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Part 71: Raidou is going through changes.

Update 71

First of all, let's use a Skill Demon to check out the Transformations.

The Merchant's hair just happens to be the hair of the owner of Konnou-ya. Why would Raidou ever want to transform into THAT?

Who knows? But there it goes.

>"It was suspicious of you"

For starters, Raidou acquires the innate ability to get money from walking. Could be useful.

But most importantly, he can summon a merchant.

Hell yes.

Access to the store in safe areas no matter how far from the peddler OR Konnou-ya. Convenience.

Now let's see what transforming into SHizu does.

Well, first it changes Raidou's stylish clothes for Shizu's pink kimono thing. And obviously, Raidou into Shizu.

The main purpose of it is to come here.

>"Unfortunately, the bathhouse is full."

"I understand the feeling, but I guess it just wasn't your day. Hmhm..."

Let's try that again.

"N-No kidding...? ... ... Well, I understand. It's every young man's dream... You're being true to your nature, so who am I to deny you? I'll just pretend I never saw you here, Brian."

This results on a net gain of Chaos points. Refusing to enter when there is space in the bath house nets Law points. It is not nearly as amusing.

Aw, Gouto can't get in.

Now, Case Files.
This one is given by Osamu in Mannen-Cho. He is in the gambling parlor.

And then after getting the request, you have to go see him. AGAIN.

Osamu: "A real eerie story was giving me trouble. It's the tenement in front of the well... That's where the noisy chicken is. A real skilled umbrealla maker lives there... But it's rumored the house is cursed. Seems like everyone renting the place gets sick... They all move out within a month. And it's a well-ventilated place, too. The umbrella maker doesn't seem to be doing too well, either... I don't know if it's a curse or whatever, but could you take a look into it, Raidou? Maybe you can... I don't know..."

And so it is Raidou's duty to investigate the mysterious case of the cursed house.

Truly, that chicken is pure evil.

>It doesn't seem like you can get in this way.

Luckily, the map is handy and shows that the door to the house is actually in the northern part of it.

Hms, a metal.

Umbrella Maker: "You know, that chicken... Sure is... Loud."
"... Something's fishy. This smell... That's the scent of a demon. Our umbrella maker's illness might not be entirely natural. We should follow this demonic scent back to its source."

And how you do that? Why, with a Volt-order demon.

>"A giant footprint has been left behind..."

"And the demonic echo in the area around the footprint is pretty thick... I'd wager that whatever left this footprint is the culprit."

And now the violent chicken gets a ? prompt. I wonder what will make it react?

Why, Raiho's awesome coolness will do it!

>"The violent chicken calmed down."

"Wait... Could that chicken be...!?"

Violent Chicken: "Well done. But it'll take more than this to stop ME!"

Oh. It is a giant... Chicken.

Or that.

"So... It was his poisonous breath drifting into that house that made the umbrella-maker sick."

"Nix th that. That poison breath of yours would kill everyone..."

Basilisk: "If you're going to stand in my way, I'll just have to turn you all into stone!"

My oh my, a fight.

The Basilisk is weak against Electricity. That makes Cuchulainn useful here. Besides his usual awesome usefulness, I mean.
Raiho also has Destructive Joy. That is also a good thing.

Rumored Basilisk: "But I can tell I'll have to kill you instead!"

Petra, just like in the first game, is VERY dangerous and must be blocked whenever possible.

Eventually, the Basilisk goes down.

Rumored Basilisk: "I... I-I give up..."

Basilisk: "I'll just go back to my realm. Oh... Wait! If you forgive me, I'll let you have either this heavy or light treasure box. Your choice! So please forgive me, okay?"

Basilisk: "Come on, asking for both is a bit much, don't you think? Even in fairy tales, characters never ask for both. Please just forgive me."

Basilisk: "Come on, I'm real sorry..."


Basilisk: "Promise is a promise; I'll give you a treasure. The heavy treasure box is carrying a lot inside. The light treasure box is less full. "

Basilisk: "I see you obey your inner greed. Then the heavy treasure box it is!"

But wait, there's more!

>40, 80, 160, 320, 640, 1280, 2560, 5120, 10240 Yen.

Basilisk: "I enjoy such boldness. I'm going back to my realm now. Goodbye."

"That should take care of the "curse" on that home.Good job, Brian."

Success! And heavy monetary gain.

Case File 1: Complete.

Let's do this one.

Well, why not? That's the least Raidou can do to pay back taking her form to go to the girl's side in the bath house.

There it goes.

This one sounds interesting.

Hell yes, money.

Kuroi happens to be in a hidden alcove in the Red Light District. Hms.

Player: "I dig your style, though, kid... A young man trying to make his bones. If you ever have any questions in that regard, hit me up. The name's Kuroi. I'm a man's who's charmed his way from one end of this district to the other... A bona fide playboy! Sure, I racked up some debt here and there in the process, but who's countin?"

Satake is counting. And Satake required Raidou's assistance. This dude can consider himself HUNTED.

Oh hohohoh.



Hms. Sake!

And it just happens that it is the ONE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE not sold by Konnou-Ya. Oh well. It'll have to wait until it is randomly dropped or found. Again.


Well, at elast this one can be done.

And this other one as well.

Ah, success.

This one is likely a bad idea. Should go grinding for gems for the next time Victor gets into a feverrrrr.

This one is actually a pretty good trade.

No pretty pearls.

This one sounds interesting.

North of Tsukudo-Cho?
Empty housE? Sounds like the Daidouji Mansion.

Foreign Singer: "It's supposed to be empty, but I saw... *sigh* Those kids were born to sing. Like me... God gave them the looks and the talent to make it to the top. The kids in Dai-something mansion... They'll make it to the top..."

Let's go in, then.


"They say it's abandoned, but..."

Oh my! It's a Jack!

That is clearly NOT a King Frost.

And one white.

No comment.

Four blacks, one white. Oh my.

I don't know if this is so bad it's good or just awesome but I love that pun.

"They're all because of these idiots. THey're a public nuisance..."

That MUST be an intentional reference.
On the other hand, IT MUST be, since SMT2 had Mr. Thriller


But Raidou is quiet, and nothing so far indicates that he is am usician, on the other hand, he does toot the flute of Rhone.

Aw, the improv session is an euphenism for BATTLE TO DEATH. Gouto doesn't like them, it seems.


Should I groan or should I smile?


There is a time limit of 50 seconds.
And the Jack Frost blocks things. And is considerably stronger than the Black ones.

Cross Slash bypasses his defenses, though.

This attack paralyzes for a while even if blocked.

Like so.

So I was surprised this actually worked.


And a level up for STRENGTH.

Jack Frost:"Our funky spirit couldn't hee-touch your soul, ho... Well, like we-ho promised, we'll take our hee--show on the road. But this is the hee-end for the Jack-san 5, ho... "

Yes, he is.


"The owner should be back soon. Until then, it's up to us to keep an eye on this place."