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Part 68: HEE HO.

update 68

Unfortunately, trying to leave without triggering the meeting causes this, so the meeting HAS to be done.
In any case, GRIND GRIND GRIND GRIND and case files.

"First Tawara-Ya, then Kazama... Can't believe I'm letting myself get pushed around like this. I'm outta luck."

"I'd like to have a meeting, if you're okay with that."

"Wha--!? What the!? We're outta coffee beans... This can't be happening! Of all the luck... Now then... It's not quite the same without that tang of fresh-roasted coffee in the air, but... We might as well get this started."

"So far, there's three confirmed crime scenes. One in Mannen-Cho, one in Ginza-Cho and one in... You remember where the last oen was, Raidou?"

Forgot to put the wrong answer in this one.

"So far there's been one murder each at Mannen-Cho, Ginza-Cho, and Harumi-Cho... Here's a map pinpointing where each victim was found."

"I can see it covers the whole map, north to south. Our perpetrator's pretty mobile... Now so far, nothing's out of the ordinary for your average psycho killer. But then... We noticed a strange pattern to all the murders so far." At each crime scene, there was a piece of wood left behind. When we put 'em together, we found out they were part of something we're all too familiar with...

"Close... You nailed it as far as the "insect" part went! But look at the board again... Focus, Raidou, you can do it. Look, just think harder before you answer again."

"Very close, Raidou... You got the "insect" part right. But think of all the possibilities, okay? For crying out loud... I'm starting to sound like a teacher."

"That's right... All the murder scenes had pieces of an insect cage near... by... A-ha! This is it... Today's my day, Raidou. Heh heh... Even without coffee to get the neurons firing, I realized just what we need to know. We've seen someone disappear before, leaving only insect cage fragments, haven't we? At Mannen-Cho..."

"Shh! The Kantou Haguro-gumi wouldn't like hearing "Satake" and "disappear" in the same sentence... But be serious, Raidou. If Satake ever disappeared, Senju-Ku would turn into one big riot. Although, he does drive a hard bargain every time I need some information out of him... Honestly, there are times I wish he'd just disappear... That's, uh, something my friend said about him. Heh-heh, uh, enough joking around... I'll ask you again, Raidou."

"Osamu? Was that the kid's dad? Kenta, right? He DID disappear from Mannen-Cho, but he had nothing to do with the insect cage pieces, did he? Mmm... Now that you mention Osamu, I remember those croquettes.. I've already had lunch, but I think I could go for a croquette or two... That and some coffee... But enough about my stomach. I'll ask you again, Raidou..."

narum_Av"Yep, it was Tatsumi. Mr. Lucky... "

"If they're anything like Tatsumi's case... All the victims had bugs in those cages. Luck Locusts again... "

"Everyone we talked to said they saw something fly away just after the murder. What did they see again?"

"No, that--Wait, are we talking about the same thing? If only I'd given you something with more stopping power than Fatal Bullets... I bet you wished the same thing. Oh well, enough nostalgia. Think harder, Raidou."

"No, that--Wait, are we talking about the same thing? I'm getting a weird sense of deja vu here... Oh well, enough nostalgia. Think harder, Raidou."

"Yeah, that was it... I don't know if these flying monsters have anything to do with the luck locusts, but... Whatever's causing this string of murders in the Capital, it worries me. First Tatsumi vanished mysteriously, and now we've got serial killings with similar circumstances... I'll grant that there's a wide gap between "disappeared" and "dead", but all the same... If luck locusts are involved, the bulls might as well go home now. ..."

"Thanks, Raidou."

"Looks like we still have a little ways to go. "

"Raidou... I have to be honest... I'm sensing King Abaddon's hand in these murders... It's just like Narumi said before. If the people despair over their bad luck, that becomes a key... Calling King Abaddon from the bottomless pit. The stored-up fortune of the Capital the luck locusts stole is in the pojitrawn at Tsukigata Village. But the Capital's badl uck hasn't run out yet. The premonition of King Abaddon can still come true. Maybe I'm fretting over nothing, but you should keep that possibility in mind. When you investigate these murders... Don't rule out King Abaddon. I'll do my part by writing it down in the Detective's Notebook."

"Let's take a moment to catch our breaths and then head out. We've got some crime scenes to inspect. One in Mannen-Cho, one in Ginza-Cho, and one in... Harumi-Cho. If we're headed to Harumi-Cho... We'll need to use the train."

Bored female worker: "But with equipment malfunctions, the mumps, and now everyone leaving for family emergencies... I'd thought we were lucky to get time off... But the factory's been closed for so many days! And now they're ocking us for out missed days! Our paychecks're gonna suffer!! This luck's gonna kill me!"

Screw advancement, it is time to RECRUIT, FUSE and so on and so forth.

Elder monk: "I can see... The south end of the Capital. Oh! This chill...! The path ahead of you... will be difficult... Y-Young Kuzunoha... Beyond the city of the sea breeze... There is a great misfortune you must overcome!"

That is ominous, I'd say.

