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Part 60: Training Hall

Update 60

Well, going back to the Capital is an imperative.

"'Something really big's going down in the Capital!' Sounds pretty serious. I wanna go ask her about it in person. C'mon, let's go find her."

Spirited man: "You've been so busy, why not go and catch your breath? If you need a place to relax, I personally enjoy the atmosphere down at Shin-Sekai in GInza-Cho."

The Soda parlor is likely a good place to find Tae.

This one escaped the previous explorations, it seems.

Tae can wait. I mean, access to WATER has been granted, and there are a bunch of them just lying around.

Like this.

And the Church is now accesible, so paying a visit to the young blond dude person thing who may or may not be the Lord of the Flies or someone else is possible.

But then again, maybe it is better to just go and train. Yes. I think that would be the best choice.

Elder Monk: "I see... A relaxing place, visited by your brethren... You shall receive a request from a man... I hope the words of a monk like me can aid you, young Kuzunoha..."

There it goes.

More than a couple of the floors are accessible. Let's get the treasures in the accessible ones.

Floor 1: Balm of Life, Medicine, Balm of Life and finally, a Jin Dan. Meanwhile, weak demons appear.

Floor 2: Frost Bronze, Amethyst, Ox Bezoar.

And there, a couple of weak-ass demons forced their way into the Party, so it is time to FUSE THEM.

Flaemis: "Attracted by your glittering soul, I've traveled unearthly distances... It's my pleasure to meet you."

That Flaemis can be used to improve other things. No longer shall that human headed chicken... think accompany Raidou.
No, he will get a HOT goddess from India.

Much better.

Eeek. No.

Sati: "Good boys get a cookie. Bad boys get a spanking... So lovely to meetcha."

While her Strength is rather mediocre, it is more than made up for with that borderly obscene magic level. Boosted both by Magic Chakra and Raidou's own magic, she will be VERY useful in the next sections.

Nandi also gets to propagate Destructive Joy to other more interesting creatures.
Like a god damn GHOST CAR.

Why yes, I like having three different elements ready.

Aeros: "Joking, joking. No human could withstand the pressure."

Nandi: "Zappo!"

Hell yes, Ghost Car.

Of course it is getting Destructive Joy.

Meanwhile, down there again...

For the third floor: Jin Dan, Jin Dan, Bead. Jin dans in red containers that could've easily had incenses.

Ah but here in the fourth one an incense is gained. And a Garnet.

And a Mezuki due to previous negotiation.

And this. Bah.

Meanwhile, Raidou gains a new title once more.
And a Foxtail.

Raidou should not be doing less physical damage than some minions, so strength is to be upgraded.

What is in the fifth?

Why, rather dangerous encounters, of course!

Nekomata: "Well, that may be a problem... You should try not to come on so strong when making a good first impression... *giggle*"

And then she got angry. Oh well. More experience, but a Nekomata is needed both for a case file, and for FUSION FODDER.

That's more like it.

Something interesting in B6?

Voice: "This is a place of grim reality. With your strength as it stands, you may not proceed further.Return when you have trained yourself to attain a stronger existence."

Eventually, a Nekomata is recruited.

Nekomata:"You should have this too! It's a symbol of our trust... OH! And it ahs my number on it! See?"

And yet another level up.
Yes, this is a GRINDGRIND GRIND update. Obviously.

Vitality is also important.
Hell, all stats are important, really.

When demons talk by themselves, it is always fun.

Seems like Gozuki is rather agressive.

Nandi: "Don't ya know who I am? I'm the great destroyer Shiva's mount! It's pretty big stuff... Ya can't compete with me, you dumb cow-faced prison guard!"

Gozuki: "That's it! I ain't speakin' to ya anymore!"

Well, to be fair, he started with the insults.

Eventually, the materials AND MONEY that were required were acquired. Yes, all this just for this.

>"Kogitsune... Raidou heard someone speaking to him..."

Better stats, higher strength, and A VERY USEFUL EFFECT.

Why yes, I think this was the right choice.

Kogitsune's further evolutions are rather expensive.

But meanwhile a resummoned Nandi will take care of the badassness.

Would be better if he had Ice somewhere there instead of, well, maybe Electricity? Since Oboroguruma can handle that well. The Strength is not too bad, unlike the Luck.

Nandi: "I... Pardon me... Just got some dust in my eye... Zappo!"

Yoshitsune:And I ain't holdin' back!

That's not bad at all, I would say, even if the Strength factor is lower than Sati's magic.

That Oberon could eventually be a good asset, I think.

And this, I don't see why not. Clearing space for further fodder would be a good idea.

I shall slaughter those who would do you harm and arrange a grand opera with their screams!

Chernobog sounds like a good choice, but not exactly what I would want at the moment, after all, Yoshitsune has not gained the last couple of awesome skills he should have.

Ah, but this? This sounds just handy.

Alraune: "Shall I dance a bewitching waltz?[/b]

Oukuninushi: "It seems I am unable to escape Hell's hot grip. Why, even when I reach the human world, 'tis another form of hell..."

Eh, not much great variety to choose from hin this case. Unreachable Soul makes Fiend encounters rarer when the demon is summoned out.