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Part 74: Russia's Greatest Love Machine

Update 74

Owner of Shin-Sekai: "The Shukukon-Seki? I've heard stray rumors here and there, but... I don't know anything specific. My apologies."

Long-winded old man: "You're pretty well-informed, for a young'un! Hmm... I seem to recall something about that... "

End result, old dude is useless to this investigation.

Even the game itself accepts it.

Blonde agent: "I zink I've 'eard of zis... But non... Sorry, I cannot recall anything zat may prove 'elpful. My apologies most sincere... "

Blonde agent: "You are ze lucky summoner today... I am now remembering someone talking of zis Shukukon-Seki before. Zis person was... well... it was difficult to say if 'e was even 'uman. But 'e was definitely un summoner tres bien informe... And 'es visiting ze Capital right now! 'owever..."

That was marginally more useful. At least we now know that there is SOMEONE that knows something about our current target.

Stunningly lucky woman: "I'd be happy just having my friends, my demons, and my Gouto along for it. Huh...? Shukukon-seki? Oh, I thought you were asking about my upcoming consecration... Sorry, then, I haven't heard anything like that."

Karma-bearing man: "Look, 14th, don't worry your pretty little head with that stuff. Speaking of worrying... THat Tae dame's who's always in here was being harassed by some kinda defrocked priest in Ginza-Cho. THough she's got her act together a lot better than my dame here, so she should be fine. "

Oh boy. Of course, it was to be expected. Why to make a new character when assets can be recycled nondisruptively?
It is obvious now who it is that we need to see, isn't it?
On the other hand I did mention a certain Boney M. song.
This one.

Tae gets the best goddamn expression.

"I was taking a stroll through Ginza and happened to bump into you. What fortune! After coming from Mother Russia to the Capital, I have fallen in love at first sight with you. "

"... "

"All I get for my trouble is this pervy foreigner. "What fortune" indeed..."

She is not pleased.
Let's see what Rasputin has to say.

"Ah, but of course... You have heard of my infamous foll--I mean legends, in Mother Russia... And so you seek the help of this famous Rasputin, da...?"

Well, it is required.

"This must be serious... What's the matter?"
>"Raidou explained the circumstances of the investigation to Rasputin."
"I see... That Apollyon... You say you'll need this... Shukukon-Seki to defeat it? And you'd like to know where it is..."

Oh no, he is smug. HE IS SMUG.

God damnit, he is smug.

"You see, I know where this Shukukon-Seki is... A Dark Summoner has impeccable hearing. I could tell you, but... I'm thinking you can do something for me in return. Nothing good is free. Do you see her? The effervescent Ms. Kichou... I'd like to know her better. And as you've seen, she's colder to me than a Siberian winter. Not one word passes her lips to my ears."

But, but, he is a cyborg!
On the other hand, the song...

Yeah he is into it alright.

"Then I'd be willing to divulge the location of the Shukukon-Seki."

"So spill it, Raidou... WHat were you talking to that pervy beardo about? I could've sworn I heard him mention me. Am I going daffy?"
>"Raidou explained the circumstances of the investigation to Tae"


"I'll level with you, Raidou... I want to say no. But... You and Narumi are always getting me out of jams. Like all the times I've fainted... "

Hooray! She is gonna do it!

"Raidou has convinced you, da? His negotiation skills extend to the human world, I see..."

trae_av"This is a far cry from journalism. I don't know where to start. All I have to do is sweet-talk this lech, right? Say what he wants to hear? Why don't I led you lead here? Feed me some lines, and I'll spit 'em back at him. BUT I'll tell you straight... There's some things I flat-out won't say to this Russkie, got it?"

Rasputin can take it.


"Making him accomplice in your shenanigans... Aren't you ashamed of yourself!?"

And he likes it!

Tae, again, is less than thrilled.

He is pretty histrionic. Not as much as Victor, though.

"Stare him down? Sounds good to me! This conversation's plenty annoying enough already... Just gotta muster up the frustration I face every day at the paper, and give him the ol' Tae Stare... Here goes!"

That's not the best facial expression.

"Why don¿'t you show me another side of yourself? A vulnerable side, perhaps!"

"Smile? I'm so mad I could chew nails and you expect me to SMILE? *sigh*... Oh well, here goes nothing."

"Ms. Kichou, are you well? You look like you're straining... Ah, it stirs my heroic impulses... I must rescue you, Ms. Kichou! To reveal your weakness in this way shows your trust in me... "

Aw. She wants to end it all.

Oh no!

... What.

Victor may disagree, though he may not be referring to his features in the same way at all.
On the other hand, he already got his hands into him in the previous game.

Again with the smile.

That made him sad.

"An article of clothing I may remove at will cannot be said to me "my" best feature."

"I don't follow... Look how bushy and greasy it is! But if you say so, Raidou..."

Now THAT is the best expression.

He is happy!


"The day I met the woman I've been longing for my whole life... O blessed, lucky day!"

"And now, as I promised, the location of the Shukukon-Seki. Listen carefully... According to my data, it is in the Confinement Chambers.


"Ask your master in Shinoda. And now... Ms. Kichou and I have an engagement! Shall we be off, my dear, on our romantic cruise getaway?"

And then a slap sound.

Damn. She knocked him out cold.
Something only Raidou could do with a BOTTLE.

Ah yes, Luck.

That unfortunately is out of the question. RAIDOU must go where the weirdos are.

"Think of it this way... I am the captain, and you are the ship. Leave the navigation to me... Soon we shall disembark, just me and you... on our romantic cruise... "

Cyborgs do not dream of electric sheep, it seems.