Maybe she has to say something important.

"The Yatagarasu has delivered a case file to the Narumi Detective Agency. We hope that you will accept the assignment detailed therein. In the name of the Yatagarasu, we entrus the fate of the Capital to you. Much is expected of you, Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th."

But before tackling that, it is GRIND TIME.

In B6: Treasure: Opal, 2 Jin Dans, 1 Balm of Life.

And Cuchulainn gets a Phys Resist. Which is not really needed.

And also provides a Jin Dan.

Let's see what lies in the Seventh.

A block. Eh, maybe later then.

One level more, and one more point in Vitality.

Jorougumo gets a new passive, which isn't too bad.

Cu Chulainn is awesome like that.
Charisma is ASTOUNDING and effective against everything. Hell yes.

Hell yes.

Even with that, Gdon was willing to negotiate!


And thus, another point for Strength is gained.

Gdon had decided to join. Fusing it with Cuchulainn would not be a bad thing, but the level is far too low at the time.

Meanwhile, a Raja Naga can be fused. Not a bad set of skills, that.

Raja Naga: "You made a good call, goin' with me! 'Cause I'm in the mood to wreck some stuff!"

Nulling its weakness is always a good thing.

Hell yes, nebiros is EXTREMELY useful.

Check that out, Null Phys AND draining Death. That ought to come in handy for certain encounters.

And it just so happens that Victor gets a FEEVERRRR.

Or a SOUL ON FIRE thing. But eh, it works.

The special bargain is: "Gimme a shitload of gems and MAYBE there won't be a fusion accident and the demon will have an extra something"

So yeah, let's do it.

and the result is...

For the third stone, there was no Diamond.

So Victor gets all bummed out.

But it was still a relative success.

It could have been worse.

Why oh why would ANYONE want that?  It shall be used in the future 

Rakshasa doesn't sound like a bad thing to be used in the future.

And now: CASE FILE.

It seems that Iida has gotten over the hatred that caused him to become the Red Cape in the first game. That is GOOD to know.

Also... A soaked seat? Does the ghost pee itself?
We'll see.

To reach that place, using the awesome properties of the Large Tarrasque is required.

No, it isn't this place, but a bit of incense is always awesome to have. I SHOULD use it.
Maybe next update (along with the 3 foxtails that have been acquired)

This is the place.

You can barely see the target. But it is visible.



Flaemises and Sylphs appear in the Training Hall. No negotiation with them, though, it seems they must be fused.

And apparently, a Fiend was about to attack.

But Raiho was there. LET'S GET RAIHO.

Three years since the realease of Raidou 1, or three ingame years? Hms.

Hoh hoh.

Heedium? Medium? WHaT?

I still don't see how Jose whymes with way. Maybe I am pronouncing Way the wrong way.
(That or English speakers pronounce José in silly ways. OR BOTH)


Oh, so it is not urine then.

That is understandable.

That must not have been good for a snow... Thing.

This is lawful, but hey, it is Raiho. No one can be mad at Raiho.

Unless he decides to become an asshole.

And subsequently tries to murder one. Ayup.

Cu Chulainn is rather glum.

And Raiho, like DDS's Jack Frost is apparently a lefty.

This is by FAR the most annoying part of the Raiho fight, his upgraded SAMURAI FROST.

Raiho's been practicing, and can summon demons, just like Raidou.


The Japanese will be able to do that in Civ V. That will likely be pretty decisive in fights (considering that Civ V won't have unit stacks anymore)

Raiho is logically weak against Fire. Thus, targeting him with Fire spells is a winning proposition.

That, or he could be a broken superboss.
(no I haven't gotten to the superboss in Strange Journey. Maybe if/when I finish replaying the Phoenix Wright games)

Raiho is beaten once again.

Poor fourth Wall.

I wonder if it was actually due to feedback, or just a natural progression planned from the start.
Or both.

No one is capable of hating Raiho!

Case closed, and


Either Raiho counts as a fiend, or it was resetted after beating a Boss-class enemy, but the Fiend encounter got cancelled. Was kind of looking forward to it (this time).

Doesn't sound like a bad case, and LUCK INCENSE HELL yes. Not to be resolved this time, though.

Since it is time to visit VICTOR.

A Titania is a good thing to have.

Titania: "Is it love...? Or perhaps war?"

Doesn't matter.

Because this is what Titania is for.

Hell yes.

Yoshitsune: "You wanna fuse a demon that'll have my blood?"

UNNNNNFORTUNATELY, it triggers a FEVERRR because it was the 35th fusion. Agh.

It doesn't go well

It wasn't.

This was the third stone.

God damnit.

Is Raiho behind? IS IT?


Surprisingly articulate for a rotting undead thing.

Oh god gross.

One more for the Rolodex. I imagine it's not the classiest one Raidou has, though.

Well, nothing lost except money, I guess. (and maybe a chance for a better EVIL demon, even if the Diamond was not used)

Who you callin' ho, ho?

It shall be treasured forever.

Hell yes, now Raiho is INVINCIBLE.