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Part 70: Crime Scene Investigation: Capital

Update 70

My oh my, everything is free. Let's visit the crime scenes. And other things.

Investigating Officer: "Well, don't laugh, but... during our investigation... I saw it. A giant, flying monster. I've heard that people spotted it at the other crime scenes, too... I didn't get a good look, but it was big and black... With terrible eyes that glowed red... I know it's been said the murderer's methods were inhuman, but was he literally a monster?"

Chatty modern girl: "The reason the killer struck in so many different places was to hide his true motives... That's the buzz going around, anyway, but you can't rule it out, right? Say... "

Sakuradayama? Isn't that where the Radio Station is?

I believe the game is telling us something.

Ah, sellables.

Timid Gentleman: "Just before Kurisu-zaka, under the overpass... I saw the body, you know. I'll have some interesting nightmares tonight... Hoo boy. Drat my luck..."
Inner voice: "Come to think of it, there was a rash of car accidents in Kurisu-zaka before. First a string of car accidents, now a series of murders... Maybe it's just because of the shadow cast by the overpass, but... Kurisu-zaka's sort of creepy..."

Window shopper: "Oh, don't you know it? It's a superb old restaurant. Go through Ginza-Cho and you'll find it. Just go past Kurisu-zaka and leave Ginza-Cho to get there. I'm not going, though. I caught a glimpse of the murder victim by Kurisu-zaka. So every time I pass Kurisu-zaka, I can see the guy's corpse in my mind... Ryugu's food may be the best, but I just don't have the stomach for it after passing Kurisu-zaka."

Why not check what Gouto said, and refresh our memories on what the hell just happened?

"It's a giant tower that rose from the ground at Ishigami-Cho. Was supposed to seal a "huge catfish". Tae, who's up on her folklore, says the Ishigami sealed the catfish like "sticking an eel through the eye." But in fact, the Ishigami was driven into a Dragon Vein to prevent quakes from rocking the Capital."

"The Fiend, an avatar of bad luck, seems to be affecting the Sacred Stone at the bottom of the tunnel. According to the Ishigami Inari, that's why the Ishigami is poking up above ground again."

"So far, we've figured out that each crime scene has pieces of the insect cages used to store luck locusts. Apart from that, here's what we know about the serial kilings: One: There are three victims so far, each killed the same way, in Mannen-Cho, Ginza-Cho, and Harumi-Cho. Two: Each victim was dismembered postmortem. Glad I have a strong stomach... Three: Witnessess at each crime scene reported seeing a "flying monster"..."

Ryugu has nothing to do with the case, but hey, Narumi's got a big tab there.

Damn right it is Raidou.

Owner of Ryugu: "It's been a while since we've seen each other, hasn't it? Remember that shipping business I run on the side? I hope you can lend me a hand again, Raidou. You've helped me out so much in the past. I've sent a case file to the Narumi Detective Agency"

Holy shit, PAID IN ADVANCE. That case file gets bumped to top of the list just for that.

Yay, treasure.

Next: Harumi-Cho.

Deductive female student: "But the police were waling off towards Sakuradayama. They were following a man in a trench coat. "

Certainly, it seems that the game IS saying something. Maybe it is important!

Patrolling Officer: "I got the word from the officer in charge of Tsukudo-Cho. "

Patrolling officer: "The victims all seem to be rich folks, middle age or older. We thought there might have been a burglary angle, but then we got the tip about the insect cages. The street value of those cages can run to the millions of yen... One of our crack detectives is parlaying that info into setting up a sting right now... Ooops! Keep that under you hat, okay kid?"

"The Navy Headwuarters is here. We're smack in the middle of their territory. That killer's got some moxie, hitting a place like this. "

But from all reports, the killer is a flying monster. Coulnd't it be both?

Skygazing old man: "A little while ago, I thought... Well, I coulda sworn I saw a black thing floating over the mountain. At first I thought it was a bird, but now that I recollect some, it was too big for that...

Suspicious foreigneR: "Boat... I like them. Lot."
Inner voice: "Our informant told us they were building some sort of anti-western weaponry here, but... I haven't turned up anything like that in my undercover investigation so far. All I've found are a bunch of sniveling Capital goons who seem to base their lives on luck. Not one of them would have the stones to rise up against our country."

And goodies!

Tanned cargo carrier: "The police better hurry up and nab this killer. The yjust had to go and assign me to Harumi-Cho at a time like this... Just my luck."

A volt demon is required here. Why?

To inspect and get that goodie there.

Oh my!

And more goddamn stones.

Foreign gentleman: "Though I am a foreigner... do you believe what I say? Then I will... tell you. On the day of the killing... I saw it. A flying monster... Believe me... I saw it! Believe me!"

>The sophisticated lady tilted her head in response to Raidou's questioning. It seems that she doesn't speak Japanese.

Inner Voice: "This is why I told him I didn't want to come to Japan on our honeymoon! The minute we get here, we're dragged into this murder case... Just my luck I'd marry a man who's crazy about Japan."

Patrolling Officer: "Well, this is the crime scene... We're just finishing our initial investigation. All that gore... What a mess. From the preliminary investigation on the body we found... The immediate cause of death was blood loss from the lacerations but... The body was dismembered afterward on top of that. It's not a pretty thought, but... Bones aren't easy to cut through like that. Whatever did this... It wasn't human."

Tall Seaman: "I see... In that case, take the path near the Navy Headquarters... Don't get it confused withy the one by the shopping district. Then exit Harumi-Cho... Head towards the radio tower and you'll reach Sakuradayama."

