in bed..."

This is a choice. Did not screencap it for some reason.

Clearly, Nagi is weirded out by the being behind the curtain with the really, really unhealthy looking arm.

"Let's step outside and jaw about it there. Stinks in here."

He is serious.

"That's the last poor girl what got married off to the Tento... She ain't no bride, she's a sacrifice. A sacrifice from Tsukigata Village so's the Tento Lords can birth more of their own. This is the second thing I wanted you to see, Raidou."

"Village law says we fork over the Tsukigata girls so they can have their young'uns, but... When the Tento Lords are done with 'em, that's how our girls end up."

"Now you see. If my li'l sis goes with the Tento Lords... She'll eventually be... "

Once again that doesn't sound like the best of possible ideas.


And this particular Tento Lord appears again.

Old One: "Tento... Ma... Ru... Ten.. toma... ru...!"

That doesn't sound pleasant.

"Now we'll have Tentomaru up ahead somewhere to deal with. Before that, though, there's still the third thing I wanted you to see. Consider it a formal invitation... Might as well accept, right? Less'n you're scared.
I'll be waitin' up ahead, Raidou. Seeya there."

well how bad could it be?

Hooray yet another shortcut.


I wonder where this leads.

Bah, nowhere useful, that's where.

Oh boy, a Nakisawame. Something big must be up ahead.

This is not such a bad place to navigate.

How lame, it leads to an exterior treasure.

And this one...

To two different places, let's try the one to the North.

It leads to a level up. And treasure (among them a Soma).

And this.
Well, at least it is waiting.