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Part 52: Filing Cases

Update 52

Well, Filing Cases can't be done in the sticks, clearly, so it is imperative to return to proper civilization, yes.

There, case files can be solved. Yes.


Just before going to the streetcar station, a rather strong earthquake happened.

Gouto knows that something is weird.

Oooh, this will likely come in handy when it is time to finish Narumi's own casefile.

>"All that's in the case is a cheesy-looking mechanical doll."

Creative Storyteller.: "Why not cool your heels and take a break? No charge, sir, no charge!
'Massive earthquake after massive earthquake strikes--in a region with no natural fault lines. The world's major powers have done the unthinkable, funding the creation of an earthquake machine. The mad genius responsible for the devices seems to be a member of ou own country... Under the pretense of more funding for the army, the government secured tax money for the experiment... ' The fate of the many is controlled by the power of the few... Though it's only a rumor, my dear sir."

After those detours, the target is properly reached.

"Let's have a peek and see what's on the other side."

Oh my, there IS something in there.

Well that's what Raidou got hired to find out, isn't it?

Suspicious voice: "Want me to take you to the Dark Realm?"
"Did it say 'Dark Realm'? I knew I smelled a demon behind this!"

Oh my!

It's a Flatwolf!

Makami: "I'm going to remind humnans what it's like to fear the Dark Realm! I'll give them a taste of the wrath of the old gods! "

Makami: "We're gonna teach you a lesson! You'll be sorry for what humans have done to us!"

Ayup. A battle with a bunch of Makamis.

They being weak to Wind means that Mazan and Wind Sword does quick killing.

Makami: "Am I the only one left!?"

Makami: "I won't become some mangy hound... Even if I lose the mountain, and my friends, I'll fight to the end! I'll face extinction with pride! That's the way of Lord Makami of the Mountain!"

And then it flops down, dead.

"You know, Brian... In a fight betweeen modern convenience and nature, modern society will win. There's no turning back now. Should we leave nature by the wayside for the sake of modern life? Or should we work on coexisting with the planet and respect nature's power?"

I don't know, this sounds like the Chaos Asshole response.

Makami: "You'll have to reconcile being a Devil Summoner with trying to transcend those. Now maybe you can understand the burden of the path you chose... I'll buy you a drink next time... When you're old enough to drink."


That ought to help with another Case File.

It seems that a 32 Gunto is a type of military sword. Well, a new sword would be nice, wouldn't it?

Oh boy, time to enter the Military grounds.

Imperial army sentry: "Please, pass through."

Not much has changed in this place, it seems.

Hm, that person there look familiar.

Sadakichi: "I was somehow once again admitted into the army. This time, I'm doing a secret job for both the army AND the nacy. Heheh... However, the nature of this job is too sensitive to pass my lips. Do you understand what I'm saying? Do you know what I'm trying to tell you?"

This is clearly a case for Lilim's talents.

Inner voice: "My job is to pass these cases along to summoners in the military, or other summoners if necessary. I'll be submitting some of them to the Narumi Detective Agency as case files. I appreciate your help, Mr. Kuzunoha."

Inner voice: "I don't wanna be stuck on duty here... This place gives me the willies!"
Ah, so this must be near the place where Betobeto is!

And it is!

Holy shit, it's a whole bunch of Obariyons.

Raidou beats the crap out of them, and does so while a pretty good battle theme plays.

Obariyon: "Watch how close I can stick to you! I'm too fast, hehe!"

This is not particularly hard to clear.

Sure, it goes for a bit too long, but eh. Obariyon is weak against Wind, so Archangel is a great help, particularly for Wind Sword.

Obariyon: "I was scared, 'cause I kept picking up speed and never stopped. So thanks... I guess it was lucky you beat me."

Success! Case closed!



Plastic, along with the element that may or may not be Elerium, are used for Sword Fusion. Not yet, though.

This one is boring as well.

A bit expensive just for a pair of gems, but eh, let's do it.

This one, though, is not completable yet. A Nekomata needs to be recruited. The furry being shall be recruited in the future.

No more Okiku-Mushi. No sir.

This sounds more interesting!

Back to Kasumidai, it seems.

Not too hard, but a long fight. It DOES get tricky in the middle though.

At first it is just Pretas and Enkus, which are dispatchable EASILY, but then it becomes Nekomatas and Okiku-mushis.

That means Charm and Paralysis AND Confusion.

You don't want a Charmed Raidou with confused demons.

Then it becomes Enkus and Pretas again, which as mentioned before, are a joke.

The last pair of enemies are Gashadokuros. Gashadokuros are pathetically weak against Wind.

Wind Sword eats through them.

Hell yes.

Two new swords that shall be fused to new shapes in the future.