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Part 57: Off the Map!

Update 57

Fukuroku Inn Worker: "Ah hear Lord Tento's a nobleman who's been in a cozy relationship with the Tsukigata clan for ages. Every 12 years, for the sake of the marriage Ritual, they pick one of the Tsukigata daughters... And she has to marry Lord Tento. This time, it's Akane. Not only was she born into a nice family, she'll be married to the village god... "


Might as well, after all, the events leading to this must have been rather stressful, so a good hot spring bath should be adequate.

Oh my, there is someone else. Besides Narumi, I mean.

Hm, this is likely someone of no importance at all.

Unblinking man: "... I thought so. You're pretty famous for keeping your hat on even in the bathhouse. I actually have a message for you... Lucky we met up. Not too long ago, I met a married couple who I'm pretty sure weren't from this village. They were walking around in front of the Fukuroku Inn, so I asked them what's wrong. Apparently, they came here because the wife wanted to ask a favor from your detective friend. Since you weren't here at the time, I told her I'd let him know."

Oooh. New case file!

Well, that was productive, I'd say.

"I... I'm not... This isn't what you thing... I... Right! I 'm making sure I have something good to remember my time here in Tsukigata Village. Since we won't be back for a while... I thought it'd be good to have some pleasant memories of the place."

"Did you give Akane's letter to Dahn? If you have, you can ditch... Uh... I mean... Relax for a while. I'll be back at the Fukuroku Inn before long."

Well, since Narumi is just soaking in the hot water, the new case file may be a good distraction.

Hms. Well, this could be worth doing. But being a place of no return sounds rather dangerous.

But before doing it, a couple of completable files should be taken.

Or just one.

The place where the fairies were deposited in Nagi's case file is the target location.

Well, it seems that Raidou getting captured by... Someone is pretty much getting to be a recurring theme.

Oh my! It is Titania! I kind of prefer her Strange Journey design.

Titania: "You are in Faerie Land. Though it's currently more of a small settlement. I am Queen Titania. I bid you two welcome."

"How do you know about Raidou? Oh, I see... That assignment..."
Titania: "Excellent deduction! You must be a very good partner to him. You may take the form of a simple black cat, but inside, you're quite cunning... Yes, it was I who put in the request for Raidou Kuzunoha. A trap of sorts, to lead you here."
"Well, you've got him. Now what?"
Titania:"We are not like the violent demons you are familiar with. We have no wish to kill or consume him. I'd be satisfied simply keeping such a beautiful specimen by my side."


Titania:"Beautiful things should be admired. It's only proper that a beautiful man should be loved by a beautiful woman..."
"Save it, sister. We're leaving. "
Titania: "I don't recall asking you, Mr. Black Cat. What say you, Raidou Kuzunoha? Stay with me, and you will want for nothing for the rest of your life."

No idea if this is an alignment choice. Likely a "But Thou Must" type.

Titania: "You and I shall live together in this forest."

Damnation, trapped!

It seems that she has succeeded in her plan to get Raidou there and keep him.
But there must be something she did not count on. There must!

Going south we see Oberon. Further south seems to be an exit.

BUT it is not really an exit since it loops back through a TELEPORT. Damned teleports.

"This spell's a new one on me, but it seems t be cutting us off from the outside world... There must be a way out."

There it goes. Might as well explore, right?

Pixie: "They're married... Married people are s'posed to be friends... Mmm... Maybe marriage isn't like I thought."

Raidou is clearly taken aback by the views of the strange place. Good thing he got that camera from Victor.


Sylph: "In fact... Since Faeries have more 'options'... Sometimes we show a side even uglier than a human's."

Oh my! It is Oberon!

Oberon: "Oh, but where are my manners? I haven't introduced myself. I am The Faerie King Oberon."

Oberon: "Let me see... It may be a somewhat coarse solution, but how about this? It's called a Fickle Dew. It's a love potion of sorts. After being sprinkled with the dew, one falls in love with the first person of the opposite sex one seees. I shall lend it to you."

Oberon: "I shall then appear at once before her and she will fall for me anew. With that, she shall lose all interest in you and you shall be set free. Best of luck, then."

Not like Raidou needs such a thing.

Okay, Raidou is an artist with the camera, or somesuch.

So clearly the game happens AFTER that date. Victor is no time traveller.

In any case, let's make use of the dew. Do the dew, as they say. Who says that? I do not know.

I have no idea why this bunch of screenshots came out THIS badly.

Ah, more like it.

Oberon:"Water under the bridge, my dear. As for him... May I use him for a page?"
Titania: "Of course. Do with him as you wish..."

Gouto is, and very understandably, I might add, very pissed off by this turn of events.

Oberon: "I devised a counterplan of my own. It allowed me to chain my fickle wife's heart again and gain a beautiful page in one fell swoop. A brilliant plan, if I do say so myself... "
"What a fine pair they make! Look, pal, we're out of here! We have a mission to accomplish!"

Damned faeries.

Oberon: "Interesting! It'd like to see that! Come, Titania! Let us take the boy and his belligerent cat up on the offer!"

I was not aware that they were into THAT, but eh.

Oh boy oh boy.

Oberon: "And teach this whelp some pain!"

This fight can be somewhat annoying. Oberon is weak against electricity, and Titania is weak against ice, so bringing demons that have those elements is suggested.
Fortunately, Alraune fits that description well, having both Mazio and, uh, Bufurati, I think.

The skill to be tracked here is Dormina. Normally nothing but a nuisance, in this fight there is a slight change.

If it hits, Oberon will cast an instant death spell. Annoying.

And that is why Oberon should be the first target.

He must be taught some manners.

Not really the most impressive display of damage. Aw.

But as seen here, the slash causes him to be staggered.

Once Oberon is defeated, Dormina is no danger at all anymore. Also, it seems that Nandi talks in its sleep.

Without Oberon's dangerous sleep-related skill, Titania is easy pickings.


Titania: "But more importantly... You're quite a handsome specimen. I thought I felt some liquid splash on me, but... I don't see how that's relevant at the moment. I'm captivated by your beauty."

... Success?

Oh boy, more married fights.


And since both left, there is no longer any power tying Raidou to Fairyland.

"Not something I'm eager to dig into myself... What a waste of our time. Let's get back to the main case, Brian."

Well, at least they didn't get out there emptyhanded.