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Part 51: Prelude to Abaddon

Update 51

Dahn's Plan is terrible, isn't it?

"After all, if he really wanted to stop Akane's wedding, that would be the most direct method... So there must be some reason why he hasn't done it. It also explains why he wants to become King Abaddon... To assume the mantle, Dahn needs the luck locusts that were released in the Capital.
After checking up on the Capital to make sure King Abaddon hadn't done any damage there... We decided to focus on Lord Tento, who may have sparked Dahn's decision to become King Abaddon. With some help from Nagi, we got through Centipede Road to Tento-Kagura, where Dahn was waiting.
We chased him to an underground area below Tsukigata Village and met some strange-looking creatures. But those creatures were actually the god of Tsukigata Village and Akane's groom-to-be... Lord Tento, or, as we've taken to calling them, the Tento Lords.
There, Dahn showed us the tragic fate of the Tsukigata daughters. ... After Nagi left, we returned to the Fukuroku Inn, still digesting the things we'd seen..."

"The true identity of Lord Tento--or should I say the Tento Lords--living under Tsukigata Village... The secret of the Marriage Ritual... Akane's horrific future... And the symbiotic relationship between Tsukigata Village and the Tento Lords... "

"All right... Then let's get right down to brass tacks. The Fukuroku Inn doesn't have coffee, so I poured us some tea instead."

"That's where those creepy, deformed things live..."

"No, that's not it. I heard the same term used at the Tsukigata place. But the Tento Mask is that thing all the Fukoshi wear. I can understand if you're a little muddled with Tento this and Tento that... But we're in no hurry. Take your time and think carefully."

"No, that's not it. The Tento Crest is the Tsukigata family emblem. "

"Yeah... You told me that before."

"The Tento are the disfigured people who were driven out of the village because of their looks. From the bride's point of view, having to marry one of those... That's a cruel fate, no two ways about it. But she can't refuse to go through the Ritual."

"Which is the actual reason for the Marriage Ritual."

"They get something from their god."

"Those masks that are part of the Fukoshi outfits? Trading those for the Tsukigata daughters... Was that what you told me? No... It wasn't the Tento Masks, was it? Well, that narrows our choices down to two. Think about it...."

"Hey, are you saying... Lord Tento actually creates the Fukoshi? Phrew... Don't say that too loud around the Tsukigata, or they'd get on your case something fierce. Although... In a way, you're not too far off base, if you consider what a Fukoshi actually does."

"Right... You mentioned the Luck Locusts here, but..."

"That the 8th Fukoshi Clan has deep ties to these so-called Tento... It's all news to me, too. People feared the 8th Fukoshi Clan because no one enven knew how they carried out their assassinations. Their techiniques have been shrouded in mystery for who knows how long. But if the Tento clan is capable of creating insects whodse power is on par with your demons... Everything falls into place. Those disfigured people, hidden from the public eye... They're the key. Those insects are the tools of the Fukoshi's trade. Without them, their livelihood is sunk. And for the Lord Tento, marrying the Tsukigata daughter is essential if they want to leave offspring."

"The 8th Fukoshi Clan and Lord Tento, or rather the Tento Lords, scratch each other's backs. And to keep the deal sweet, there has to be a contract of some sort... The Marriage Ritual. We've got this mostly sorted out now, so I think we can adjourn this meeting."

"She knows how important the relationship with the Tento Lords is to her village's future... Dahn's out to break up the wedding for his sister's sake... And as for the rest of Tsukigata Village... I bet he figures he can steal the Tento Lords' thunder as a 'god,' he can do away with the Ritual. His vision for the Tsukigata Village's future is one without the sacrifice of their daughters... "

"Akane accepts the status quo for what it is, while Dahn is determined to shake it up... It's not about right or wrong. They both see themselves as doing what's necessary for the future."

"Work within the system or try to smash it and make something new?"

Obvious alignment choice.

"'Things have to be better'... I'm sure Dahn would agree."

"Whatever the future holds for Akane, I feel sorry for her, becoming one of those things' brides. But what Dahn's trying to do to put a stop to it... Whatever this 'King Abaddon' thing is about... We can't forget that he released the luck locusts into the Capital. Let's keep an eye on what Dahn's up to."

>Gouto added an entry on "Tento Revealed". Under the heading of 'Marriage Ritual' Gouto added an entry about 'The Truth of the Ritual', under the subject of 'King Abaddon' Gouto added 'Who is King Abaddon Pt. 2'

"Akijiro called for us before you got back. He wanted to talk about the job. Let's go see him when you're ready. I'll come with."

Immediately after going out of the Inn, Nagi intercepts Raidou.

"With your advice, I was able to undergo the process of apologizing to my master. In hopes that I might receive equally useful advice, I wished to consult with you again. I went through the proper channels and processed a request in the case files at the Narumi Detective Agency. Feel free to examine the case whenever you have time..."

What better time than the present to check Nagi's request, eh?

This is clearly it.

Hm. Might as well, after all, the Tsukigata Mansion is at the end of said area of dense foliage.

This is for another case file.


"I wonder what that Akijiro fellow wants from us... He wanted to talk about some kind of job."

The zombie is not a very good demon to have, but maybe, just maybe its passive skill will be worth it.

And meanwhile, Raidou gets a new title.

Urban Mystic is definitely better than "Manly Fop"

On the way to Nagi's meeting place, this happens. It is always dreadful, as the text says.

Fortunately, the area where NAGI is is reached before the encounter triggers.

There it goes.

Gouto detects something out of the ordinary.

They seem to be rather shocked.

Ah, there she is.

Oh my.
A Sylph, an Alp, and a Koropokkur.

"The process is..."
"Alright... So you want to bring faeries who've lost their homes to the Tento Woods. "
"The one flaw in the theory I can discern so far is the demons who dwell in this region."

"I was eager to hear Raidou's opinion. What do you think of letting the faerie folk live here?"

"W-Wonderful! I'm so glad to know you share my theory, Raidou. "
"So how are you going to handle the natives, Nagi?"
"Yes... Settilng the faerie folk here will be a difficult process. The only two theories I can form are to take the land by force, or to seek a means of coexistence."

"I understand. The native demons have their own theories of living. We must pin our hopes on that assessment... It seems doubtful we can narrow it down to a single, correct theory. But... We mustn't turn away from it. I'm glad I figured that much out. Um... Raidou?"

That was what the High Pixie was wearing!

As noted by Gouto.

"At that point, I think I will have the confidence to go greet her..."

Uh. So she still has the corpse and hasn't used a Jin Dan yet? Or what?

In any case, Success!

But that doesn't clear the danger.

We can't do anything with this just yet.


Fuuuck. it's War.

This time, let's see what negotiation can do with a Fiend.


Oh boy.
No, one cannot get a Fiend to join the party via conversation. The best thing to be hoped for is ESCAPING.

Obviously, that's not going to be particularly cheap.

AND THEN the encounter ends.

Next update: Advancement, or should CASE FILES be taken?