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Part 77: Red Rider

Update 77
Yeah it will be slightly longer, but it is mainly GRIND.

For starters, Triglav was recruited.
And immediately after that happened, this took place.

Oh boy.


Oh boy. Silly that the Red is fought AFTER the Black, though.

Red Rider: "Or is it fortunate... that you shall be granted a painless death?"

Let's beat this asshole.

War Cry is a very very useful spell. Increasing attack strength mixed with Destructive Joy? Hell yes.

His Roulette did not change much, though. One slot down would've been pretty nifty.

Civil War is less annoying than Begin Starvation.

Red Rider: "A large-scale war is about to break out..."

Ayup. It is simple. Should've been easier though.


Strength shall be raised to a natural 20.

Poltergeist: "The full moon... I get so excited! So... GRRR!"

Lilim: "If you connect those five points, you get the shape of a star. I've felt... Some kind of power from those towers lately. It seems like each one is gathering power individually and sending it to the other towers through the air... Like someone's drawing lines across the Capital itself using that power. It seems like human doings to me... But why?"

The why is simple, Raidou needs to unlock whatever horrible entity is there to kill other demonic entities that may or may not be worse.

Oh boy! Incubus! Now the succubus is also needed.

Agnostic Crush, eh?

Incubus: "So you're a human, huh? I'm a demon! NIce to meet you!"

Lame amount of skills, but Growth will surely save some of the grinding.

Incubus plus Raiho could eventually be a good option, but not this time.

Yeah, that is a good set of skills.

Raiho can form the High Pixie, which could be useful eventually, but that would mean sacrificing Raiho and that's a no-no.

Meanwhile, Baek Yong can become a stronger AND more useful Wind order demon.

In the words of Peggy Hill: "Ho yeah!"


Yeah, all rounded, but the skills are not THAT useful.


I still don't get why Cerberus looks lion-ish AND with one head.

And yet another possible High Pixie. But in the end, Muspell was deemed more useful.

This is funny. It is different than the one I got in my previous playthrough, though.

Triglav: "Remember that creepy Russian with the mustache?"

Triglav: "That guy treats demon like crap! He's bad man!"

Uh, no he is not.

Triglav: "I felt soooo relieved!"

Maybe in my case it was because I had Triglav in the party, not Ichimokuren.

New title. Better than Secret Agent Boy? Maybe.

An acquired Nekomata leads to Thoth being acquired.

Hell yes, Destructive Joy.

And then this, maybe a stronger Wind elemental thing or something will be useful. Should get all of them bUT I think I am still missing Aquans.

Good skills.

But I forgot to check. It was a goddamn multiple of 7.

Should be enough for a fiend, only the last one failed!

God damn it.
Better than a Zombie or a Zombie Lady, though.

And with that maybe a Fiend can be forced for the next of these special fusions. Having a Zombie, a Zombie Lady and one of the Soulless Soldiers could make that work.
Or not since there are another pair of demons that can be summoned this way.

Yomi-kugutsu: "Zappo!"

Pretty high life for that level.

Obariyon: "It has to be you, man! You're the only one who can beat that overgrown grasshopper! We're into the second half of the show... It's time for the Combined Robot! I mean, Combined Sword."

That is silly

When Thoth gets full loyalty he gets a skil lthat may or may not be awesome.

And this thing Yomi-Kugutsu gets is awesome.

Strength level 20 reached. Vitality to be filled next.

Ooooh, next one should be Scathach, Decarabia or Tarrasque?