Sakuradayama can wait, there's still one more crime scene that needs to be visited.

Indecisive young man: "I haven't had any bad run-ins though. I bet it's 'cause of my Luck Locust! It costm e everythin', but it's worth every bit of it! My life's gonna be nothin' but good luck!"

Young man in white: "It turns out one of the serial killer's victims had bought one of my kits... And now their relatives are out to get me!" They're saying my invention's to blame! I can't walk down the street without someone shouting "murderer" at me... Damn my luck! I shouldn't've tried to sell those again..."

Sure, Fukagawa-Cho is not exactly the crime scene, but exploring can't hurt, right?

"We should go check out the crime scenes first, Raidou. Unless you're here for some other reason? Hmm... Nah."

Kantou Haguro-gumi punk: "Oh, uh, it ain't nothin' serious, but... Ya know that Shizu dame? The one what works as an escort? Turns out she's working to pay for her husband's medical bills. She'll do anything she can to make a buck... Her latest scheme is sellin' handmade umbrellas. I think the dame could use some support, ya know? So if ya ever need an umbrella, could you maybe think about buyin' it from Shizu?"
Inner voice: "Some thugs broke into Narita's place a while back. But they were no ordinary thugs... They were members of an infamous clan of assassins. If they're the ones behind these serial killings... *gulp* Wait a sec... I better not let this slip to Raidou. It's nothing more than my own theory right now."

Kantou Haguro-gumi punk: "He was dropping your name, trynna get a meeting with the boss. So it ain't just the boss who his eye on you... The cops, too. You're not the amateur you seem to be, are you, kid?"

Of course Raidou is more than what he seems to be. He has to! Also, Satake must be talked to.

Satake's Capo: "Well, it's back now. The day all us red-blooded men have been waiting for is here. Sice you got the boss's permission you can go in... even though you're underage. But uh... keep it clean, okay? Just talk to the girls... No need to get carried away."

Satake's consigliere: "Guy was asking the boss to spread some crazy rumor for him. Even though they usually treat us like eyesores... The second they need help, bam! There they are coming to us, hat in hand. Buncha hypocrites."

Satake is awesome. Yes.

"He dropped your name while he was at it. Says he looks after you... If you're really mixed up in this, you might wanna give this a listen. I dunno what the message means, but he asked me to give it to you anyway. Here goes... "Insects are gathering at Sakuradayama." The Kantou Haguro-gumi ain't no charity... But it can't hurt us to have the bulls owe us one. They ain't no friends of ours, but I gotta think ahead, ya know?"

Superstitious grandma: "B-but... I need this cage! It has my luck locust! With a luck locust I'll be safe, right? I haev to be! I just have to!"

I hope this item did not belong to the superstitious grandma.
It does seem like the murders are happening against the users of the locusts. Hm, maybe that is why Dahn needed to put the Death Ward? To prevent THAT kind of death?

Or was it to prevent the luck locust to suck his luck to begin with? I don't quite remember.

Quiet factory worker: "I've been moaning about how unluck I am for so long now, even I'm getting sick of me. I almost wish I'd been murdered by that serial killer..."

That will be sold. Sake can be used to get a little loyalty boost, useful if you don't want to grind for the loyalty. I prefer to grind, because that way I can get the levels needed to get the skills as well. Unless I consider that those skills are not worth getting, then I don't even bother with the loyalty either.

This I wouldn't have known in my first playthrough if not for a faq. You can get an item from this doggy, but Raidou can't pick it up by himself.


No, you ain't, Agathion.

And now the last crime scene.

Female gambler: "He smelled like an amateur... Definitely not a savvy gambler. "

"Satake must be pretty steamed if someone was killed on his own turf. By the way... Where's the crime scene? Is it further into town?"

Patrolling Officer: "You came to check the Mannen-Cho crime sce4ne, huh? What information did you need? "

Patrolling Officer: "There's a rumor of strange trades going on here in Mannen-Cho... These insects're being traded for obscene amounts of money... The police are investigating it. These underground trades and the murders are somehow linked... That's why Detective Kazama is organizing a fierce investigation."

Hell yes.

Patrolling Officer: "But Satake of the Kantou Haguro-gumi said they don't need any police assistance... I got chased out and had to come to Mannen-Cho. You have to be a real expert like Detective Kazama to negotiate with a man like Satake..."

Kenta: "I'm helping my dad right now. He wants me to tell people that the insects are at Sakuradayama. Sakuradayama is that place near Harumi-Cho, right? I wish I could go see the insects, but I have to help my dad."

The EEEEEVIL chicken is still there  It could not be still there in a future update if you all want MORE CASE FILES, THOUGH 
But it does seem like the game wants us to go to Sakuradayama, doesn't it?

Answer: Something about doing it for the case or somesuch. Or blah. Doesn't matter.

Beginner escort: "Oh, excuse me. I shouldn't repeat what my customers tell me... Please forget it."

Inner voice: "He's a real go-getter, but he takes it a little too far... I bet that last customer of mine is working under him now. He was griping about how unlucky he was to be on Kazama's squad..."

Shizu is still working for Satake, it seems.

Well, no reason to lie, right?


Instead of reading her mind, Lilim is reading her MEMORIES.

Seems like Narita is Shizu's client.

Well, makes sense, narita himself is from Tsukigata.

That is a rather unorthodox way to use an escort, I think.

Who is Makiko?

He seems to be a rather strange client.

Also: There is a reason to use a solo demon here as well.

Oh my.

QUESTION: Should those bodily parts that have been acquired be used in the next update, as well as some case files, or SAKURADAYAMA, like the game wants us to?