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Part 55: Dahn's Strike

Update 55

Battle time!

Welp. There is Dahn again.

"They ain't gonna work on me again."

Sure they are. Dahn is very, very dangerous at close range, Demon Hunt damaging and stunning the demons HARD, but he is still very much weak against electricity.

He has attacks that poison immediately, which is annoying.

"Sorry, Taromaru, but I need yer help to make the best of a bad job... Come, my Taromaru!"

Why yes, summoning an ineffectual giant locust is going to work perfectly THIS time.

It is a red one, so assumming that it is weak against ice is a good guess.

It is still not a big problem.

The Taromaru being defeated does not mark the end of the fight. Dahn could've easily went away and do... something while Raidou was distracted with the Taromaru, but he didn't.

"You're on my last nerve! I'll finish you off with my Burning Resolve!"

That is usually NOT a good sign.


"Becomin' King Abaddon sure ain't no walk in the park. But that don't mean I'm givin' up! "

At least he is diligent about it.

But burning resolve or not, he has to face Raidou goddamn Kuzunoha the Fourteenth.

"How could I lose here!?"

Hooray, he provides yet another Luck enhancing apparatus.

Geirin does his part as well, and his Taro/Jiro/herpaderpomaru is defeated as well.

If the only protectors there had been the Fukoshis, Dahn would have been succesful. Too bad he was not able to prepare for two Great Summoners.

He is definitely not the victor in this situation.

"It don't make no sense... I went full-bore right from the start!"

He is clearly in distress caused by a probable overconfidence.
Sure, he could've destroyed Raidou in front of the Pojitrawn, but separated from that massive amount of luck, he is not THAT dangerous.

"... You're probably mad at your brother about now, huh?"
"You shouldn't get agitated and shake your leg. Also, you shouldn't scratch your head while you eat... "
"It'll be okay, Dahn. I'm your sister, after all. I'll make a good bride... You should go apologize to the villagers... And try to be nice to Father."

"That thing you made for me... You remember? The uh, the cream thing... What was it?"
"The cream puff?"
"Yeah, that! That cream... thing. You oughtta make some more of those. I wanted another one..."

"I remember now... I did tell you that, didn't I? How I wanted to become a patissier..."

Akijiro is definitely not happy about his daughter's fate.

But he is not happy at all about his son's actions and choices.

"No matter. You can be buried in it, if that's what you want. "

"Playing tough guy, huh Dad? Well I know the truth... The day Akane was chosen as the next Tento bride? You spent it cryin' in your room till your eyes went red."


He is certainly not happy.

He is indeed taken away. His plans are shattered, but it seems he is not. Maybe he has something else in mind...

"The Pojitrawn?"

Either that, or he has suddenly gone insane.

"You'll be safe, Akane. A little later than I planned... But you'll be safe soon enough."

Akane is resigned to her fate. Dahn is captured, even if the Pojitrawn is complete, everything should right now, right?

"I locked up Dahn. A few of the Fukoshi are guarding him. It's finally over. This is certainly the most out-of-control Ritual ever... But at least the Tento Lords will be satisfied, and the Tsukigata saved face... It all worked out."

That may have been, but it certainly broke up Akijiro.

"I wish to see Dahn. I'd like to test a theory on him."
"Please forgive his indiscretions. He is an unfortunate child... Much like his father. "
"We will be leaving now. Nagi... Resume the process of your self-training."

"You remember the process, right? Then be on your way."
"I'm sorry..."

"On behalf of the Tsukigata Clan, thank you for today. Though you were involved in ways I didn't alwasy... Well, regardless,thank you for your efforts."
"Y'know, Raidou... That man's as unlucky as anyone else around.
No father would just willingly offer his daughter up as a sacrifice. But I guess... The Marriage Ritual's done with, and things are settled with Akijiro and Dahn... Guess our work here in Tsukigata Village is done, huh? It's about time we excused ourselves... Wouldn't want to wear out our welcome."

And so they do, business done, time to move on. And so on and so forth.

Well, why not?

"That cell" means the cell where they were locked up a while ago after being drugged.

Almond-eyed servant: "Could yew do it for me, sir? C'mon... Please?"

Well, that is marginally better than a "but thou must" thing.

"I've gotta head to the Fukuroku Inn and start getting ready for the trip back to the Capital. Say hi to Dahn for me."


Always good, having a bunch of different skills, and a healing one among them.

Archangel: "How unfortunate..."

Oh boy.




MOMENT! (awesomer, actually)

Will it be a success!?

Will it be a failure?!?!?!

So far, so good.

He really gets into it, doeesn't he?

No matter if he gets everything he needs or not, he gets EXPLOSION.

That sounds rather awesome.

Nandi: "I have come to lead you! Do not be fooled by this outward appearance! Clean is dirty! Dirty is clean! Your delusions will stop now! Zappo!"

My oh my. I wonder if this is a double edged sword, or purely beneficial.

All that sounds pretty good to me.

Getting rid of that Aeros at last.

Aeros: "Shall you and I go fill the world with bloodied roses?"


Oshichi: "Just a poor, pitiful demon lost in the darkness of your heart *giggle* Nice to meet you..."

Oooh, Chernobog. That sounds rather nice.

And now: A bunch of sword fusions.

Oooh, Muramasa, required for a Case File. Also, Sword!

Blue stat means improvement. Red is decrease.

>Muramasa... Its mystic power almost caused Raidou to lose his composure...

Muramasa can be turned into all of these.
Kogitsune sounds rather useful.

But let's see what we can do with the others.

The Kotetsu is new, let's see it.

>Its sheen fascinates Victor...

And let's fuse the couple of new Renkis that were acquired in the previous case files.

>"This katana has brought misfortune to generations of Devil Summoners..."

>"No one pierced by this spear shall escape with their life."

>"Its mystic power almost caused Raidou to lose his composure."

And back to this one. Oh well.