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Part 69: Encounters in a place of worship.

Update 69

Raidou's skill at riding the Large Tarrasque is unmatched.

And just like in the first Raidou game, the Church is accesible only through water.

There it goes. Recycled assets, ahoy!

And the young blond man is there.

blonde_Av"There was something I wanted to tell you in this event. It's what your type could call... A stroke of luck? I've sent a case file over to the detective agency. Please review it at your earliest convenience."

This is the mentioned case file.

Of course it is to be taken.


It seems this is a reference to how the Fiends presented themselves to the Demi Fiend. No falling to a metaphysical wasteland this time, though.

Ah, the White Rider.

White Rider: "Though time may separate us, I shall fight you. Entertain me until the first seal is broken... "

The fight is different now, it has a time limit.

A rare GOOD effect!

Raiho truly shines in this fight.

Otherwise, same as it originally was.

Seriously, Raiho just rocks in this one.

White Rider: "I begin to see why he has such an interest in you."

And then he goes down.

Levelup. Luck.

Another succesful investigation.

And Mr. Yellow Haired Human Personthing sends a NEW ONE.

Red Rider

Same deal.

How nice. When I actually try to get a Fiend Fight, I get zilch. Well, at least here is the fight once again.

Red Rider is weak against Electricity.
He has two dangerous attacks, Rush, which can oneshot you if you are not careful, and SUmmon Undead, which is a one-hit kill unles you have protection against said things.

Seriously, an unblocked Rush is bad news for anything.

And then this fucking thing happens, this is a very annoying effect.

Luck locusts to the rescue, I guess.

Considerably tougher to beat than the White one.

It is always good to get a nice nice effect.

Excellently, he goes down.

And there is a new one!

But it cannot be taken. Unfortunately.

So let's clear a couple of the other ones.

Goodbye, Nekomata, hello Elerium.
Or Unumpentium.

And another possibly not useless Plastic.

Who the hell is Takeuchi?

Goodbye, Sword, in any case. Need to get another Renki to make a Masamune for the next case file like this.

Now let's actually clear up this one.

Once Raiho is beaten, transportation is free. FREEE.

Traffic Officer: "And now there's been a murder in Ginza-Cho. Damn our luck! You can still go into Ginza-Cho... Just make sure you don't interfere with the investigation."

Very excited speaker: "... the incompetence of the police in handling the serial killings! Is it our bad luck that we have no protection!? Mannen-Cho... Harumi-Cho... Ginza-Cho... We've lost so many people... Everyone! Listen to the voices of fear around you! Fear for what the future holds..."

The only interesting and non-gameplay-related text is the one the Blond dude gets. Let's see.

"Whether it entails sacrificing yourself or sacrificing others... There is no "right" or "wrong" in one's actions to shape the future. Whatever future those sacrifices may spark... Neither is there any "right" or "wrong" in them."

Well, let's clear up this particular case as well.

Ginza-Cho! MORE RECYCLED ASSETS, proud SMT tradition, that.

Gouto kind of looks like an oil spill in this screenshot.

"Not that you could tell from the look of the main street... Think it's in one of the alleyways? The crime scene, thati s."

Investigating Officer: "I heard you're helping us with the investigation. What a model citizen! Anything you want to know about the case? I'll tell you whatever I can."

Investigating Officer: "We found a lethal toxin inside the victim's body... There was a small puncture wound on the torso... The toxin must have been injected there. What I don't get is, the bodies were also cut to shreds... If our man was poisoning his victims, why'd he go to the trouble of cutting them apart too?"

Sounds creepy. Let's not have anything to do with the creepy poisoned and slashed corpses. Instead let us focus in the not creepy JAPANESE GHOST apparition.

Woman in Western clothes: "The larger-than-life stars of the silver screen? The dreams and hopes of the audience? Or the darkness of the theater? The space around the light streaming from the projector...That deep blackness that no one sees... Though students like you are too busy to catch the flickers anyway. Sorry if it was a strange question."

Well that had nothing to do with anything.

Gossiping man: "Word is there's a ghost who does nothin' but stare at the streetcar. It's real famous 'round these parts. Here's the story: The ghost is the spirit of a dame killed when she was hit by a streetcar. And every day, round the time of the accident... She appars in tbe building's shadow, looking daggers at the streetcar. It's given quite the boost to ticket sales for that line at this time. Goes to show, people love gossip."

"Our goal on this case is to find that ghost..."

"Hmmm.... So you want to avoid the crowded streetcar and wait around where you think the ghost may appear? Seems like a good idea to me. That way, even if we end up trading blows with the spook, we can make sure no citizens are hurt. So, then, a stakeout it is... "

"I get you... You're thinking about how the ghost is always seen staring at the streetcar. Which means... People must be able to see it from the streetcar. That should narrow things down. Taking advantage of what we know from the crowd on the streetcar... That's using your noggin. Now to find an isolated spot where a ghost may appear... There can't be too many places that meet all the criteria. "

And so they do.

Oh my! A ghost!

... That's a ghost?

Seems like it!

Raidou and Gouto are awesome enough that they can sneak up behind a ghost.



Woman: "I didn't want them to forget... About my daughter... "

"Guess she didn't want people to forget the incident... So that's what she was up to."

Woman: "But she'd never come back to haunt the living. She's in heaven now. My girl was such a good child that I'm certain she's with the angels now. She must be! THat's why she wouldn't take the revenge she deserves... And so... And so... For her sake... She did nothing wrong! The streetcar company apologized, but now they pretend the incident never happened! They probably even think the accident was her fault... They've done everything they can to make people try to forget what happened! To forget my daughter!"

Woman: "And one by one, people began to forget about her! I... I couldn't let that happen... I couldn't forgive them... "

"Let's just report in to the client, Detective Kazama, and let him deal with it. He'll handle this properly and make sure the mother gets a fair shake. But when you stop to think about the lady's feelings... It was the streetcar company's fault that her daughter's dead. And yet the streetcars still run every day, like nothing happened. She just couldn't stand for that."

"I suppose you're right, though... She is the guilty party here. THough maybe there isn't a truly guilty party in this. What she's gone through... Either way, looks like this case is closed."

And those three incenses shall be used NOW.

And those Foxtails.
Also, google Images does not lead to foxtails that could be interpreted as cat toys, unless they are the weird plant things.
it also leads to things I did not need to see again after reading the Dr. Gamez Helldump thread. TO be expected, but goddamn.

It seems that Gouto has gotten over it.

Or... Has he?

He did not break. How many more will be needed to break the cat into FOX TAIL ADDICTION once more?
Maybe he went to Foxtailers Anonymous. Or maybe the ones in the previous game were laced with catnip.

Cases for everything have been opened.