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Part 50: Pojitrawn.

Update 50

Mixing, mixing and fusing. Anzu and Tsuchigumo (of course, both with max Loyalty and all their abilities learned) to form the other initial demon.

Hell yes. That ought to come in handy.
Dia Aura is a regen spell that will be VERY useful in the future.


Since the two demons she is made of were fresh captures, she only gets two slots.

Oooh, this may be acquired in the future.

wITH THIS, or maybe a different skillset. In any case, Yoshitsune is pretty damn good.

And now that Nezha is irrelevant, getting a semi-useful, yet totally outclassed by now demon is not really a bad idea.

Nezha: "The greatest pleasures are always beyond taboo! Zappo!"

And that lead to an AWESOME VICTOR MOMENT.

Awesome Victor moments can be either awesome or disappointing. I tried to force it to be awesome, but I failed.

Giving in for the first couple of requests.

Because in the past, when I got AWESOME results, it was always because I could provide the first two, or three.


Victor is all cool with that, though.

Hooray! Forced a Fusion accident!

... Unfortunately.

It was NOT particularly impressive.

(previous playthrough: ZOMBIE GUARD in the first. Then in a posterior one, ZOMBIE SOLDIER. About 15 or so levels over the expected result. Yes. Not this time, though)

At least it gives a card for Raidou's Infernal Rolodex.

Too many slots, not enough skills. That will eventually be fixed when this guy is levelled up.

They always do.

Let's beat the crap out of this bug
It is a pretty good beatdown. (youtube)
Likely overlevelled. (Viddler)

Old One: "Offer... ing! Offering... You will allbe... a bloodoff ering! Don't... letthe fret... ful baby... cry... mA'LL RIP... YOUAP... art and... You'll die!"

Nagi's powers of observation are unmatched. Unmatched I say!


I don't know if Gouto is impressed or unimpressed about the Tentomaru.

Oh boy! A Soldier bug and two Tento Lords. That ought to be difficult, right?

Well, it isn't, not really.

Tentomaru's "mask" is the coolest one yet.

No, he won't.

Yup, coolest yet I would say.

That is pretty much the equivalent of Wind Cutter, so having something that resists or DRAINS wind is a good idea.

Alraune's Mazio EATS through its defenses, in any case.
Not really noticeable, but Tentomaru is static there. It won't ever move from that spot.

But when done halfway through, he will summon a couple more Freaks.

Which are ALSO demolished by Mazio.

Easiest bug so far?

I think so!

Old One: "Filthy human! Youstep onevery... thing! Iam... Your... god!""

Well, I think he could HAVE said that to Dahn and not be completely wrong, but I am pretty damn sure that Raidou does NOT worship the Tento Lords.
That being said, if he was an actual God, Raidou could put him inside a tube. Yes.

Defeating the Tentomaru makes Dahn appear.

"So you beat Tentomaru, did you? How strong are you? "

"I'm the only one who can do that. As soon as I become King Abaddon..."

"To tell the truth, of the three things I said you should see... This is the big one. In fact, this by itself is pretty much the reason I invited you here. Consider it a formal invitation... Might as well accept, right? No turnin' back now... "


What the hell is a Pojitrawn? (Youtube)
It sounds weird, doesn't it? (Viddler)


"What's that?
Raidou... I conjecture that this process has all been to view the large, circular object behind Dahn. "

"Take a gander, Raidou. Here it is... The last of the three things you came here to see."

"When a luck locust has eaten all the luck it can stomach... It brings that luck back to this here Pojitrawn."

"Then in the process of releasing the luck locusts within the bounds of the Capital... The Pojitrawn is, in theory, full of those people's luck?"

"I brought the luck locusts out to the Capital in preparation for a certain day that's comin'..."

"Before too long... There'll be a whole bunch of 'em fallin' from the sky. Hughe bugs... Heh... The destroyers. When this here Pojitrawn becomes a perfect sphere... That's the day they'll fall from the sky. And that's why I'm havin' the luck locusts eat their fill."

Bad plan! Bad!

Oh boy.

"I'm talkin' about destroyer bugs that stop at nothin'. And the 'king' who controls 'em... That's what I'm aimin' to become! That's King Abaddon!"

Bad, bad, terribly horrible plan!


"I must've looked mighty fine. Sometimes I scare myself, heh."
"Wait... If King Abaddon is the ruler of the destroyer insects... By what process would that help to save akane?"

"The bugs us Fukoshi use to kill folks come from the Tento Lords. We get 'em in exchange for the Tsukigata daughters. So the 8th Fukoshi Clan can't say 'boo' to the Tento Lords. We gotta keep on their good sides. Else our supply of the bugs would dry up... and the Fukoshi would be done for. Nothin's more important to me than savin' Akane, but I've also got the Tsukigata livelyhood to consider."

"The process of angering the Tento Lords would put Tsukigata Village's future outside our conjecture..."

"Y'see, I heard from a certain Tento that these destroyer insects... They're servants of that 'Great Ma' the Tento all worship. When I become King Abaddon, I'll be the same rank as 'Great Ma'... Which puts me above the Tento Lords, don't it? And when that happens..."

God damn, that is a TERRIBLE plan.

"Now Raidou... I know it's your job to protect the Capital. And yeah, I been takin' their luck without permission. So I figured I'd talk this over with you. That's another reason I called you here. I hate to ask favors of anyone, but..."

What the fuck, hahah asking a dude charged with protecting the Capital if he can murder a whole bunch of inhabitants of said place.

"Your job is to protect 'em, and my plan calls for 'em to die. No way around that, Mr. Devil Summoner. I think you've seen everything you need to see here at the Tento Sanctuary. I'm headed out."

Gouto has what appears to be a good idea! Stopping this before it even hatches! Great oportunity!

But as seen here, it would not be a good idea. Not really.
Remember Goro Tatsumi?

Goro did not have a whole mass of raw luck protecting him. He had a COUPLE of bugs.

Dahn has a shitload of them. Right behind him. It is his place of power.

There's even an earthquake.


"I'll be seeing you again, won't I? At the Marriage Ritual... Whatever Sis and Dad might've told you... I ain't lettin' Akane end up like that! You mighta got the best of me at Narita's, but if you get in my way one more time... "

That sounds like an acceptable outcome.


"If Dahn stops the Marriage Ritual, then in theory, Akane won't have to be sacrificed. But the next step in that process would be the Tento Lords abandoning Tsukigata Village. Akane knows this. It's why she took it upon herself to hire you. So that the Marriage Ritual would continue for her village's sake... I... don't have enough evidence to support either theory anymore... Whether we should proceed with the Ritual, or allow Dahn to stop it... "

For Akane, sure. For the village it would be the upper one.
Akane's best interest is NOT TO BECOME A GODDAMN LIVING SACRIFICE. Dahn's plan is horrible, but he doesn't want his sister to become... That.

"Is that... Forgive me for stepping beyond my bound, but... Do you say that as a Devil Summoner?"

Yes, this is obviously a pair of alignment questions.
And these are the choices that give a BIG boost to Chaos.

"Perhaps so. It's hard to believe one who has forgotten human emotion can protect the people."

Problem: She is not from the Capital. She is Geirin's burden, actually.

"I can't. This... This is beyond the bounds of my conjecture. Raidou... I can't do it..."