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Part 73: Only a bit of skin.

Update 73

Well, let's see what Narumi has got to say about all this.

"What was that? The thing that just flew past?"

Detective Kazama: "Raidou, did you get a good look at what happened here?"

Detective Kazama: "Hmm... So this Apollyon killed an officer... When you consider the brutality of the killings, and the witnessess' testimony of the flying monster... Put it all together, and I think it's safe to say that the monster is our serial killer. We were looking for a person... But the murderer was that locust monster all along. "

"Never thought a straightforward serial murder case would turn into this... Raidou, did you say something about how nothing you tried worked against Apollyon? Sounds like it's time our investigation on that... I wonder if there's anything around the area that might give us a lead on where to start."

Female undercover officer: "We were using the tip about the insect cages as bait to lure the suspect to Sakuradayama. When all of a sudden, that... that monster came, and... "

It does seem like the killer is targeting those with insect cages. Does that mean that Raidou is also a potential victim?

>"The fermale undercover officer is pale with fear..."

He's dead.

Oh my.

"We're not going to make any headway on this until we learn more about Apollyon. I wonder if there's anything around that might give us a lead on where to start."

"You know... It might be from that Apollyon that got away. Hey, yeah... Doesn't it look kind of like a wing? This might be the break we need to learn more about Apollyon... THing is, I'm not sure we can learn from it. The plice lab isn't equipped for monster dissection... We need someone with real practical know-how when it comes to monsters... Know anyone who fits the bill?"

Well, that sounds like a case for the dudes at Shin-Sekai, maybe there's someone who has fought with an Apollyon before (doubtful, since Gouto himself was dumbfounded)

Owner of Shin-Sekai: "Perhaps you should ask someone who works closely with demons. Maybe one of our patrons can help?"

He is useless for this. Same chat about sparks as last time. Unfortunate.

Let's try the old dude.

Long-winded old man: "I'm glad monsters like that weren't around when I was a summoner. Hahaha..."

Blonde agent: "! Zat monster is Apollyon! In ze west, we know zis Apollyon from ze old texts, so we are not surprised to see zis. According to ze legends, Apollyon is a vicious murderer... It kills all humans in its path. If you 'ave ze flesh of zis Apollyon, do not dilly-dally 'ere with it! Begin researching it, tout suite! If you do not find ze solution to zis problem, I recommend ze quick, honorable way out... 'hara-kiri!"

Weeeeell that was slightly more helpful.

Stuningly lucky woman: "Oh, my... What is that filthy thing? Ueegh! A monster's skin!? Keep that disgusting thing away from me! Only Victor would find something that gross fascinating!"

Karma-bearing man: "Hmm... "Apollyon", huh? Nifty name. And I'm guessing that's all you've got to go on, ain't it? 14th? So you're stuck. There's no telling where those things will strike next, so you better find out more quick."

Since no one had direct experience, there is only one thing to do.


"Explain to me how you came to be in possession of this... Don't leave out a single detail."

>Victor is fixated on the mottled insect skin.
"This creature you claimed to be unable to harm... Apollyon, was it? Considering its characteristics in light of this skin's properties... You have my word as a scientist that this skin... came from Apollyon. "

"I confirmed a projection in the skin's cross section that's similar to blastema. Certain creatures convert the shape and properties of their healthy cells from intact body parts... To replace other parts that have been damaged. The process of converting cells to repair damaged areas... "

"The Apollyon's skin has a nonstandard healing function based on cellular differentiation. Assumng it's healing itself faster than you can damage it... It's easy to see why it's unaffected by your attacks, despite your considerable skill. The Apollyon is theoretically invulnerable. Sad to say, but... my theory is airtight. It's unfortunate that you've run up against the Apollyon. It may be a predicament even you can't solve, hm?"

Raidou refuses to accept bad fortune. HE SHALL OVERCOME and struggle and beat the crap out of the bad luck.

"An ironclad will like that seems worth betting on to me. I'll tell you what might work. What you need is a weapon that can nullify Apollyon's natural healing ability. I hear there may be a suitable material to construct one somewhere in the Capital... "

"I don't know the details, but it apparently contains the power of the Star of Death. If we create a sword using the Shukukon-Seki... "

Oh goddamnit.

I guess it's back to Shin-Sekai, then.