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Part 64: Defeating a giant Fiend.

Update 64

Immediately after the Dragon Cave, there is another anoying fight.

Demon's voice: "But only one of their feelings are true... *giggle* If you're a real man, you'll be able to tell whose."

Frankly, I don't get the gimmick of this particular fight.

But it doesn't matter. The way works. SLAUGHTER ALL IN YOUR PATH.

And so, it is done.

More life means more hits can be taken, not like one SHOULD get hit, but hey, better to be prepared.

Going down, near to the ground floor once more.

And Chernobog is a random encounter. I think it is a strange version of that particular deity, a Mushroom humanoid with a skull under the... Hat.
And definitely less hilarious than Artemis/Diana. That is always good for a laugh (and with Omoteotl, surprised it was there, with the explicit concept art)

Thoth: "Aha. You disregard preconceived notions. Very sharp. But your route so far is correct. I know, because I checked. The problem is how to go lower from here. There's no path down, you see. We established that. So the time for talking about it is done. It's not talking time. It's thinking time."

Thoth: "I think maybe you're lost. I only see one path here. You need a confidence boosting session for the path you took to get here, I think."

Thoth: "You have a good head up there. A real eye for detail. You got it. Going lower isn't the only way to go down. That's a solid, flexible hewad on your shoulders... "

And as established, one must go up to go down.

Go up with the western one. Yes.

And it does lead to a new area.

But also to treasure.

And a title change. For once, the title change nets something better.

Hell yes.

Yadda yadda yada, ANOTHER TUBE.
13 tubes now.

Treasure that is not so completely awesome to be worth the detour, but eh.
And since coming back involves passing through the Dragon Cave...

A Cuchulainn is fused.
Mainly physical, but with two magic elements at its disposal. Hell yes.

Oberon: "How unfortunate..."

Oh, Oboroguruma, you so crazy.

Cu Chulainn: "It seems I am unable to escape Hell's hot grip. Why,k even when I reach the human world, 'tis another form of Hell..."

Well, Tam Lim has definitely been replaced.

Of course the goddamn Hound of Ulster is gonna get Destructive Joy.

And then back here.

Through a series of holes. Pretty annoying, to be honest.


And the end result is THIS.

No shit.

A bit hard to see, but Raidou is engulfed in flames.
Every step hurts a bit. Strangely, if Raidou doesn't move at all, the flames just engulf him and no damage is dealt. Maybe Raidou keeps the flames at bay with nothing more than his willpower, concentration, and bitchin' sideburns. Unfortunately, the spell is broken once he takes a step.

Ikusas are very annoying since their Winged Fury is ranged, and makes Raidou fall on his ass. Other than that, not difficult.

A little bit clearer here.

Raidou and the currently summoned demon suffer damage every step in this area.

Again? Yes. Up to get down.

And when advancing, this is what happens.

"Brian... Be careful. It's already close... Something immense is here...!"

Well, that certainly is bigger than Binbou-gami.
I wonder if that thing it is lounging in is supposed to be a cloud, or a weirdly reptilian flying... Thing.


He is indeed huge.

Wasn't that Binbou-gami's description?

He has a loooong tongue.


Cuchulainn's introductory phrase is pretty awesome.

Yakubyou-Gami: "With the sacred stone misplaced and luck at an all-time low, it's home sweet home for me! See the humans run... See them suffer from earthquakes... disease... despair... The police, the army, the government, all circling the drain! I give this catastrophe four stars!"

And the fight starts. Was not able to find his weakness. Didn't matter, as Mag was acquired with his underlings.

He summons officer zombies, which happen to be weak against Wind.

So while absolutely massive damage was not really an option against the giant bastard, steady physical and magical damage was possible.

As usual, the bad luck demon uses bad luck abilities.

This one, in particular, is annoying during the fight. Oh, if it had been Gain Extra Mag.

Sati's considerable talents are no good.

But Cu Chulainn is definitely an asset.

Respectable damage, but it missed one of the zombies, too bad.

is his tongue inside his mouth?

Oh boy. That doesn't sound good.

Better to put up defenses and make the demons intangible in that case.

But no, it was just another Luck Roulette.

Which is then countered with a Luck Locust.
It is kind of worrysome that Raidou is actually contributing to the Pojitrawn with this. Also, he lacks the Death Ward. Hm.

That does NOT cover up the "Raidou's attacks will whif" effect, so he hits harder, but not as often as he should. Raidou just became Yangus.

That is Yakubyou's defensive stance. Asshole.

And there it goes, his signature move.

Seems to be an area of effect Almighty spell.

Without the block that would likely have hurt.

More hits come, though.

Hah. I kind of like that line.

Oh my.
Clearly that particular effect is meant for someone who has received an advantageous fusion error. Something that has NOT happened this time. Oh well.

All in all, it could be a much worse fight.

Raidou gets recognition. That is good.

And so, this particular bad luck Fiend is defeated.

Hell yes, Luck.

Victory and SUCCESS.

"Defeating a massive Fiend like that... I'm fortunate to have you as my successor. Now it's just a matter of resetting the keystone, and we're done. Let's move on, Brian."