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Part 65: Chapter 4 Ending

Update 65

Well, that annoying Fiend is done for, so let's continue to advance.

And back to the HELL.

This purple tentacle-looking thing is surprisingly, not the goal.

Instead, it is a weirdly shaped elevator/teleport thing.

Yes. Sacredness is instantly recognizable from sight.

... A slight misalignment is what caused ALL THIS?

How silly.

"Is the Ishigami going back underground!?"

Ishigami Inari: "Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th... You have done it..."

And everyone is observing the effects of Raidou's actions.

"They always say, the nail that sticks out gets pounded down... But i didn't think the same holds true for giant pillars!"

And it is gone.

"Then again, we can't be sure what happened from in here... Anyhow, case closed, I guess. Let's get back to the Shrine and report the good news."

Ishigami Inari: "The flow of the Dragon Vein has also been restored. This should halt any further earthquakes. Raidou... Your actions have saved the Capital from a great catastrophe. Yet still... There is an uneasy energy about the Capital. We are certain that your continued actions shall bring a bright future to the Capital. Take care of yourself, Raidou... You bear all of our hopes."

Case closed, success and so on. No payment received, though.

"I was a little worried for you, so I came back. And when I did... I saw it! That tower just pulled itself right back into the ground. Your doing, I take it?"

"Phrew... Good going, Raidou. I might be the luckiest guy in the Capital, having an assistant like you around. Well, anyways... Tae's come around by now. Let's get back to the office."

Ah, back to the luxuriously furnished building that houses the Narumi Detective Agency.

Tae is rather sad that she missed such an event. Capturing on film would have been good for her career, I guess.

"Because I was... Ugh! Why'd I have to go and pass out? Just another twist of fortune? Hey... Raidou... They say luck is what you make it, right? That's really hitting home for me now... "

Raidou was cursed to have the worst curse in the world. He still kicked ass.

"If luck's against me, then I'm against luck! I won't let that cow Lady Luck beat me! I'm still Kichou Asakura, after all! Oh, shoot! Is it this late already? I have to get back to the newsroom before dark. Well... That Ishigami thing is back to where it belongs... So all's well in the Capital again, right? Everything's hunky-dory?"

It seems that Gouto remains skeptical about that.


"If we hadn't been on top of our game, the Capital would've been hit by the big one, right? ... Wasn't it lucky for us that Akane showed up at the agency? She was the spark that led to our finding about the Tsukigata clan, wasn't she? Bugs that eat people's luck... I'm no Geirin or Nagi, but..."

Ho ho ho.

"A hazard that could have left the Capital in rubble was so obvious that no one realized. I probably should've paid attention earlier, but now I'm really feeling how scary the luck locusts are."

"And we don't have to worry about the quakes anymore, right? So we're back on an even keel for now. "

"Thinking back, we've been running to and fro without a moment's rest ever since getting back from Tsukigata. It's early still, but I'm turning in for the night. I bet you're beat, too. Take the rest of the day off, why don't you? You did good, Raidou."

The case over, no reason to keep him more time, I guess.

"Dahn, the man who stole the luck locusts and tried to block the Marriage Ritual, is behind bars. And so, the caper involving the Tsukigata clan of assassins came to a close. But there's still something I can't put out of my mind."

"King Abaddon... From what Dahn said... He's the 'ruler' of the insects of destruction. And according to the young Lord of the Tento Sanctuary... The despair of all this world's people will become a key, opening the bottomless pit... And from that pit will rise the King-Who-is-the-Abyss. The Mushibito we met at the Tento Sanctuary also spoke of the coming of King Abaddon."

Well, they are weirdass bug people and would likely enjoy a thing like that turning the world inside out.

"Just what is this King Abaddon? Dahn announced that the Pojitrawn had been completed... And that he was certain of his premonition of King Abaddon... It's clear to see that the Capital's at peace again after the Ishigami-Cho incident... But there's not hair nor hide to be seen of the terror known as King Abaddon."

Hahaha. Hah. Hahahah. Oh boy.

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