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Part 66: Narumi's hunger

Update 66

It seems like Raidou has found himself in a strange alternate reality place once more.

And again, soon the strobe lights become faster and faster until they are one single omnidirectional light source.

This dreamscape place is pretty empty.

But it seems that Raidou has company. Something that looks like himself.

Shinado-masked student: "You who play the Role of "Raidou" and witness this spectacle... I must tell you. ...
It is extremely painful for me, but I must make you aware of the cruel truth. Soon you and other people will become witnesses... There will come a day when this world is overcome by misfortune. You will bear witness to this. If you have witnessed this spectacle, then your day of misfortune is now inescapable..."

Shinado-masked student: "I want you to take a look at the "sorrowful" face I wear. This sorrow... It is the feelings of those who despair for the future after the day of misfortune. The only one who can save the people from this sorrow is the one who assumes the name of Raidou. "

Shinado-masked student: "Therefore, I want to entrust you with hope... The words I am about to impart... These are my actions to overcome misfortune by borrowing the forms of those you are familiar with..."

Suddenly, a masked Geirin.

Shinado-masked man:"You who play the role of "Raidou" and witness this spectacle... I would prefer if you listened to this theory. The prevailing theory is to equate discontent with misfortune, yet to submit wholly to the flow of luck."

Shinado-masked man: "My hope is that you come to see the wisdom of the theory involving the acceptance of misfortune."

Raidou is not one to keel over and just quietly accept bad luck. Hell, he beat a bad luck curse. This... Geirin is wrong.

At least the entity does a good Geirin impression.

And then, it becomes Narumi.

Shinado-masked man: "You who play the role of "Raidou" and witness this spectacle... Yeah, you there. There's something I want you to hear. What I'm about to say, is... Look, this might sound weird... Take Dahn. You've been watching him, right? Pretend you're him and listen to me..."

Shinado-masked man: "Having to sit there and watch Akane be sacrificed to Lord Tento If you could tell yourself it was all just abd luck, there wouldn't be any trouble, right? But to accept it... That kind of action is the death of the self. You should know; you came here. Misfortune is something that has to be resisted. It looks like the day of misfortune will come, but... "

Shinado-masked man: "What's the vaulue of a future where you deny yourself and just accept the bad things that happen to you? "

Shinado-masked man: "You can act all mature and say that doing nothing in the face of bad luck is a valid action... But you won't be fooling anyone, not really. It's just an excuse for those without the guts to resist."

And then Raidou's doppelganger returns.

Shinado-masked student: "You who play the role of "Raidou" have heard the words of your associates... Some accept misfortune... Others resist. The two paths are utterly opposite one another, but both are actions to take hold of the future. Brian Blessed, on the coming day of misfortune... I want you to be the hope that those who despair in the future will badly need."

Shinado-masked student: "Brian Blessed... Do not forget this... Or perhaps all those who have seen this spectacle... You must listen... So that you will not repeat "his" error..."

Shinado-masked student: "H-however... To avoid your actions dictating the future of others... Remember... You are responsible for your actions. Acting without responsibility... Is destruction. "

Oh boy, ending of that sequence.

"That's just how it is... Yes... Goodbye now... What's going on out there? We've been getting a boatload of inquiries today..."

"You can sleep in a little if you feel like it. There's nothing urgent on our plate. Although... That reminds me. About that Tsukigata case... It's already been, what... five days since it finished up?"


"Afternoon, Raidou, Gouto. Oh, and Narumi, I suppose. "

".... Hey... You ever stop and think that maybe it's a little harsh to tack me onto the end like that? And I told you before, this isn't a cafe. It's the Narumi Detective Agency. De! Tec! Tive!"

"You're lucky I stopped by Tsukudo-Cho on my way to do some investigating."

Yum. Cake.

I said YUM, CAKE.

Seriously, cake should put a smile on that face.

"Oh, no, it's not that... It just puts me in mind of this girl who... wanted to become a patissier..."

Telephone rings.

"Who was Narumi talking about just now?"

>Raidou explained the circumstances of the investigation to Tae.

"Poor Akane... She gave up her dream of being a patissier for the sake of her home village... And she was sacrificed? A sacrificial ritual... We're talking about the same Tsukigata Village, right? I can't believe it... To think that sill goes on in this day and age, and people still go along with it willingly... "

"But there's no way he's not worried sick about Akane inside. "

Cake is always good, unless the alternative is pie, then pie is superior. Tae is not at fault.

"I've known Narumi for a long time... I know what he's like. And kowing him the way I do, I'm sure he's all balled up inside with grief. That's so like him. He's too kind... Sorry, but... I should be going. "

"I can't even count how many we've had today... And every last one of them's a missing persons case."

And then she comes back.

"Listen up! It's really cloudy outside--and there wasn't a cloud in the sky when I first came over! For crying out loud, what is going on today!? First my gift goes wrong, and now the weather..."


"... Another inquiry? Guess I shouldn't complain if business is booming... I could use a break.. C'mon, Raidou, let's head for the roof."

And so to the roof they do go.

And guess what, it IS cloudy as hell.

"Tae was right on the mony. Those skies are gloomier than me without my morning coffee. It's enough to ruin a guy's whole day. I can't work under these conditions..."

Raidou could operate in the goddamn burning area of Ishigami, cloudy weather ain't enough to stop him.

"In that case, I think I'll leave the agency to you today while I cool my heels at the Red-Light District... That was a joke, just so you know. Even the part about the Red-Light District... Still... It's awful quiet. That time the Fukoshi brought those Luck Locusts into the Capital, and all the commotion it caused... Seems so long ago now..."

Something has caught Gouto's attention.

I kind of like that expression.

"What are you staring at now, kitty? The sky? You looking at the sky, Gouto?"

It just happens that he WAS looking at the sky.

A MYSTERY! The Day of Misfortune comes.

One can assume it has something to do with the King Abaddon.
Or some other bad shit going on.

"That's not the only fishy thing that's happened lately. They've all been major disasters, too."

Sudden stomach growling!

" This is an urgent mission... If I don't get some food into this stomach of mine, I'LL be a disaster... Lunchtime, Raidou! I've got a hankering for Tawara-Ya's curry rice."

Yum, curry.

Well, it sounds rather nice.

And so they go.

And so they arrive.

"Why'd the owner pick today of all days to call in my tab? I wish I'd never remembered their delicious curry rice... Drat the luck. "


Oh boy! Recycled assets from the previous title! A proud Atlus tradition.

Kazama must require something, otherwise, why be nice?

Since Narumi tends to not respond to most calls and the last case is over, one can assume that they are free and available.

But Raidou already does that. A lot!

Oh boy.

Detective Kazama: "I'll leave the rest in your oh-so-capable hands."

Narumi's best facial expression? I think so!

"The police wouldn't be poking around unless there'd be a crime, and the sent Detective Kazama... From the homicide division. Raidou, think you can look into this? We are acting on Kazama's say-so, after all... "

And it shall be done.