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Part 58: Mushibito

Update 58

And with Oberon and Titania having their marital issues elsewhere, Raidou and Gouto are permitted passage back to the normal Tento Woods.


How... Lame. All that for JEWELS?

Well, there it goes.

This one will eventually be solved, but ther chalices are not in Raidou's possession at the moment.
Well, at least Elerium is not held by blobs in this one.

Out of leads and all that, so why not try what Dahn said?

>"There is a '3' carved next to the Tento Crest at the base of the well."

>Raidou placed the Tento Talisman in the insignia on the well...

My oh my, it was not a horrid bugfilled trap!

Hm. Identical to the Old Ones' Nest.

Oh no! An Old One!

Deformed Figure: "The "hu manfrom the well"... Jus tasthe... prophecy said..."

That is very strange.

Deformed figure: "We Mushibito... theb roken... thes tun ted... we willb esaved!"

That is certainly stranger but decidedly less agressive than the Old Ones.

Seems that the target is there.

So, following the strange figure may or may not be a good idea.

>Gouto added an entry about "Tento Revealed Pt 2"
"Sounds like Dahn wasn't woofing when he told us all that stuff back at the cell. Then what about the other one? Will we meet the one Dahn called the "Lord of the Tento Sanctuary" here?"

"A Tsukigata daughter is traded for insects the 8th Fukoshi Clan needs to perform their assassinations. Since there are no female Tento, the Old Ones need the Tsukigata daughters to reproduce. No one's sure why, but Tsukigata women who give birth to Tento end up kind of... Warped. To go through the Marriage Ritual is to accept a future of disfigurement and inhumanity."

"Details are sketchy, but I see the Pojitrawn, the luck locusts' nnest, as the key to becoming King Abaddon. The 'destroyer insects' are envoys of the 'Great Ma' (per children's song) worshipped by the Tento clan. So if Dahn becomes King Abaddon, he'll be equal to 'Ma', and the Tento will be his to command."

"Long ago, they lived in harmony with Tsukigata, but they were forced out of the village due to their looks. Most of the Tento live quietly in the Tento Sanctuary, but the Old Ones seem to be an exception. These Old Ones still hold a grudge from way back, and they've been interfering with the village. They say they're gods, but defiling the Tsukigata daughters for the sake of their offspring isn't very godly."

"I'm guessing by their segregation from the Old Ones that the Tento clan split into two factions. Dahn seems to like the Mushibito better, sayong 'They're not jerkwads like the Old Ones'. The Mushibito seem to worship a 'Master' of some sort and await the fulfillment of his 'prophecy'."

Mushibito: "Oh... Ohh! I knew... It..! You are... the... 'hu man from the well'... The pro phecy... came true...! Our Lord was... right!"

Prophecy? Also, at least Dahn was being truthful.

Aw, but then wouldn't he be weirded out just because Raidou IS a human? Maybe Mushibito are pretty goddamn relaxed.

As seen here, there is apparently a couple of places in this place. But eh, we'll see.

Mushibito: "GggGggh... Then... Yoush ould know... That Dahn... has the luck... locusts. We Mushibito... gave them... to him..."



Oh boy. That song.

... What?

These are reminiscing about that. And yet they seem considerably less assholish than the Old Ones.

Cow tools, maybe?

no random looting in this place

Mushibito: "Our re union... wi thour Lord... is near... ! If you are... from thevil lage... Do you know... the Old ONes? "

Mushibito: "Perhaps the name... Lord Tento... is more fa miliar to you? They are... foolish beings... who hold ag rudge... against hu mans... And ac tas though... they are gods. They leave their seeds... in the Tsuukigataa daugh ters... An dawait the day... of sal vation..."


Why would a faction of that... race make such stories?

Mushibito: " Our kind... came tothis... country from across... the sea... lon gago... But weg rew ill... on thel ong journey... and dege nerated to ourc urrent state... We made our home... in thec orner of avil lage... we wan dered... into... but... Thevil lagers... de spised us... for ourap pearan ces... and chase dus... from thevil lage. In reality... there is nodis tinct ion... between Old ONes... and we Mushibito. I accept that truth... Therefore... I lived... withou ta hood."

What, seeing the true face of one of these guys causes insanity?

My oh my. A special one in a special room.

What goddamn prophecy?


Well, so far it is uncannily like Raidou, that descRIPTION. He did come from the Well, like Dahn said. And he DOES have two names.

Well, Raidou is indeed just the inherited one. He shouldn't go and use HIS TRUE NAME all that often, though.


Oh boy.