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Part 54: Marriage Ritual

Update 54

"And there's no question that fate plays a big part in our lives. People talk big about 'forging your own destiny, ad that's fine as far as it goes, but... What if they're fated to try and pull it off?'"

And now in front of Tentp-Kagura, with Geirin and Nagi, right before the Ritual happens.

"I know you do not neessarily agree with the Tsukigata Village or Tento's theories, but... We must stand steadfast. Your wavering may affect the young ones."
"Sorry, Geirin... Didn't mean to cause a scene."

"Nagi doesn't look too good, huh Raidou?"

Geirin's collar-adjustment animation is always awesome.

"But when I think of Ms. Akane... Guess I'm in no mood to celebrate either."

This is what happens if one tries to leave.

"The Marriage Ritual is just about to begin. Where would you go now? Dahn could strike any minute now... We have to stay close to the Tento-Kagura."

"Raidou... You learned the truth of the Marriage Ritual in the Tento Sanctuary, did you not?
Removing MS. Akane from the Ritual would be simple, but that is not the best way for us to help her. If she avoids the Marriage Ritual... She will bring shame on herself for abandoning her home, and earn the enmity of the villagers. By escaping an unfortunate situation, she may theoretically jeopardize the rest of her life."

So whatever she does, Akane's fucked.

"I've never felt so powerless... Even as a Devil Summoner, I'm unable to intervene in the situation... Raidou, isn't there anything I can do!?"

Oh boy, he overheard that.

Oh my.

"You may struggle all you want in theory, but the situation will not change."

"Looks like the Ritual's about to start, Geirin. Akijiro's here."

Indeed, but then again, there are precautions!

Akijiro's very best Fukoshis guarding the place!

Yes, there is no place safer.

"Drink the sake down in three and a half sips."

And with that, she seals her fate.

Oh boy.

Welp. Two fukoshis against one. That ain't ending well.

And of course, a Jiro/Taromaru.

Yes, backing off. Some security force.

Oh boy.

Indeed, he has.

Dahn crashes the party

"I hope."


Geirin does care, a lot.

After all, she is being groomed to become his replacement.

"Why're you standin' there instead of savin' Akane from having to marry a monster?"

And he does. Geirin is hurt.

But still standing.


"Don't you fret about him none, Nagi. It wasn't a serious shot."

"If it's a battle you wish instead... Then there's no alternative. Your opponents will be Nagi and myself. Abandon any theories you may hold about holding back. "

"I'll leave the rest up to you."

His bigger fish is no one else than Raidou.

"Raidou! Watch out! Dahn is on his way!"

It seems like Dahn is pretty fast.

Oh boy, parent-son conflict.

Dahn is not making himself any favors for when his plan backfires.

Dahn has a big problem between himself and the results of his plan: Raidou.

OH BOY. Battle time?

Indeed! (but that's for the next update)