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Part 56: Dahn Imprisoned.

Update 56

Dahn is being kept inside this structure.

And when entering, Geirin appears to just have finished his business.

"I wanted to take this opportunity to ask you... Did you see it at the Tento Sanctuary?"

"Then in theory, Dahn spoke the truth... Raidou, cutting ties with the Tsukigata family is a good idea in theory. For both Raidou and myself..."

Oh no! It seems that he has taken more damage than he thought in the previous battle.

"My apologies... In theory, there's no need to worry. I simply became exhausted in the process of fighting the Fukoshi."

"Please leave all further matters pertaining to Tsukigata Village to me... Farewell."

There is a lower area filled with special cells.

And useful, useful treasures.

Grey-masked Fukoshi: "I can't imagine tattoin' that Death Ward on yourself to use them luck locusts..."

Grey-masked Fukoshi: "Ain't yew seen the young Master's arm? It's stained all dark... It's a tattoo that uses poison for the ink. Makes it so he don't get his own luck reaten by the locusts. Luck locusts won't eat the luck of a corpse, so yew need that Death Ward on... Else, them locusts will suck away all yer luck when yew try and use 'em. But the Death Ward tends to take a few years off yer life 'cause of the poison in the tattoo... That's why the chief banned the use of the luck locusts along with the Death Ward for the village's sake."

Black-masked Fukoshi: "We lost to Geirin at the Tento-Kagura... That's three straight fights we lost to devil summoners! But when Dahn becomes King Abaddon, our losin' streak is gonna turn around. Dahn saw the Pojitrawn. He told us all that's left is to wait 'til the day he becomes King Abaddon. Then we'll get ours. So yew better watch yerself."

And then there's Dahn himself.

"The Pojitrawn's done already. Now I just gotta sit back and wait for the hole in the sky to open... It's already been decided... I'm gonna become King Abaddon."

Welp. Emotional breakdown time?

"I can become King Abaddon and save you... "

"As a little 'thank you' in return I'll give you a special invite to a secret place. Not even my dad knows about this one... Consider yourself lucky. You came through the Centipede Road, right? So you must have a Tento Talisman. Pass me that thing for a sec... I won't do nothin' to it. Trust me."

Why yes, giving an item to a possibly insane bug dude is a good idea.

"There's a reservoir around these parts called the Tento Springs. Take that Tento Talisman and look around the third well. Don't forget, you hear? The third one."

Oh no! Shibito!
Wait. Mushi?

Gouto is also intrigued by that.

"Oh, and he don't show his face too often... But if he is there... "

Ooooh, mysterious.
Also, Dahn israther respectful of these... Mushibito.

"Here, take this while you're at it."

Hooray, yet another fusion fodder sword. Likely going to be used for the Case File that requests a Muramasa.

"You're a handsome fella, Raidou. Not half as much as me, of course... THe third well, all right? And tell them Mushibito I said hi.

Grey-masked Fukoshi: "It's safe now, though. These cells are protected by a force field. It don't let the sound of their whistle through, so the young Master can't use none of his insects. And a Fukoshi without his insects ain't no trouble at all. The young Master has to siddown and shut up."

"Who knows... It's up to my dad now. I stole the luck locusts and even put my foot in the Marriage Ritual... Even if I am his son, he can't afford to look soft on a rogue member of the clan... "

He doesn't seem too concerned about that, it seems.

"That ain't none of your beeswax... Have some class, Summoner. "

He seems to be rather broken about it.

"The Lord of the Tento Sanctuary? He's one handsome fella... Not as much as me, of course. He's the one who taught me about King Abaddon. If you take the Tento Talisman tothe Tento Springs... I know that's a lot of 'Tento's to remember, but... Search the third well. You might see the Lord of the Tento Sanctuary down there."

I remain unconvinces about the merit of THAT idea.

Hm... Where could he have gone?
Naked, at that.